can’t stop loving you(rena x yuki fan fiction, SMUT)


SMUT, 18+

three shot fanfic, Rena and Jurina is a celebrity couple, and Yuki is Rena ex that she could never forget. one turn of event put Rena heart on a test. PG : 13


——–First Part——–

“Renaa san !! kyaa !! please look over here !!!”

“matsui rena saamaaa !! OMG !!  i Love You !!!!”

Matsui Rena smiling and waving gracefully as she walks in the red carpet, she just finished attending the premiere of her latest movie. walks beside her, her famous, attractive, and younger lover, Matsui Jurina,  also waving and smiling charmingly while keep her other arm entangled with Rena’s waist.

Matsui Rena is one of the most famous actress with a ton of box office movies, and matsui Jurina is a very famous rock singer. both are widely known locally  nor internationally  as Wmatsui.

the premiere went well, as both matsui  reach their  black limousin, as soon as the door closed and the car moving. Rena could feel Jurina’s hand caressing her body.

“unghh !” rena is off guard and a moan escaped from her mouth “j-jurina.. can’t you wait until we reach h–” the other don’t even let her finish her sentence and eat her lips eagerly “i can’t help it Rena.. you are so sexy in that movie” Jurina hand start moving and exploring more widely “beside… after all .. i still jealous on your kissing scene with that actor ” and Jurina smash her lips passionately into rena’s

its a “wild” ride,, and when their reach their home, the show keep going on just as soon as the door closed behind them… Jurina pinned Rena to the door while kissing her white long neck “are you ready for round two?” , they are moving from the front door, to  the living room, and eventually to their room. hot and passionately, even after all these years they live together as a couple.


Rena sip her morning tea as she read a script for her next movie,while leaning comfortably at her cozy arm chair, she shift her eyes to a young succulent body that still sleeping innocently in her bed, Jurina have a really tempting body, her white soft skin, her sexy slim abs, her soft peach lips, and her light black hair that framing her sleeping beautiful face perfectly, bathing in a morning sun light. its still inviting Rena deepest desire even after a long  hot night they just have.

as a successful entertainer in both of their field, they happen to meet just so occasionally. its not taking  long for the famous womanizer Jurina to start her move on Rena, and as  Rena keep avoiding her, Jurina really falling in love to her, dumping all her current lover (all 28 of them), and after making a big fuss in the media by stating her one true love for Rena. Rena really can’t help but open her hearth to Jurina, and since the sex is so mind blowing.. well, Rena really don’t have anything to complain.

at least that is what Rena want to believe. but her hearth.. her honest hearth, always  force a memory of a certain person to keep popping back to her..  one name resounding inside her soul .. one name. kashiwagi Yuki.



it was 7 years ago

Rena, sit in her usual spot in the school library,  where she can be alone. despite she is one of the most brilliant student in the entire school, her teacher would often consult her, encourage her to make friends. she (as a good student) tried to listen to her teacher, but its turn out to be something she not enjoy to do, she is not interested with a chit chat about love or celebrity, making friends means more people demanding her limited time and energy, and most people demand more than they deserve. Rena don’t hearth it.

but there is also another reason why rena like to spend her time in library. rena eyes couldn’t resist to take a peek occasionally to a desk in a corner, there she is again, sleeping in the same table again, it’s kashiwagi Yuki.

Yuki always spend the rest of her break time there, she would sometimes read a book, but mostly, she would just sleeping, and wake before the bell rang. as Rena also always there, its inevitable that Yuki would pick her curiosity . Yuki is a popular student, she is charming, kind, and a leader of their famous school drama club, that often win a lot of competition.  its makes Rena wonder, why she would spend her time in library, while she looks like she don’t even enjoy reading. Rena don’t remember since when .. but Yuki start to became her obsession.

the break time almost over, Rena close her book, she prepare to go back to class room when she notice that Yuki still sleeping,she usually  left before Rena, the bell would rang in any minute, she looks around, no one else still in the library,  she still don’t know where she got her courage that day, but she walks towards yuki, and stretch her trembling hand, gently, she shake the sleeping beauty. Yuki slowly open her eyes, and as their eyes meet. Yuki smile, a smile so bright that Rena sure a mini sun just born from it. they walk side by side to the class room, saying nothing at all, but the next day when Yuki enter the library, rather than take her usual spot. she pull a chair in front of rena.

