gekikara x black everyday life part 2 ( majisuka gakuen fan fiction)

taken from by leNosferatu


Hansel and Gretel

Black      : Oh God…it must be Gekikara who did this…*looking at biscuit crumbs scattered all over floor*
Black      : *turn on the vacuum cleaner* *start cleaning*

*few mins*

Gekikara   : *appear* Don’t clean that!
Black      : Huhh??
Gekikara   : I’m the witch! He needs to find me with those crumbs.
Black      : Please play something normal *sigh*


Problem Solving

Black      : *exhale* The bathroom needs to be fixed…
Gekikara   : I can do it!
Black      : But calling a plumbing service is no cheap…
Gekikara   : Let me do it!
Black      : Doushiyo…*think*
Gekikara   : Blaaack!!!!
Black      : SHUT UP!!


Way Out

Gekikara   : You’re such a cold wife!
Black      : *rolling eyes* I was thinking!
Gekikara   : I’m trying to help!
Black      : You’re no helping at all…
Gekikara   : But the water tap is not flooding anymore!
Black      : By using tapes? Please, Gekikara…
Gekikara   : At least appreciate me!
Black      : *not listening* *on the phone* Hello? Plumbing Service?



Black      : *on the phone* Yes…no, it just water tap…mhm…
Gekikara   : *staring*
Black      : *on the phone* Yes…apartment xxxx room xxx…
Gekikara   : *uneasy*
Black      : *on the phone* Thank you so much. Yoroshiku onegaishima-AAAHH MY THIGH!!! GEKI STOP!!
Gekikara   : *chew*


Weak Point

Gekikara   : At least appreciate me! *lips trembling**teary eyes*
Black      : *rubbing thigh* It hurts!
Gekikara   : *teary eyes**lips trembling*
Black      : Ugh…*trying to look away* don’t cry Geki…don’t cry…
Gekikara   : *sob sob sob sob sob*
Black      : Ahh this won’t do! *pulling Gekikara* *kissing*


Check Yourself Before Wreck Yourself

Plumbing Staff   : Okay it’s all done. All goes xxxx yen.
Black      : Shit, this month’s outcome *give* Thank you so much *bow*
Plumbing Staff   : Umm, Miss? Are you sure refusing our offer to fix your bathroom door? It doesn’t charge that much. *smile*
Black      : Erm…no, thank you *smile* This month outcome…
Plumbing Staff   : But tapes wouldn’t simply handle them, I should say *scratch head*
Black      :  *blush* W-well…
Gekikara   : Look who’s the one talking… *sneer*



*Black is working behind the cash register, as usual*

Black      : Irasshaimase! *surprised* Eh? What are you doing here?
Gekikara   : Visiting a wife! *giggle*
Black      : *blush* Ne…ne…I’m working now. Aren’t you working too?
Gekikara   : I got fired. *giggle*
Black      : Ehh? Since when???
Gekikara   : Ten minutes ago.
Black      : Wait, why are you bleeding? *touch*
Gekikara   : I didn’t know my old enemy is the owner’s daughter…



Gekikara   : *carrying sack*
Black      : *appear* what is that?
Gekikara   : New stuffs to sell in our garage sale! Ja, Ittekimasu~~ *open the door*
Black      : *hold Gekikara’s shoulder*Chotto, let me check that first *worry*
Gekikara   : Relax, I’m not selling your underwear nor other stuff *smile*
Black      : But why are here ALL his toys!!!! (=A=)


Sacred Toy

*the next day*

Gekikara   : Ja, Ittekimasu~~ *carrying sack*
Black      : Let me check that first *worry*
Gekikara   : *sigh* No your stuffs, no his stuffs…
Black      : Gekikara…you are so in trouble…
Gekikara   : Huh?
Black      : Where did you get this????
Gekikara   : Ah, that. I stole that from Sado’s place…

(The toy Sado usually plays in Majigak)


Returning The Sacred

*in front of Sado’s place*

Black      : Ojamashimasu *knock*
Gekikara   : Ah! I’m so in trouble now…doushiyo Black…*cling*
Black      : I don’t mind her giving you some lessons *knock*
Torigoya   : Okaeri~~eh Black? Gekikara?
Gekikara   : You guys married?


