some Wmatsui proof

oh this post was way back, i just make some adjustment. well…its the end of 2016, and shipping wmatsui now is…ANGST. but i would forever smile remembering how sweet wmatsui ship was


Part of Matsui Jurina interview translation with crescendo 

Taken From :

Talk about unrequited love

Jurina: The part “the day I fell in love with you, I don’t feel like myself” in Koppu no Naka no Komorebi lyrics, I think anyone can relate to that. But the part “it’s okay even just looking into a cup from outside”, I think this is not my type. If I like someone, I would approach right away.

Rara: I wouldn’t do that.

Jurina: For real!?  But, you cannot tell when someone is in love just by seeing, if you and that person are thinking the same, wouldn’t you guys be fond of each other more? Only if it’s not the same, that would become hate. *laugh*

–  Right now, are you having “unrequited love”?

Jurina: Mine is Rena-chan.

Maya: Eh!!?

Jurina: Rena-chan, I think she absolutely likes me.

3 persons: Um.Um. *laugh*

Jurina: Recently, I often send her mails, she replies me immediately. So kind, I think I stand the chance. Though we promised to go out dining, but when I asked “let’s go to hot spring together” she steadily replied “Going to hot spring must take a few days”…She definitely doesn’t want to stay overnight. Generally, when we talk about hot spring, it is always about staying overnight, right? And when I ask her to get into hot spring together, she just said “no, I will get in separately”, I always get rejected so I am still having unrequited love. *laugh*

akb48 news august 2015 (the last wmatsui interview)

– If there were not the other one, what would it be? (T/L note: If there were not the other when entering SKE48, what would it be?)

J: …I would have graduated since the beginning.

R: Eh? Since the beginning?

– There will be no one to encourage you to fight, right?

J: That’s right.

R: Ah…That’s true.

J: I would want to be an ordinary girl. Most of members who are at my age chose to continue their education so they graduated.

R: I think without Jurina, there would be no one to encourage me to improve. But not as rivals because no matter what Jurina’s entity would never be shaken. So, I always think of how I can express myself to step forward.

– What about Rena-san, if there were no Jurina…

R: Ummm…*silence*

J: *laugh*

Taken from

As for you (Jurina), if you can use Kanji to represent Matsui Rena, what would it be?

J: “The Sun”

If you remember, J said something about changing her light stick color from orange&green to orange&red…why?

because it’s the color of “The Sun”

R also mentioned about how J was like the sun and herself was like the moon in Doc of SKE48

It means they both refer to each other as “the SUN” …well, well, normally, when would you call someone your sun? Isn’t it when you’re in love?