“thank you for yesterday, i am kashiwagi… kashiwagi Yuki”

“… matsui Rena”

since then,, Yuki would always sit in front of Rena. little by little they  became closer and closer each day, theres a mutual  unexplainable attraction between them.

“so kashiwagi san.. why you like to spend time in library”

“hmm,, thats because i am an introvert” yuki smile

“eh you are?? but you are the head of our famous drama club aren’t you”

“hee.. i don’t know that the beautiful and smart Matsui Rena  know that ” Rena feels her check blush a bit ” i like being in organization…and compete.. but most of all .. in my private time ,,,i really like to spend it  alone”

“eh.. really? what is your friends said? aren’t they.. mad.. that you leave them”

“hmm not really, i think its important for  people to spend their time alone.. I’m stop making excuses , and plainly said that i need to be left alone..  they gradually understand my i end up visiting the library every day to be alone”

“so.. i guess..  sorry that i am disturbing your private time kashiwagi san”

“aren’t I also bothering yours Matsui san.. beside” Rena could feel Yuki move closer to her

“there are actually another reason why i visit this library every day” Yuki face turn serious..  her eyes locked Rena’s brown eyes.

“i think.. i fall in love with you matsui san”

Rena could not believe what she just heard,  there is a force that moving her body,  toward the amazing person that just chanted the most amazing words she ever heard, and just like that she is having her first kiss.

not long after, Yuki introduced Rena to drama club , and surprisingly happy when found out that Rena actually a very talented actress, soon rena often choose as the main cast. while in competition, the stressful pressure, and the crazy training schedule, push both  to the edge of themselves, both would often fight and challenge each other..  but when they find a way they both can agree, its strengthen their love.

thanks to Rena talent and Yuki leadership, they won so much competition more than ever,they  even participate in an international event, they did not win,  but their main actress, Rena, really stole  the attention, and before long, Rena is granted a scholarship to acting school in US.


Rena and Yuki held their hand together as they stand in front of  the international airport departure gate, their head lean to each other, and their eyes closed. Rena family already go, to left them both some space (Rena parents really likes Yuki)

“… this is as far as I can go Rena”

“Yuki…” a tears rolling down from rena eyes “why can’t we go together? why can’t i just stay with you here”

“don’t be silly.. we talked about this a hundreds time ok.. i’ll kill myself if because of me your talent would go to wasted Rena ”

“Yuki.. promise me .. you’ll wait for me”

“…. dont … Rena… you know i can’t tied you like that” and as Yuki swept tears from Rena eyes, her own tears rolling from her eyes.

“.. Yuki.. I love you”

“and you have my hearth Rena… you will always be”

Yuki kiss rena lips gently.. thats the last time Rena see Yuki


after that Rena new world keep her busy all the time, everything is new and exciting, and somehow, yuki and rena just grow apart… the time difference, Yuki also got busy with her university life, and suddenly there is really nothing and just like that.. they stop communicating at all.

but even so …years later Rena would still have Yuki face reflected in the morning light, or in the haze of wind.. Rena’s mind snap when a familiar sensation defiling her lips

“are you fantasizing me while I sleep Rena?” Jurina gives her a cute devilish smile as she pulled her lips away from rena.

“… narcist” rena smile and back to the script at her hand.

.— —- – – – — – –

Part 2

—- ——- ——–

its a warm morning in Wmatsui mansion, Rena reading the script for her next movie, and her handsome lover, Jurina, composing a lyric while leaning comfortably on rena’s lap, enjoying Rena long finger playing with her hair.

