First impression : first time know AKB48 members in 2015.. and be like “eh?”

this is my first impression about akb48 members when i just discover the group in fall 2015,  this is before i truly addicted to the group and totally worship everyone, by now, i would probably slap people who dare to said things like this about them. but since its my very first impression about them. i would like to preserve the though, and laugh about how much i was wrong about them.

Takahashi Minami



–what? how come this person is one of their core member? a lot of  other member are more kawaii ?

–eh ? she is the general manager?? what? why??

— she is so manly not cute at all, how come  she had so many fans?? is she really an idol???

sashihara rino


— This is their number ONE member??? she have a higher ranking than watanabe mayu ???WHY???? HOW??

–is this type of a woman that really popular in japan? ah maybe her voice really beautiful.. or her dance really great? *open you tube* NOPE, IT’S NOT THAT GREAT! eh? whyyy?? i don’t understand

watanabe mayu



— beautiful

–totally understand why she became a #3 member

— omg, she is so cute when she is younger, just like an anime girl  became a real person, is she a real person? omg even her voice is cute, her dance is so cute, every movement she made is so cute ❤

–she is so PERFECT, no way, there is NO WAY she have a weird personality at all.

matsui jurina



— wait, what do you mean with a kissing monster? eh?? she like kissing other member?? stay away from my oshiiii !

— she is 18 … eh? *read it again* SHE IS JUST 18?????


matsui Rena


— what with her

— leave no impression at all

— is she really that great, she has a high ranking after all, but.. hmm

— center of SKE48?.. and what is SKE48 anyway?

— her smile kinda.. scary?

maeda atsuko


— a legendary member? forever center? nope, don’t understand why is that

— she looks so unmotivated at all

–is she really that a great? why is that? she looks so plain


Miyawaki Sakura


  • who?
  • seriously, who??
  • HKT48?? the heck
  • *watching Hakata Hyakaten*omg she is so small ! and sweet! and cute! i want adopt her as my younger sister!!!
  • *watching AKB sports meet 2015* the heck I’m making her my oshi



you know sometimes when you makes a mistake, and laugh about it when remembering it, because its so stupid. i did. i totally did. *bowing to my akb48 poster*




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