the Sun and the Moon : wmatsui fanfic (matsui jurina and matsui Rena )


Jurina is an astronaut that just comeback from a mission in space, just to find her long life love Rena… will soon marry someone else.

Wmatsui with a bit of yukirena, mayuki and jurimayu, its my first fanfic …ever.



what the moon means for the sun

akb48 group fan fiction.



The sun shines brightly as she walk out of the plane, she takes a deep breath. “I’m home japan”, the girl then unleash a smile as bright as the sun that day. Jurina matsui, a japanesse astronaut. after 2 years mission in  space, finally once again felt the warmth of sun on earth, she takes an easy stroll towards the arrival gates when she notice a familiar figure

“Rena chan!!”

she run and give a big hug to the one mentioned, rena hug her back, a bit shy from the stares of the people surrounds them, and tried her best avoiding Jurina that now desperately tried to give her a kiss.

“aww.. cmon.. I’ve been in space for 2 years, and the only thing I miss on earth is you” Jurina pouted cutely as they walks to rena’s car.

“really?” Rena just give Jurina a smile regarding her protest

“really !!  ah… let me” they’ve arrived at the parking lot, and Jurina opens the drivers door for Rena “thanks…. It seems like space doesn’t change you a lot …You still act like ikemen as you always are ” Rena said

“but it seems like the earth makes you prettier every single second Rena ”  Jurina suddenly steal a kiss from Rena soft cheek, she then throw her dazzling mischief smile just before close the door for Rena, and get into the car herself.

It is not like they are dating or something …but Jurina always been in love with Rena since forever, they attend the same school since they were children, and since then, its been  countless times Jurina confessed her feeling to Rena, but somehow … rena always just replied her with a warm smile and a cold shoulder.

Matsui Jurina always the most popular student, she is very talented, super sporty, you can put her face in a cover of any magazine and it would just suit well, cheerful , dependable and always surrounded by friends, she likes to get and to give affection, so there are times she dated 5 people at the same time .. but she only play around, and that is only because Rena always been like this… keeping a comfortable  distant.. but never really complaint when Jurina kiss her or hug her.

Matsui  Rena .. despite their same last name, is  a total opposite of Jurina. She is quite, she does not really want to make friend, people only drain her energy, her choice of sports is the one that do not require any team work, such as kendo, or archery. she likes to just sit silently, reading a book with a ton of admirer gazing upon her impossible white skin, her elegant move, and silky black long hair.

Jurina feeling towards Rena only grows stronger each day, its a magnetic law. The fact that  these two beauties with polar personality actually  have a some what close relationship always amaze people surrounds them. When both of them taking astrology major in the most respective university, their friends address them as the sun Jurina and the moon Rena,  Jurina secretly like it how people would put them together. it always a dazing scenery looking at them together, all the people that having their love rejected by rena gradually accept that its probably because no one deserve rena more than Jurina.


“thanks for the ride!” they finally arrive at Jurina’s Parents house

”its okay, please say my regards to your parents “

“eh why, you can meet them with me too ,they would be glad to meet you!! And after that we can go to my apartment, there is still so many things I wanna talk to you”

“ah yes, its been a while since I meet them.. but I had an appointment ”

“aw cmon, it wont be long Rena chan”

Rena just laugh as she always do when the cool jurina act childish like this.. jurina really miss Rena.. and to finally see her only to let her go too soon somehow …

“Rena…” Jurina suddenly steal a kiss from rena laughing lips “stay please …”

usually .. rena would just smile shyly  or angry cutely when Jurina kiss her.. but this time.. for a very split second there … jurina could sense something else in rena expression … is something like… sadness. But in a flash Rena expression back to her calm one,

“Jurina … Im sorry I really have to go” rena smile calmly to Jurina “I have to measured my wedding dress”


“Jurina .. im getting married next month”


Jurina remember just standing there seeing rena’s car go away, she remember meeting her parents and some family and force a smile while they keep reminded her how she makes them so proud, she remember her friends make a welcome party for her and she smile and laugh with everyone else.. but its like  she just saw somebody else moving her hands and legs, everything seems like a scene from an old movie, and she is just watching from a seat in some empty cinema. Her soul is empty.

after all the commotion gone, and jurina alone in her apartment, a moon light that shines through her window attract her to the balcony, it’s a full moon. Jurina stands quietly in her balcony, gazing on the full moon, and suddenly all her feeling burst out, she fall on her knees and begins to cry uncontrollably, only one word able to slip from her lips

“….. Rena”.

