just talking about oshimen


just some scrabbles to whoever ever ever visit this blog…

I actually just got attracted to the group since fall 2015 . I “study” 10 years footage about the group in months to the point that my skin so freakin white now  for not leaving  My room at all.

the thing is, because of my job, i had a serious image attached on me, and a fun colorful thing such as akb48 would be the least thing anyone around me would suspect i had interested in. and i do live so seriously, until i continue my study to New York in 2015.

The beginning of oshimen

As a young student in faraway country, with only 3 classes a week,  for the very first time ever .. i have too much of free time.

So I start digging on youtube…. one day, I stumble upon an akb48 performance with jkt48 and think it might be fun to comparing my country idol with the japanese (at that time, totally make fun of idol world,  never imagine would addicted to it later), at first, i just think that nana okada is really like an anime character that I like, so I start googling, and found  wiki48,  then totally surprise known that someone as cute as naachan is only a #29 member (2015 data)  of the group (at that time,  don’t understand anything about sousenkyo etc). so I start digging into what kind of beautiful person would over ranking this incredible beautiful girl, and be more surprise that no one in my opinion (simply judging only by their picture and wiki48 data), no way any of this girl could possibly surpass naachan, the only member that make sense got a right rank to me at that time is watanabe mayu #3 (now her ohsi), and totally confuse how sashihara rino in #1 place. so i digging more.. and more about akb group.

never be a fan of anything before, I usually listen only to a kind of music that you would find played in a cozy cafe,  would sometimes play music  in a cafe myself.. and at that time.. akb songs are totally out of  my radar at all. but the bait already bitten, I want to understand more about the group, and the more to learn, the more I got attached. i start by watch all the subbed video could be found, since I cannot understand if  started from the recent video,  I started with akb 0ji 59 fun or now known as akbingo, and at that time, totally lost in the charm of kami7 + yukirin, they really deserve to be a legendary member, every akb48 early footage only interesting if they are involved. then I watch every single video, blog  and news of akb. its a ten years data that I should catch by, and its really addicting, every time I learn something new, i watch all the video again, and find a different point of few, and understand why certain member act like that, or why some event or song really fun or interesting. i watch so much video to the point that the subbed one could not be founded anymore and I start learning japanese, so i can understand the other video without sub..  at this rate..I had a feeling at the time I  finish school, i would be fluent in japanese also.


i am fascinated by how hard these girls work.

nioshi : matsui Jurina, at first, i just really concern about how she like to kiss other member, and don’t want her to touch my pure oshimen Mayuyu (and yup, she did try. Jurina samaa) .. nowadays,  droll every time seeing her. It is impossible to like jurina and not find matsui Rena, but at first, Rena is not that appealing, she rarely on screen, rarely talk, cute but well,, there were also people like itano tomomi, shinoda mariko, or kojima haruna around her ( i was watching 10 years worth of material in like.. months ..so these former amazing member still seems like they are just graduated yesterday to me) … but more video, more blog to read, more that to know, now matsui rena is my kami ohsi forever… . she inspires me,i learn a lot just watch her doing her best, and grow to be one of the most amazing person ever, i learn that even someone as introvert as her could have thousand of people to likes her..


Became an akb group  fan is similar to became a soccer fan, its fun to watch, a lot of different people and group, a lot of trivia, a lot of interesting event such as janken takai (wish someone subbed it to english already) and you could change your favorite team, or just loyal to them and supported it whole hearted. since people who like soccer still like it after decades, even after player change, and team disband or reform, it won’t be a surprise if akb would last very long also. my only concern is the only one control the group is akimoto yasushi, and if something happen to him,  not sure what would happen to the group.


by now, i also like the uber talented  ikuta erika (nogizaka46)but amazingly failing on so much thing (piano skill = mozart, singing and dancing ability = Alicia Keys, cooking ability = kashiwagi yuki, drawing ability = out of this world) , shimazaki haruka, Ryoha kitagawa (ske48), Sato nanami (akb 48 team8) and miyawaki sakura (her epic sports skill , those rope skipping in akb48 group dai undokai and sports meet 2  2015, so… surreal,  lol). I’m having  withdrawal if does not see any akb related material in a day. if i found the group earlier, i would totally go to japan and chose some university in tokyo rather than new york , so i could be a full pledged Wota everyday to the max.

im thankful i met this wonderful group thou

i never have this much fun just by watching someone else doing things before

thank you for being there AKB48



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