Sadist Queen’s New Life

Torigoya   : Sado has night shift. Relax, I won’t tell her about Gekikara stealing it *laugh*
Black      : You lucky this time.
Gekikara   : So, since when you’re together?
Torigoya   : Since she visited my massage parlor…
Black      : Why somehow I feel Yuko-san cries in heaven right now…


Wife’s Fault

Torigoya   : I feel sorry for you, Gekikara.
Gekikara   : Yeah, I kinda need new job right now. Garage sale doesn’t help that much.
Black      : It’s because there’s not many to be sold…
Gekikara   : It’s because you’re too picky…


Job Vacancy

Torigoya   : Black had refused my offer long time ago*** Now do you want to work with me at erotic massage parlor? They pay quite well.
Black      : Such a big joke Gekikara works in that kind of place…
Gekikara   : No thanks. I’m only good at erotic massaging Black.
Black      : o//////o!!!!

Insane Queen’s New Life

*Gekikara is home alone && Black is working && Baby is at the daycare*
Gekikara   : Ugh I’m so bored…*roll on the bed* (._.) (.-.) (._.) (.-.)
Gekikara   : Ugh…I’m so hungry…*roll on the couch* (._.) (.-.) (._.) (.-.)

*later* Gekikara   : Ugh…I’m so sleepy…*roll on the floor* (._.) (.-.) (._.) (.-.)

*later* Gekikara   : *roll* (._.) (.-.) (._.) (.-.)

Black      : *already at home* IS THERE NOTHING YOU CAN DO???



Black      : Why don’t you hurry find a new job?
Gekikara   : I don’t know what else I’ m good at except fighting…
Black      : Aha! Try entering a tournament like Choukoku?
Gekikara   : Choukoku is a martial artist. And me…just like fighting. *giggle*
Black      : You don’t like fighting. You just like violence.


Negative Thinking

*BuraGeki are watching World News on TV*

TV      : Report from Uganda…children trafficking are…

*few mins*

TV      : Report from USA…human trafficking are…
Gekikara   : You know I kinda get a great idea-
Black      : No, no. Don’t you dare thinking about selling our kid!


Profitable Chance

Gekikara   : I am not THAT stupid thinking about such thing (=.=’’)
Black      : You are crazy and unpredictable you know…
Gekikara   : Don’t praise me, I’ll blush…
Black      : I wasn’t praising you *rolling eyes*
Gekikara   : I have an idea about kidnapping Yabakune freshmen and selling them…
Black      : Now THAT is stupid…



*BuraGeki are going to Sado’s place && Sado isn’t home as always*

Gekikara   : My wife doesn’t allow me…
Black      : Because it’s stupid.
Torigoya   : Geki, I told you not to tell Black!
Black      : Eh!! It was Torigoya’s idea???


Market Price

Gekikara   : Torigoya said it’s difficult to get 50000 yen a week with me unwaged. At least I have to kidnap one kid to get that much…
Torigoya   : *nod* You might get double depending on the market…


Really Hopeless

Gekikara   : So, Black. What do you think I should do?
Black      : Umm *think*

*few mins*

Black      : Umm *think*

*another few mins*

Black      : Umm *think*
Torigoya   : Geki, back to the plan. *nod*


Sado’s Idea

*Sado’s coming back*

Sado      : Looking for a job huh?
Gekikara   : *giggle* I got fired~~
Sado      : *scoff* You’re as insane as ever, Gekikara.
Gekikara   : Don’t praise me, I’ll blush…
Black      : She wasn’t praising you.
Sado      : How about sending people to my hospital? I’ll pay you my share *smirk*
Black      : Oh, Sado. Not you too…



Black      : Just go back to be a dishwasher, Geki…*sigh*
Gekikara   : The income is too little!
Torigoya   : Take my idea into consideration!
Sado      : You can talk to me in my hospital tomorrow if you proceed *leave*
Black      : Sado’s place is not the right place for consulting…


Real Job

*Gekikara is coming back from the garage sale*

Gekikara   : Tadaima~~


Gekikara   : Oh right. Everyone’s out. *giggle*

*phone ring*

*on the phone*

Gekikara   : Hello?
Black      : Pick him up please. I’m going home a bit late!
Gekikara   : Okay…
Black      : Please…be careful this time *worry*
Gekikara   : He won’t lose a leg. I’m a good Dad!



