a strange thing called love (wmatsui fanfic)


Jurina is a student with a secret part time as a night club host when she accidently meet Rena- and falling in love at first sight, there’s also a bit of mayuki and yukirena




Its cold, quite and peaceful that night,  But  a certain  building shown a contrast scenery. The building is where the most popular host club run their business, while the front is packed with costumer, some event taking place at the back door.

“Jurina, there’s  still a lot of request for you, you know” miyazawa sae, one of the host in the club open the door for the other.

“ahaha im sorry sae… I have a test at school tomorrow !!!”

“*sigh*.. we would be in trouble if anyone notice that you are underage,, but well.. I guess you are worth the risk”

“hey.. stop teasing me, ill see you tomorrow ! ”

“fufufu,  see ya”

Matsui Jurina,  a number one host in number one host club, it’s not just because of her dangerously gorgeous looks, she is charming, when she talk, you can feel confidence emits from her,  her eyes…piercing through your soul,  and her smile, she has a smile that can light up the whole town. Irresistible to falling in love with. There is only one problem, she is still 16, and just like tonight, she has to occasionally balance her school life and her night life that no one knows.

She is ascending the  bridge just infront of the club, when she saw two rough looking men cornering a girl. The scenery catch Jurina attention, the girl, despite clearly in a bad situation, seems like totally in ignorance, she wear a sexy black one piece, and a cold look in her face, but Jurina doesn’t really sure what to do, ‘well, I got a test tommorow’, she decide to just continue walking,   when she getting closer,  Her eyes accidently meet the girl light brown eyes, and at that moment, in the middle of that bridge, in a breeze of night, the time  has stop clicking for Jurina …she can feel a shiver through her spine, and its supposed to be dark and cold, but Jurina swear its somehow warmer now, and the sky somewhat brighter. She would not realize that she already stop walking and stares at the girl for a while if those guy don’t remind her.

“what do you want ?” one of them glare at jurina, snap jurina soul back to her

“…. Ah.. here you are .. ive been looking for you” Jurina smile calmly, talking to the girl and ignoring the guy.

“who are you” the other man asked, he step closer to Jurina

“ I am a host at that club” Jurina pointing her club just across the street “this lady is one of our costumer, she just suddenly left.. so if you please excuse me..” Jurina takes the other girl hand and drag her from the two men, the other girl just went silent all the time.


“eh? Jurina?? Why you back??  Who is that girl??” said Sae who now in  duty infront of the building

“it’s a long story, just let me use the back room tonight okay”

“hoo–” sae throw jurina some suspicious smile

“i-its not what you think!!” jurina throw an embarrassed glare to Sae,, she then pull the silent girl as fast as she can with her  across  the club.

“Jurinaa, ive been looking for you, they said you already home ”

“ahh, jurina come sit with me—eh? Who is that girl?”

“Jurina samaa—ill coming everyday for you”

Jurina  smile, wave and bowing  as fast as she can all the way to the back room, and when she close the door, She finally able to have a real look at the other girl that now sitting casually in the bed.

She is beautiful, her long hair falls on her magnificently sexy bare shoulder,  her black dress contrast with her fair skin perfectly. Her expression still as cold as when Jurina saw her first time. Jurina sit beside her, try to make the situation less awkward

“so… im sorry to drag you around.. iam Jurina ”


“erm…those guys might still be around.. and you kinda ..under dressed..ill call a taxi for you okay? ”


the girl only stares at Jurina, and jurina not usually get this nervous, she is a host after all, the most famous one! she try  think of a good things to say when a cold hand pulling her face closer, the girl kissed her.

Totally surprised and confuse, but its not taking long  before Jurina kissing her back. Their kiss escalading into a wild one… and before long their clothes already all over the room

it was wild… but something bothering Jurina. The girl is taking bath  right now, and  jurina already regain some of her strength, she looking around the bed sheet and found what she looking for. The girl walk out of the bath room, and start wearing her clothes back, still with the same empty expression.

“… you were a virgin”


“you were ! right !!?” jurina pointing the tiny blood stain in the bed sheet “but why.. why” jurina feel terrible right now, the girl image and action doesn’t resemble that this is her first time at all..but somehow taking someone she just met virginity is …

the girl only keep putting her clothes in silent,  she finally put her shoes, open the door, and walk away, drag her leg a bit, but for a short brief moment before she left, Jurina can see a tears rolling down her check.Leaving Jurina, with the most awfully mixed feeling ever.

