thats all ; majisuka gakuen 2 fanfic (Jurimayu / center x Nezumi fanfic)


Majisuka gakuen fancic, the day when center and nezumi graduate from majisuka, and wondering about their future.


Center spit a blood from her mouth, she was having a fine morning and goes to school happily when some street punk picking on her . she is still a bit angry, so she let her right foot keep busy  kicking one of the nearest unconscious guy. thats when she can heard a tingling voice from behind her.

” a shark should not bother a small fish, center”


“its our graduation today.. shall we late together?”

“nah, I’m finished with these scum, lets go!”

The two of them walk side by side entering the most dreadful school building, a school that famous for its all yankee student. the Majisuka Gakuen. compare with the other student, that dress so unrealistic wild, center and Nezumi who only wear a cardigan and a hoodie jacket on top of their sailor uniform, look so much like a normal student. but as the two of them walking,  all those wild dresses yankee would open the way  for them both, indicating how much dangerous the pair are.

its been a while since center and Nezumi being the one who control the whole school, and its been a while also since the both of them going out. today is their graduation day.

the graduation ceremony went quick, the school already start to be empty, but the two top of majisuka gakuen still lurking in their favorite spot on the rooftop. enjoying the view for the last time.

“Ah.. the view up here always the best … especially when i see it with you nezumi” center smile at her partner while stroking her silky hair back out of habit, Nezumi only  smile back with her wicked smile.

“so now.. its our last day.. maybe its time you answering my question already nezumi… you’ve been avoiding it for ages” Center look at the girl beside her

“.. what you wanna do after this Nezumi?”

*sigh* “and just as I always told you center.. you rather think about your successor rather than this matter.. you end up graduate leaving the Rappapa without any legitimate leader… it’ll be a chaos after this ”

“I don’t care !!” center put her hand in the shoulder of the shorter girl “its  You… its only you that i ever care Nezumi ”

Center pull the smaller girl, and they share a kiss, when they finally pull from each other, center notice something different in Nezumi eyes, Center unconsciously put her hand in Nezu face in a gesture like she try to erase a non existence tears from Nezu  face, she then can feel Nezu small hand stoping hers.

“center…” Nezumi voice always been husky, but despite the expressionless smile in her face, somehow, her voice a  bit more huskier than ever.

“im getting married after graduation”

Center can literally hear the sound of something just broken inside of her, its like her hearth- no- its her soul just ripped, torn apart, scattered, and its unbearable sadness raging inside of her, but slowly its turn into something else, anger, a pure anger.

“what do you mean Nezumi?”  Center voice shivering in anger

“Its been setting up for a very long time, with a son of another politician, it will good for my parents career, and for my future they say”

“since when did you care with your family??” Center voice raise by now

“…well.. its been decided center…so.. bye”

as Nezumi walk away, Center pulled her back roughly

“let go off me center!” Nezumi hissed

“I.. would.. never”

“you bitch” Nezumi slap Center face so hard that center went back one step. she already walking away when she felt center arm once again stoping her ” let go!!” nezumi beating center now, but her grip still strong, nezumi keep beating, slapping and kicking, but center just stay there, once or twice she fell, but she would quickly rise up and grab Nezu hand. Nezu keep beating her relentlessly . its remind her of another scene in the past, but she keep beating the other girl, and the other girl keep clinging on her hand.

the sunset beautifully, pour a dazzling orange light into the rooftop, there, two shadow still on their position for heaven know how long, the smaller girl still beating the other that grabing her hand, blood running from center face and she is kneeling now, while Nezumi pace are getting slower and slower..  just before one more hit.. center raise her head.. looking straight at the other girl eyes.. a tears,, rolling down slowly from her eyes. its the first from a long while, center is crying. the fact that for the first time Nezumi look her partner cry, left her fist hang in the air…

“what do you want center? WHAT DO YOU WANT??” Nezumi yelled

“i will getting married with some  Rich Guy!! i would have a family!! i would had a future !!! none of that you could possibly give to me center!! you… an low life street punk like you!! ” nezumi snap her hand from center Grip “let me go!!” but surprised by a strong pull from center, she fell instead, center catch her in her arm.

“let me go!!” Nezumi struggle, but center, despite all the damage, surprisingly still strong enough to hold the smaller girl.. Nezumi,, who already lost her little stamina from all that beating.. finally calm down from resisting.. she is preparing to throw another sharp words when she can hear center shivering voice.

“you right i can’t give you any of that”

Center rest her head on Nezumi shoulder, her lips just an inch away from nezumi ear

I can only give you love that lasts forever,
And a promise to be near each time you call.
And the only heart I own
For you and you alone
That’s all,
I can only give you country walks in springtime
And a hand to hold when leaves begin to fall;
There are those I am sure who have told you,
They would give you the world for a toy.
All I have are these arms to enfold you,
And a love time can never destroy.
That’s all,
That’s all…..
Center pulled the hood from nezumi head
“nezumi… you love me do you”
Nezumi don’t have to say anything, center can understand her twisted mind more than anyone else. her eyes said everything she could never speak. smiling, center kiss her.
nb : its a song “thats all” covered beautifully by michael bubble

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