*at the daycare*

Daycare staff   : Ohh, picking up Gekikara-kun?
Gekikara   : *awkward* Err…yeah…why Black still using my name…
Daycare staff   : You know what, he’s been crying for hours…I don’t know why…
Gekikara   : Eh…really? Oh crap. Black, please come back soon.
Daycare staff   : Gekikara-kun~~~ your kaachan is here! *smile*
Baby      : *sob* *sob* Kaa…chan? *turn* *looking at Gekikara**sob*
Gekikara   : Come here~~ *walk closer* Let’s go home.
Baby      : *looking at Gekikara* Tou…chan…*scanning the room* Kaachan? *searching for Black’s figure* Kaachan…where!! *find no Black* KAA…HWEEEEEEE!!!!!
Gekikara   : It’s gonna be a painful day…


Wonderful Torment


Gekikara   : Wooshoo wooshoo wooshoo…good boy…don’t cry…*carry the child in the arms* *pet*
Gekikara   : Dad’s here for you…*pat* Black…please come home soon *pat* *pat* *pat*
Baby      : HWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

*few mins*

Baby      : KAACHAAAN!!! KAACHAAAN!!!!
Gekikara   : *uneasy* Kaachan isn’t home yet, sweetheart *pat* But I’m here for you…Black…please…
Baby      : want….Kaachan…*sob* *sob* HWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gekikara   : OH MY GOD SHUT UP!!!!



Baby      : *sit on the carpet* HWEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Gekikara   : *surrender* He’s strong at crying for hours…
*few mins && the baby still crying*
Gekikara   : Sure babies are such satans when they cry…what should I do??? Ah maybe he’s hungry!


Gekikara   : Yosh! Milk bottle…*run*Milk powder…10 spoons *run* Hot water…eh no, warm water…*run* seal…then shake! *shake* *run back to the living room*

*living room*

Gekikara   : Boy, you hungry? Here *smile*
Baby      : HWEEEEEEEE!!!! *snapping the bottle**the bottle thrown for 20 feet*
Gekikara   : *amaze* Wow…he’s strong *realize* okay not the time for adoring things
Baby      : *kicking Gekikara* HWEEE!!! KAACHAN!!! KAACHAN!!! HWEEE!!!
Gekikara   : BLAAAAAAAAAACKKKKKKK WHERE ARE YOU????? *frustrate*


Daddy Daycare

Gekikara   : If Black in this situation…what would she do? *think* If Black were me…
Baby      : *still kicking Gekikara’s thigh*HWEEE!!! HWEEE!!!

*few secs*

Gekikara   : *take the stuffed bear* *changing voice* Konbanwa, I’m Teddy Bear…yoroshiku onegaishimasu *bowing the bear*
Baby      : HWEEEE!!! HWEEE….hwee…*sob*…*looking at the bear**sob*
Gekikara   : *hide the bear* Aww where did he go? *show the bear* Ahh! Here he is!
Baby      : *laugh* *trying to reach bear* Naa…aaa…
Gekikara   : *still changing voice* You hungry? Want to eat with me? *stand up**flash to the kitchen* *back to the living room*
Baby      : *laugh* *play with bear*
Gekikara   : *unwrapping the baby’s biscuit**smile* Here, eat it~~
Baby      : *munch* *laugh* *play with bear*
Gekikara   : But when they laugh…babies are sure like angels…*sigh*


Greatest Dad

Baby      : *play with bear* *laugh*
Gekikara   : *taking handkerchief* His face is sticky, too much crying *clean* *smile* Here you are boy. Clean and handsome!
Baby      :  *play with bear**laugh*
Black      : *slam the door open* TADAIMA!!! *pant* I ran like crazy. Is everything okay??? *worry**pant* *pant*
Gekikara   : Been crying for hours…I’m exhausted…(=_=)
Black      : Really? *carry the child* But he seems fine and happy. Hey you boy~~ *rub Baby’s cheek*
Gekikara   : *lips trembling* *teary eyes*
Baby      : Kaachaaaaan~~ *laugh*
Gekikara   : HWAAAAAAAA!!!!! AT LEAST APPREACIATE ME!!! YOU ARE TOO COLD BLACK!!! TOO COLD!!! *cry* *cry* *cry**roll* *roll*
Black      : *pull Gekikara* *laugh* I think I’ve found the reason why I love you. You are what you are, Gekikara. Congratulations, you are the greatest Dad in the world. *kiss*
Baby      : *laugh* *play with bear*


Greatest Job


Gekikara   : This time, can I hold you till I sleep?
Black      : Sure, “Good Dad” *giggle*
Gekikara   : Yay *snuggle* Ne, Black?
Black      : Hm?
Gekikara   : I think I’ve found a good job with good payment!
Black      : What is it?
Gekikara   : *giggle* Being a good Dad…*slowly unzipping Black’s sweats*
Black      : Ehh?? *blush* Geki!!
Gekikara   : *stare* Can’t we? *grin*
Black      : *smile shyly* F-fine…*blush* *looking other way*
Gekikara   : *giggle* I’ll be gentle! *wink*
Black      : But please find ACTUAL job soon!


Part 2 of the doujinshi. Credits goes to Ying Chun.

part 3 could be found at


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