On the next full moon, a name that resound every single time her heart beats, Rena, will marry someone else.


“ Im glad you are able to came Jurina” Rena greet her cheerfully, she looks dazzling in a red dress that shown her sexy back a bit

“of course I would ” jurina release a weak smiles, its Rena’s engagement party, and rena has been insisted her to come relentlessly, since Jurina does not have any energy left in her soul to resist it, despite every single bone in her body want to run away, now here she is, face to face with the one who’ve taking her soulmate from her.

“I really want you two to meet, Jurina this is kashiwagi Yuki, my fiancé ” Jurina smiles all through the rest of the night. But seeing how perfect yuki was, how she is so beautiful and charming, how somehow the look of yuki and rena standing perfectly  next to each other, Jurina could not help but getting too much drink that night. She already feels a bit tipsy, when  decide that she need a fresh air and walk to the garden outside. The moon shines perfectly that night, and the drunk jurina snap, she begins to yelled at the moon, pointing it, and yelled some unclear words, before finally the alcohol inside her body find a way out from her mouth.

She is panting, dizzy, nausea, and broken hearted when a sweet voice surprised her from behind

“you seems like you need this” a short beautiful girl, with a silky black hair, handed her a pink handkerchief and a glass of water.

Jurina look at her for a while, still dizzy, but then decide to take her offer “… thanks”

“ive been watching you quite a while”

“.. what are you doing outside here” jurina asked as she wash her face and her mouth with the water.

“crying …”


“yuki, the one who getting engage tonight, was my girlfriend for 7 years”

Jurina feels like her small  piece of consciousness that left, tried their best to proceed  every single word this girls she just meet say.

“ and without saying anything,  she is suddenly engaged with someone else”  tears start to falling from her eyes, now jurina pay more attention, her eyes already very red, she must been crying for quite some time already

“ahaha, im sorry” the girl realize that jurina staring “I don’t usually talk to other people like these, it just that… when I see you like before… somehow I am able to stop crying for a while ”

its probably because of the alcohol, or how the girl smile with her tears keeps rolling from her eyes , or how Jurina could felt her hearth broken in a same pathetic way

the next thing jurina know, she is kissing the girl.


Jurina wakes up with a very heavy head the next morning, and the sun shines super brightly its piercing her eyes.. wait.. sun shines? Jurina bed room doesn’t have a window. As her consciousness slowly coming back to her, she gradually realize that it is not her room.. and… she is only wear a white shirt– literally ‘only shirt’—, “what the …??” she is trying her best to regain her memory, when a somehow familiar beautiful girl enter the room with a glass of orange juice and a simple sandwich “ah.. you finally wake up” she handed the food to Jurina, and its irresistible since the juice looks too good for jurina dry throat and dizzy head “I wash your clothes, it reeks of alcohol” jurina slowly regain her memory “ah you !! the girl from last night !!” the girls look at jurina and then laugh a bit, Jurina then look at her clothes and suddenly grasp the situation. both girl slightly blushing right away.

“t-thank you .. for the breakfast” Jurina finally able to find her guts “and this shirt.. well you look small but your clothes surprisingly fits me well.. ill wash it before I gave it back”

“ah you don’t have too.. you’re right.. not one of my clothes fits you .. so… I use one of Yuki’s clothes that left here” … even thou the girl said it lightly with   a very charming smile, her eyes looks watery

“you can just throw  it” and a single drop of tear fall to her check.. but before it falls on her chin, Jurina hand stops it, and Jurina find her lips kissing the girl again,

its something like looking at her own reflection, feeling her own hearth broken, and she wants to stop it no matter what.