——————————3 months later———

“Jurina ! good morning” a beautiful girl just came into the class and sit beside Jurina

“morning mayu”

“wow you look super tired, study all night long?”

“hmm.. not really.. just have a lot in mind”

“eh seriously? But.. well.. you’ll be fine, you are the smartest student in the school after all..”

“thanks Mayu, ah the teacher is here”

it’s been three months since that night with the mysterious girl, since then, Jurina could not get the girl memory out of her head for even a second. the sensation of touching her milky skin haunting her, she cannot sleep well, she cannot eat well. for this past three months, she develop a new habit, staring at the bridge from her host club any free time she has, she would occasionally ask permission  to the restroom while working with some costumer, only to take a curious peek to the bridge, on her way home, she would standing on that bridge for a couple of hour, hoping she could meet her again, she’s been asking around about her  and found nothing, she has been poisoned and demand to be cure. she want to apologize to her, to know her in a right way. she want to see her once again.

teacher : “Good morning, I hope you all ready for today midterm test”

students : “mumble mumble”

teacher : “ it’s a bit sudden, but since  today, your home room teacher, Kashiwagi Yuki sensei, will be replaced by  Matsui Rena sensei.

Student :” ehhh???!!!” * whisper whisper* “what happen to kashiwagi sensei?? Matsui Rena?? is’nt she  Kashiwagi sensei girl friend ?? ” “ why is she here?”

Jurina can understand why  everyone feel so uneasy, it is  a sudden news, moreover, while everyone know the name Matsui Rena because kashiwagi sensei would occasionally tell them about her, actually, no one ever see her, because she supposed to be a teacher for another school.

“it’s a bit shocking, right mayu?” Jurina take a  look at mayu who sit beside her, her normally always calm friend looks unusually tensed,  “mayu?”.

“Matsui san, please come in”, a thin girl elegantly walks into the room, and between the student chatter that grew louder, Jurina could felt her hearth fall to her stomach. Even thou she is not put that cold expression anymore, It’s the mysterious Girl  !!! its the girl who shaken her whole world this past 3 months !!

“good morning, I am Matsui Rena, will be your homeroom teacher from now on”

Jurina cant trust her eyes, her mind went blank, so she almost jump from her seat when Matsui sensei look at her direction, she trying to said something when she realize her new sensei not actually look at her.. she is.. look at a person beside her. She is looking at mayu. Jurina look at mayu, and once again find her usually calm friend  have a strange look at her face. She don’t understand why and no one in the class seems noticing it.

“so, who is the class duty for today? Please help me with this paper”

“…. Hai” Jurina slowly raise her hand, and for the first time her sensei eyes shifting from mayu to her.

“?!!” her new sensei show an obvious surprise look, its just a split second, but Jurina know that her teacher remember her.


“you are a student?!”

“YOUR student…and you  my ex homeroom girlfriend?”

the school has ended, both of them now at the school roof top, and after holding so many question for a whole day, its all burst out as soon as they are reach the roof

“b- but I though you are a host??? I am so gonna got into  a jail??!”

“You gave your virginity to a host? How can I face Kashiwagi sensei after this??”

Jurina can feel a strange silent in the air

“… atleast you don’t have to worry about that”

suddenly they can hear someone ascending the stair

“come here!!” Jurina pulled her teacher to hide with her behind the wall nearby,  they can hear someone open the door while talking to each other.

“well…we have to keep our relationship in secret until you graduate next semester, I though It would be easier if I am not your homeroom teacher, so I ask to be replaced, but.. I had no idea the school would put her as my  subs”

Jurina listen tensely from behind the wall.. she recognize the voice

“….really?” the other one answer

… eh… this voice….it..it cant be

“she already decide to work with me for a long time ago, but I think since the school don’t know we already broke up .. and the timing is just right,, it happen to be like this ”


“ssshh.. don’t cry… ”

Jurina know the voice really well.. its her ex homeroom teacher.. kashiwagi yuki.. and the other one…. Jurina pull all her strength to take a peek, she don’t want to believe it… but there she saw two figure she know well… embracing each other.Its Kashiwagi sensei and Mayu!

“yukirin..hiks ”

“mayu…shhh,, I love you”

yuki then put her lips gently on mayu lips, calming the sobbing girl.