“can you  really write any lyric from that position Jurina ?”

“of course… why can’t I? all the inspiration I need is your face ” Said Jurina while smiling charmingly, still focus with her lyric “so… hows the script? ”

“hmm…ill have a role as a house wife who lives in apartment on rural area… i can’t really feel it.. but since its still a month before filming.. i guess… ”

Jurina piercing her eyes to Rena face “don’t tell me you will do ‘that’ again?!”

“well.. i think i need to grip this character deeper.. so.. i guess..ill rent an apartment somewhere and try live there until filming”

“nooooo renaaaa… last time you camping in a mountain for a week for  this get into Role things.. i missed you too much! we hardly see each other already even when we live together” Jurina  rebelling on Rena’s lap, Rena only smile

“dont go Rena !! dont !! d— anght.. wa-wait Rena what do you– ugnh!” Jurina can feel rena hands playing  with her body, “R-rena.. thats unfair — ahhh”

Jurina protest attempt became less and lesser as one by one their clothes fall to the floor, another hot and steamy morning for wmatsui. the sun already high when they finish with each other,

“ill be going tomorrow Jurina” rena gives Jurina a quick kiss before get up and dress up, Jurina, still try to catch her breath, only give a silent reply looking at Rena bare sexy back, unable to  not granted anything that her lover ask after the amazing things she just did.

just one phone call and in a flash, her agency  prepare everything for Rena,  just like that, Rena the great actress moving from her mansion and start living in some normal apartment. doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, living just like how a normal house wife would do.

“hmm.. just as i though.. something is still missing”, its been 3 days rena spend her time in the apartment, she is now taking  the garbage out, while put her cap way below to cover her face “something is missing.. as i though for this role,, i need a.. OUCHHHH” Rena who barely notice her surrounding bumped into someone by accident

“ sorry.. i don’t really look—”

“… Rena?”

Rena can feel her finger went freeze… just as the rest of her body,  the trash bag she was hold  making some mess in where she stood, but she doesn’t care about it at all, all her focus now accumulate to the person she just hit in front of her … her disbelief pictured by her shirking voice when she finally able to make a sound “kashiwagi… Yuki?”


“Rena, its really you? what in the world you do  here??”

“ah.. its just… what are YOU doing  here Yuki?”

“eh.. i live here”


“i.. live here, Rena its my apartment building.. ah let me help you with that garbage ”

Yuki start picking the garbage in the ground leaving the speechless Rena , she also help Rena carrying the garbage then throw it together. while walking slowly, Rena explain her situation to Yuki.

“haha you still as perfectionist as you were Rena”

“you are the one who turn me into one”

“hahah am i? hmm.. how long it has been.. 7 years?”

“yes,, 7 years”


“…ah here is my room Yuki”

“you must be kidding me…”


“i.. my room is there” Yuki pointing a room right in front Rena’s


“ahha so .. we’ll be neighbor .. hmm.. call me if you need anything okay.. see u ”

as Yuki walk away from Rena, the feels that Yuki go away turn something beyond herself…her arm.. grabbing Yuki t-shirt

“i do need something Yuki..”

“.. yes?”

“i need a practice partner”


rena put a cup of coffee in front of Yuki that now sitting casually in Rena apartment, reading the script

“so.. its a love story of a normal family couple, where the husband diagnose with lethal disease”

“yes .. and despite all of this, i can’t really grasp the wife role without having a husband..  ”

“so.. you want me to practice the line with you?”

“i already memorize it all”

“eh so what you need me for?”

“… i need you to pretend to be my husband for a month”

“you what??”

“it– its professional.. i just think to hire some actor.. but since i met you.. well.. you’ll be paid and… ill have my agent to prepare a contract for both of us benefit ”

“well.. but….thats ..”