The sun already high in the sky when they are finish with each other, .. they are laying in the queen size bed, still try catch their breath. Jurina look at the shorter girl and then something strikes her

“…whats your name?” Jurina asked, and the other girl cant help it but laugh

“wow, we have sex twice already but we don’t even know each other name.. since when I became such an easy girl”

“i-its not that I did this often too! it just that.. somehow …”  jurina cannot continue, for she doesn’t really understand her own action too

“you don’t have to explain … I too fells like , its really.. something .. somehow..” and when both of their eyes meet, both of them burst in laugh.

“well .. ahaha.. I am sorry… I don’t really understand it, and I just meet you, but.. its all seems make sense….well my name is–” just before the girl finish her sentence ,, the door bell rang

“ah,,its probably the delivery guy, Ill go get it” she then put the bed sheet around her body and walk away

“You gonna met a delivery guy dressing like that??”

“I am going to take a bath after, so I think I just told him to left it outside and get it later”

while the other go, jurina sip the orange juice that she wasn’t able to finish earlier and put the white shirt back to wrap her naked body when she heard some noises outside, the other girl outfit and a stubborn delivery guy turn jurina imagination on, so Jurina quickly go outside

“why are you left so early last night?”

“I was feeling a bit unwell, now can you please go I am going to take a bath”

“are you okay? Are you sick??”

“stop it, please don’t touch me!”

“Are you okay???” jurina rushed outside only to find the least scenery she could imagine. Yuki put her palm on the short girl fore head. And behind her , stands awkwardly , a woman with a skin that even whiter than the wall behind her (really.. how is it even possible), it’s a figure jurina would notice from a hundred miles away.. Rena!

Rena and yuki look with disbelief at jurina and the girl and the way they dressed that moment,

“Jurina??You two know each other??” yuki asked jurina

“we meet last night at your party” the other girl answering yuki instead of jurina, and jurina could not help but look at rena.. who would win any poker game right now, because it is impossible to tell whats on her mind

“you just meet last night??? Wait I need more explanation” yuki somehow looks extremely uncomfortable with the info

“why would you?” the other girl answering and jurina could feel an ice blades from every single words she said “now can you please go.. I don’t mean to be rude.. but I really want to take a bath” without a warning the girl took jurina hand and drag her along to the bath room “please lock the door as you leave yuki” left her guest mouth open by her action, jurina look at rena again, still find the same emotionless face

at first it’s a very awkward silent as both of them standing under the shower

“I am sorry.. I did not mean t—” the shorter girl cannot finish her words because jurina stop her with her lips.. jurina still doesn’t know why .. but it feels like her pain is hers too, and Rena face still strongly hurts her heart, calms her somehow calms jurina heart too. They taking a long shower with a lot of kiss

“its mayu” the shorter finaly said “my name is watanabe mayu.. nice too meet you”

“call me jurina”


After that they spend almost every free time they have together, mostly they just having sex in each other apartment, so when mayu ask jurina to go to the zoo with her two weeks later, its actually their first time going out together. At the time they reach their destination, its start raining.

“ah should we going back?”

“don’t bother, I know it’ll be raining today”


mayu take a big umbrella from behind the car, and jurina hold it for them

“don’t you know the zoo is at the best when its raining?”

“really? Why?”

“.. it’ll be only the two of us”

and she is right, they are walking slowly under the rain in a place that feels like private garden for only the two of them. Jurina let the umbrella slightly leaning to mayu, let her shoulder a bit wet  so the girl beside her don’t . Noticing this, mayu could not help but smile

“you know what, I just realize I know nothing about you” mayu said

“hem, now you said it, I think I don’t know much about you neither”

“so don’t count me in, but how many girl friend you have now?”

“ehh,, ahaha why? I don’t have any”

“ehhhhh? Really???”

“really.. why are you so surprised?? I mean, I spent all my time with you didn’t I”

“it just that.. the way you treated a girl, it seems like you really  used to it”

“do you prefer me to act like a jerk instead?” jurina could not help but to tease mayu “hem.. the last time I had a girl friend would be in high school”

“ehhhhh whyyyyy”

“why not?”

“you are so freakingg hottt you know??? Is it because… Are you actually very stupid? Or.. are you like gambling or something and very much broke so no girl want to get near you?”

“what? Do I look stupid to you?? I have a decent job you know.. I am an astronaut”

“say what?”