Jurina watch the scene infront of her with disbelief, she can hear both of them  left the rooftop not long after, but her mind still went blank for a while, Mayu and Kashiwagi sensei??! since when?? well, Kashiwagi sensei always popular with the student, and she know Mayu also one of Kashiwagi sensei admirer. mayu is the most popular girl in the school, she is just like ultra beautiful,  there were times when Jurina tried to pull her strings on her, it was a hot topic in the school, that  their prince and princess might end up as a couple, but mayu always keep her on a friend zone, they eventually became a friend, Jurina (a host at hearth) would still try to seduce Mayu once in a while, and the other girl would just only smile, well.. before she met a night angel three months ago.

its remind her that someone actually with her, someone that would actually get a real blow from what just happen…  she turn her head and check on the other girl, the cheek of a  girl beside her glistend with tears.

“I told you.. you shouldn’t be worry about that”


They keep sitting there for a long while, no one said anything, just sitting there, letting the wind takes all their thought away. its already dark when the older matsui finnaly spoke.

“its already this late.. lets go home”

“you right” and when the younger matsui stand up a sound of mini earth quake echoing in the air

“…. Is it your stomach?”

Jurina can feel her face blushing, and only able to nod once

“”pfft.. really?? “ the older matsui cant help but laught

Jurina shrink in embarrassment “w-well.. at least I can see you smile for the first time.. you looks better smiling ”

“… thanks”

“btw.. um about that night.. I ”

“let me treat you” the older cut Jurina sentence


“for that night.. let me treat you for a dinner”


they stop in some cozy restaurant nearby.they sit in the corner, quite secluded from the rest.  Jurina enjoying her spaghetti while Rena eat her salad calmly, Jurina cant help but to stare the girl in front of her, and she can feel the other one avoiding her eyes.

“stop staring at me”

“I can’t help it, you are too beautiful to ignore”

“w-what with you? Ah… i just remember that you are a host ”

Jurina shrug  her shoulders “im not working right now, I only said whats in my head”

“hmm…erm…b-btw,, about your part time job… I check your record Matsui san.. and you are a straight A student aiming for top university ”

“yeah.. so? Btw called me Jurina, we have same last name,its confusing ”

“and its seems like.. your parent also one of our school biggest donator .. so you don’t really need the money aren’t you Matsui san”

“about that…” jurina finish her spaghetti in one big spoon “don’t worry.. since I already busted by my homeroom teacher.. I told them I quit just before I meet you at the roof ”

“eh? You did??”

“like you said.. I don’t really need the money”

“…then why did you? ” rena can feel Jurina sharp eyes on her

“yes you are right .. I am a straight A student.. I came from a well known family.. and I will inherit my parents company,, for short .. I live a boring life ”

“… matsui san”

“I just longed for a bit twist…and btw Rena ” the older matsui felt a cold wind in her skin when the younger called her name “I told you to call me Jurina did’nt I ” then Jurina pull the other girl from accros their small table, and kiss her. She can feel that the other girl don’t kiss her back. Instead, she can feel a warm liquid running in her finger that rest at the other girl face…

“… I am sorry” Jurina pulled herself back


“just slap me… don’t cry”

“…its not you…” Jurina can feel her hearth at ease a bit when the other girl give her a tiny smile under her tears “that night when I met you… I was having a dinner with Yuki.. she is reserving such a nice place..  I though this is it.. she finally going to propose me.. I buy a new dress.. go to beautician” Rena tears keeps rolling, Jurina move to the chair beside Rena, and wrap her hand around her shoulder “but then when she came with other girl.. and said that she love her.. I though how could she left me for a student !! so I just run away.. and I meet you… just to  found out that you also still a student ”


“I feel lost and confuse and you know what the worst part of it…”


“even that I just broke up,, even that I am your home room teacher.. I .. I guess.. I probably have falling for you” jurina can hear her voice shivering “Since the moment our eyes meet in that bridge.. even that  my  hearth broken..at first i though its only because i just get lonely and need someone to heal my heart… but its something different… i can’t .. i can’t forget you… I am such a horrible person”

Jurina brain try to process what she just heard, but her brain suddenly turn into idiot that time, it doesn’t understand a single word she said.


“please forgive me.. I don’t know why.. or since when ..it makes no sense at all ..but forgive me..I think I love you” her shivering voice, her teary eyes, and the words she just bubbling out of nowhere, she really leave Jurina with no choice rather than kiss her. This time Jurina can feel the other one kissing her back. The kiss went long.. and sweet. And when its over, in Rena face that still glisten by the tears, Jurina can see the sweetest smile she ever see.

“i guess…when you fall in love.. you’ll never understand why.. you never see it coming .. coz you blind it from the start.. you are the twist I’ve been looking for all this time” Jurina kiss the girl lips once again.

“I love you too Rena, it doesn’t make sense too, but trust me.. Im sure that I  Really do”




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