“you still can do your Job.. all you need to do is coming back here.. pretend we are married”



“arghhhh stop put that face.. i understand… ill do it okay”

“thanks Yuki!”

just like that, Yuki move to rena apartment, spend their days just like a normal couple, two weeks passed in a blink of an eye.

“second please ! Rena your cooking is amazing as always” yuki give her bowl to be refilled by Rena

“ahaha you’ll be fat if you keep like this Yuki”

“hmm don’t worry.. i just work harder to burn all the calorie from these amazing food you make for me”

“geez Yuki, at least eat more slowly.. the ketchup went all over of your mouth” Rena  take the napkin and wipe Yuki’s mouth, but then accidentally her eyes meet Yuki’s, and her hand hang in Yuki’s lips.

even thou living together …acting as a couple for the past two week, both of them put a comfortable distant with each other, despite all the meaningful look they exchange every once in a while, or how they had a small arguing over some silly thing, this time, actually the first time, rena found her finger touch yuki, and its trigger the feeling she tried to bury in the deepest of her soul

“… this could be the the life we really live Yuki”


“what was happened with us?”

as their eyes locked on each other, Rena can feel her body moving closer to yuki beyond her control

“Rena.. I…”

and just when Rena lips just an inch from Yuki’s, the atmosphere between them suddenly broke by a voice outside their door

“Yuki?are you home?” they can hear a voice knocking and calling Yuki’s apartment door in front

“is it your friend yuki?”

“… ill get it” yuki say…Rena could feel something off from Yuki when she walks through the door,, and Rena could feel something ragging and digging a big hole in her hearth as she saw from a gap just before the door closed behind Yuki, a girl clinging… and kiss Yuki lips.


“so thats why you are not replying my text for this couple of weeks.. you scared me Yuki” the beautiful girl she saw before now clinging in Yuki arms, they are having a tea in Rena apartment “well… i supposed to be mad.. but Yuki.. if you explain that you do this job for Rena the actress.. i would totally be okay you know”

“Rena… this is watanabe mayu” Yuki cannot even look at Rena face “my girlfriend”

an awful atmosphere hanging in the air, both Rena and Yuki unable to speak.. sipping their tea in unison while mayu busy clinging in Yuki arms. just went Rena think that things could not be more weirder .. her apartment door slamming open, and a cheerful figure jump inside.. surprising the three of them

“Renaaa  i Miss you!! hows thing going??”


——— ————–

Part 3

— ———————-


The four of them sitting in Rena living room, mayu clinging on yuki and Jurina just being Jurina, hugging and teasing Rena to her hearth content.

“I understand with your acting obsession Rena.. but I don’t like the idea you live with other people than me” Jurina pout cutely, hugging Rena.

“its all under professional contract Jurina, nothing more”

“you need to convince me Rena” and Jurina stole a kiss from Rena, but before jurina try to make it into more intimate kiss, Rena quickly pull her away

“there’s other people here ”

Jurina  shifting her gaze from Rena to a pair in front of them that now have their mouth half open, thanks to Jurina impulsive action, Jurina smile lightly to yuki and mayu “ah, sorry.. hope you guys don’t mind”

“ah..urm.. nope.. im actually wmatsui fan “ mayu smile back to Jurina, while yuki only stare blankly to a dull flower vase in the table

“eh seriously?? Which one of us you like more”

“ehh.. hmm.. probably Jurina-san”

“ahaha really?? Really??”

while Jurina and Mayu keep talking, after a moment of weirdness in the air between the left Rena and Yuki that staring everything in the room except each other eyes, yuki finally find her voice

“so .. because you are here after all.. i think i should left you two alone for today” Yuki pull Mayu arm with her

“ahh you are right yuki… they must be miss each other ” said mayu “nice to meet you matsui Rena san and matsui Jurina san”

Rena  keep following the two figure that walk away from her  with the corner of her eyes, just as the door closed behind them, Rena could slightly hear mayu voice  “so..since you seems to be free.. i can stay over in your place tonight right Yuki?”.. and as the door closed, Rena snap.