“I am an astronaut”


“I was stationed at the international space station for two years and just got back to earth when I meet you”

“ehhhh? You mean ?? you are not joking??”

“you should think twice before called me  stupid you know, so what you do mayu? ”

“I am a model”

“ehhhhhhhh????” now its jurina who let her guard down

“im actually like  very famous.. that’s why I only can really go to the zoo when its raining and empty like this…. so when the first time you kissed me.. I thought it was the reason, but when you asked my name the next morning … I kinda feels annoyed someone doesn’t know me”

“ehhh? I am sorry, I just .. I wasn’t even on earth for the last two years you know”

“ahaha its okay.. so what stop this gorgeous young astronaut from getting a girlfriend?”

“… I fall in love with someone who do not love me back”

maybe its something in jurina eyes, or in her slightly stuttering voice, this time, its  Mayu who pull the taller girl lips to meet hers… gently, under the pouring rain in an empty zoo. They share a bitter sweet kiss.

The times past just like that, jurina feels empty and only with mayu she feels a bit alive.. a bit..that’s it.


That night, jurina suddenly awaken from her sleep,  a bright moon light shines through mayu’s room  window. she slowly takes mayu arm  that sleep soundlessly from her waist and walks towards the balcony. She lost tracks of time, she just stood there until suddenly, a tiny arm gently hug her from behind.

“why you always stare at the moon Jurina?”


“why I have a feeling its not because you miss your station up there”

“mayu …”

“and why each time I see you like this,,, I always desperately want to kiss you”

and so they are kissing in the balcony… under the full moon. It is Rena and yuki wedding tomorrow.


Jurina preparing breakfast when the door bell ringing the next morning

“let me get it” mayu said. Not long then, jurina heard a familiar voice, and since the distant really close, jurina could clearly listen to everything

“….isnt today your wedding day ? what do you do here yukirin?”

“is it her in the kitchen? Are you living together now?”

“that has nothing to do with you yuki … you left me remember?”

“its not what you think it is …”

“No, its not, its worse!! Why you do this yuki? why ??”  jurina can hear mayu cry

“its not.. mayu ,, please ”



the milk jurina pour is flowing from the glass, but jurina could careless. Her brain  just concentrate on what she just heard.

“Rena and I … my company and her parents are in a tight situation because of some scandal.. we are good friends and at that time… it seems like a good idea to raise our reputation and stock price by try to give a public a feeling that our company will be merged and pretend a marriage”

“pretend a .. marriage?”

“I m sorry mayu, I cannot let anyone know even you.. we plan to get divorce once everything settled… but finally I realize… when I see you with someone else .. I cant hurt you like that..I don’t care if I lost my company.. I will fight for it in the right way.. i want to fight for you”

mayu could not hide her shock , she just stunned there

and the milk jurina pour now flowing from the table to the floor

“so now.. mayu watanabe” yuki now kneel before mayu

“I will have a wedding tonight.. would you be the bride?”  yuki hold a small blue velvet box , inside is a beautiful diamond ring

mayu could not be more shocked than this, not only that she was not sure she already forgive yuki, but this is unbelievable unexpected turn of event.

“ but.. but Rena??”

“actually .. since our engagement party .. I never see her smile.. never until we decide to cancel the wedding.. and I know its  the right choice ”

mayu still just staring yuki that kneels before her

“but you know.. I already order a catering and uh …i don’t even gave rena a ring .. i just quickly buy this one before i got here..i … um… will you” yuki clear her throat and take a deep breath

“Mayu Watanabe … you are the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with … will you marry me?”

mayu still not moving when jurina came, yuki glare at jurina but before she can do anything jurina takes the ring box from yuki and put the box on mayu hand

“just take it you silly tsundere !!” jurina then shakes yuki hand with the biggest smile in her face

“you guys looks best together!!! I will come to your wedding tonight !! so now please pardon me, I need to get my date ”

saying that jurina leave them both in awe and walks away, she first walks, then walks faster , then running. She drive her car as fast as she can.




they are in front of rena apartement

“what with that milk in your hand?” jurina just realize that she still holding the milk bottle all the way.