translation of  a part of ANN 150442 – wmatsui


R : I saw you talk with many people such as Takamina-san, Shinoda-san and Maeda-san. Also Sayanee and Paruru, just a moment ago,
you also mentioned your mom, and staff-san, Anna-sensei, Akimoto-san. There’re lots of choice for you, but rather, you sent me Line message
asking “can you come to All Night Nippon?”
J: About this…of course because it would commemorate that this is my first ANN. I think the member who is most meaningful to me, that’s definitely Rena-chan.
R: HAHAHA now you’re saying like this. But actually you asked everyone,right?
J: Hey! This time I’m telling you…No one else.
R: Really?
J: Really. I asked only you, really. Even Masana, I didn’t ask her at all.
R: Ah hahaha poor Masana.
J: Hahahaha sorry, Masana.
J: Yeah. But me and you, we don’t have much chance to talk and the fans haven’t seen anything like this for a long time now, so…
R: Yeah??
J: Yeah, rarely.
R: Hmmm Is that so? ahhh we’ve never done this kind of program, right?
J: So, I called you to come. And also the time when I’m with Rena-chan might be even more than the time I’m with my family in this past 7 years.
R: Is that so? I see.
J: That’s why the person who understands me the most and closest to me is Rena-chan.
R: Haiiiii (you’re embarassing, Rena-chan)
J: That’s why I wanted you to come.
R: Arigatouuuu
J: And it’s kinda hard to find opportunity like this. I have some questions to ask you,too.
R: What’s that?
J: Well about this, I thought I’d like to ask you since the beginning. Toyoko line at Shibuya station became subway, it’s troublesome, right?
R: hahaha Eventhough, it’s troublesome, but well, because every subway company has its own problems…
J: *giggle* Rena-chan, when it comes to trains, you’re professional!
R: Hai
J: Hahahaha
R: In fact, I didn’t go there often, Toyoko line.
J: Hahahahha I also never go there. hahahahaha
R: Though I know it became subway now but I didn’t actually go to Shibuya.
J: hahahaha This…I’m just kidding.
R: Then what about the real question, you have real question?
J: The real question is…including this program which I asked you to come…well on my birthday before, I also asked Rena-chan to come
and you agreed to perform on stage together…well, it’s like no matter what I ask, Rena-chan always say okay.
So, I wanna ask you. “You like me, right?” HAHAHAHA
R: (smash the table) You’re too narcissistic!!!
J: Hahahahaha
R: (smile and smash the table again) How narcissistic are you?
J: hahahaha what do you think?
R: Are you in bloom?
J: Hahahaha This…I really wanna know.
R: About liking or not…of course, I like you.
J: Yeah!! everyone, you hear? Rena-chan told me she likes me!!!
R: Of course I like you but just as a member.
J: Well, I didn’t expect you to like me more than this kind.
R: It’s okay now
J: Ummm
R: But from my heart, If you ask I like you or not, I’d certainly say I like you.
J: Yeah yeah yeah everyone hears that, right?
R: Is it okay now?
J: you heard it!! she said that she likes me!!
R: really, Are you happy now?
J: I just want my fans to be happy.
R: But you know, last time when I went to your birthday stage. It’s because my schedule fell into place, that’s why I wanted to go.
And also before, we first gen were not easy to gather up, right? So I wanted to be a substitute for Seifuku no Me stage because of that.
J: Before Nishishi and Nee-san graduate, right?
R: Yeah Nee-san were always with KII. Aside from the first stage, we’ve never performed together. So I wanted to and it was fortunately also your birthday.
everyone gathered up. That was best, right?
J: Yep
R: So, I told you “I know, let me check my schedule whether it’s okay to leave on your birthday”
J: ahhh I’m so happy, really glad.
R: but it was very fun.
J: Yeah very very fun.
R: Such a long time…
J: umm and also felt at ease. whenever Rena-chan stands beside me, I feel at ease.
R: Thank you
J: So nostalgic.
R: When we dance and sing each bit, I started to think of the theatre at that time. Here and there were whose position, felt so nostalgic
but also fun.
J: yep really fun.

Jurina stole Rena first kiss (audio)

that..kissing Monster!

btw…on one of their interview.. jurina teasing rena by saying  she think that every ske songs told a story about them both .. so.. i wonder which song jurina refers to.. and i just watch bukiyo taiyo ske48 (i am an awkward sun) with english translation  

The flowers on your one-piece dress
Whirl up into the wind
And my heart tightens
I wonder if something will start for us

Though I love you
We’ve known each other
For so long

“I want to see the ocean”
You suddenly say
Together as friends like this
What should we do if we go there?

And as usual
I avert my gaze from you
Then my mouth starts moving on its own
Talking about some sneakers I want

In the moment a bus passes next to us
I casually shield you from it

I am
An awkward sun
Just staying close to you
Merely shining on you
Unable to speak
A passive sun
Feeling frustrated
In the season of love
Just scorching with heat
I love you
But I love you too much
(Aiming straight ahead, yes, I can’t see you)
I can’t come
Any closer than this
(The blue sky stretches on, yes, in every direction)

Caressed by the salty wind
While we watched the waves
I thought it was okay like this
Because I’m the one who’s closest to you

Seeing through my weakness
You pursed your lips at me

I am
An awkward sun
Since the day we met
I’ve been burning here
Still and unmoving
A cowardly sun
With a feeling that
If I got close to you
You might disappear
I love you
Though I love you
(This distance between us is, yes, too awkward)
Though I love you
Because I love you
(This situation is, yes, adolescent summer love)

I am
An awkward sun
Just staying close to you
Merely shining on you
Unable to speak
A passive sun
Feeling frustrated
In the season of love
Just scorching with heat
I love you
But I love you too much
(Aiming straight ahead, yes, I can’t see you)
I can’t come
Any closer than this
(The blue sky stretches on, yes, in every direction)

and haha..both of them likes sneakers.. rena totally collecting them and posting it on her IG regulary while Jurina simply always wear one 😉


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