Jurina just Ignore that she might just drove while holding a milk bottle  “I heard about the wedding”

“oh.. its j—–” jurina find rena lips, she start to think that she might have this bad habit of not letting people finished their sentence, but then she feels that rena kissing her back, and how she can slightly taste saltiness  from Rena tears between their kiss… And hows rena holding her so tight, and hows everything seems right. This is where she is belong.


That night on a wedding that suddenly became yuki and mayu wedding. With a short notice, some guest still surprise how the bride change suddenly, a lot of reporter also came to report this shocking marriage  of one of the most popular model in japan. Rena try to help yuki to explain everything, a lot of gasp, a lot of drama, but when yuki and Mayu exchange their vow and kiss. Everyone there could clearly see, that they are meant to be together.

Late at night when everything calms down, jurina and rena walks down the garden try to avoid anymore curious people

“euh,, those reporters really killing me” rena stretch her arm

“well.. a pretend marriage for company image.. and a top model sudden marriage .. I would not be surprise if they will still hunt you for the rest of the week”

“speaking of top model… the two of you … sleeps together right” Jurina can feel rena sharp eyes on her

“well erm.. ”

“I knew it !! jurinaa baka baka baka!!” rena now start to punch jurina with her bag

“ouch ! ouch !! well Rena that’s because I lost you.. I love you you know”

“you have been saying that since forever but you keep dating other girls?? last time you said it, You  dated 5 different girls remember??” now rena hitting Jurina harder

“ouch !! OUCHH !! Rena you’ll broke my bone!”

“  and I keep turn down people because i trust your words ! but i never knew wether you ever mean it or not ! I had enough with a playgirl like you! “ rena walks away, but jurina  pull rena arm and warp her slim body from behind.

“its you.. its always been you” Jurina lips are so close to rena ears. “do you remember that in collage,, they used to called us the sun and the moon?”

Rena just nod her head a bit, she can smell Jurina’s parfume as clearly as Jurina can smell her shampoo right now.

“When I was in space, I always look at the moon and the sun. and I miss you every time I do”

Jurina can feel Rena’s hand now holding her arms that surround Rena slender waist.

“here on earth.. the moon and the sun.. they never see each other.. only in a short brief of dawn,, or twilight.. they would say hi as one came and the other go.. but there in space .. they always look at each other.. earnestly …..seeing them like that ….i realize Rena… you are not the moon… I am the moon… you are the sun .. my sun ”

“I am the one who only reflected your shine.. I am the one who live depending on your energy .. and every time I see the moon… I remember how it will die.. unable to shine.. without her sun”

“I am so lost this one last month … I cannot live without you Rena.. so …” Jurina takes something from her pocket.. she takes Rena right hand and slid a gold ring in her ring finger.

“will you be my sun forever? Matsui Rena.. marry me”

and under the light of the sun that being reflected beautifully by the full moon that night. Wmatsui share the sweetest kiss ever. And live happily ever after.




on one of their interview.. jurina teasing rena by saying  she think that every ske songs told a story about them both .. so.. i wonder which song jurina refers to.. and i just watch bukiyo taiyo ske48 (i am an awkward sun) with english translation

The flowers on your one-piece dress
Whirl up into the wind
And my heart tightens
I wonder if something will start for us

Though I love you
We’ve known each other
For so long

“I want to see the ocean”
You suddenly say
Together as friends like this
What should we do if we go there?

And as usual
I avert my gaze from you
Then my mouth starts moving on its own
Talking about some sneakers I want

In the moment a bus passes next to us
I casually shield you from it

I am
An awkward sun
Just staying close to you
Merely shining on you
Unable to speak
A passive sun
Feeling frustrated
In the season of love
Just scorching with heat
I love you
But I love you too much
(Aiming straight ahead, yes, I can’t see you)
I can’t come
Any closer than this
(The blue sky stretches on, yes, in every direction)

Caressed by the salty wind
While we watched the waves
I thought it was okay like this
Because I’m the one who’s closest to you

I am
An awkward sun
Since the day we met
I’ve been burning here
Still and unmoving
A cowardly sun
With a feeling that
If I got close to you
You might disappear
I love you
Though I love you
(This distance between us is, yes, too awkward)
Though I love you
Because I love you

.. and haha..both of them likes sneakers 😉


both of them refers each other as “the sun”


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