“so… hows a house wife life— R–rena ” Rena grab Jurina collar tighly and drag her roughly to her side “eh.. y-you missed me that much??” Rena ignore Jurina comment and unbutton her t shirt in quick harsh move, Rena then kissed her  wildly, “unghh ! R-rena” Rena hand  rubbing and removing  cloth from both of their body, Rena pull her kiss, leave Jurina in a trance state condition, only to push her into the couch. Rena hovering over Jurina naked body, not even wait for Jurina to take a breath, she  harshly eat every inch of jurina skin “Rena !! ahh ! ugnhhh” and without warning, she put her digit into Jurina most sensitive place, Let Jurina Scream her name “Renaaa,, renaaa ughh” rena then roughly move her hand in and out, Jurina voice echoing trough out the small apartment

its  just that, not only through their apartment… a certain couple in another room just in front now sitting shyly … Yuki could hear Jurina loud voice  too clear , an unfamiliar anger rose from her hearth, yuki don’t know what kind of expression she has when her own girlfriend start to cupped her face lightly “… they really are loud ” mayu whispering in yuki ear, and playfully  nibble it. Yuki let Mayu lead their own session of their loud neighbor game. that night, while mayu naked body wrap her in her peaceful slumber, yuki cannot sleep. she is crying


the next day,its already night  when Yuki entering Rena’s apartment

“…im .. home” try her best to stay in the scenario set up

“…you are late… your guess don’t wanna left you alone?”

“more like waiting for YOUR guest to go Rena” Yuki tone unintentionally goes a bit high

“she is not even staying over..she left last night” said rena expressionless as she walks passing Yuki to the door “I’m going to buy some salt”

maybe its because she was crying all night long, maybe because just after  mayu left in the morning, she’s been standing in front of Rena’s door, not sure to run or to go in, and how this past two weeks living with Rena has been the most beautiful days in her life, or maybe it just really her hearth being honest, theres a raging anger inside of Yuki  now, so when Rena answering her in salty manner and walk away from her, Yuki don’t know whats gotten into her when she harshly pinned the other girl to the door from behind

“Y-Yuki??!” Yuki then wildly kiss Rena long and sexy neck, suck it roughly and purposely left a red mark “Yuki… let me go ungh” Rena try to struggle from Yuki.. but Yuki pinned her hard to the door..Rena could feel Yuki hand now grabbing her chest, playing with her mounds with one hand “ahhhhh.. yuki.. n-no”, tottaly ignoring Rena..Yuki other hand impatiently  undressed Rena from her one piece– or more like ripped it off.. Yuki unclasping Rena’s red bra and tossed it away , as yuki can now see Rena fully exposed white smooth back, she biting kissing it like a hungry animal “unghhh!! yukii.. what..y-yukii auhh!”, Yuki  unbutton her own shirt, starving for more skinship with Rena’s pearly back soft skin, “yuki..stop..stop..” yuki put her tongue and entangled it with Rena’s,  stoping the pleading of the other girl. Yuki can slowly feel the other girl futile resistance start to fading, one of yuki arm that not busy with rena’s breast then moving to Rena’s lower part,  and as soon as she reach her destination “Yuki.. don’t.. please d– Ughhh Yukiiiii” yuki inserted her numbers to rena inside  “yukii  ugh yukiiii ahhhhh ahh” yuki play it roughly, “yuki… yukiiiiii” as her own body reach the peak …Rena let a scream out, her leg unable to support her and she fall on her knee with Yuki still hugging her from behind… she is still not satisfied.. her anger turn into lust.. and is blinded her.. she roll over Rena’s body so its facing her.. she pinned the other girl hand..and enjoying Rena wide open breast with her tongue “ugh.. unghhhh..!!” Yuki hungry tongue keep moving wildly.. now lower.. lower.. she released Rena’s hand and pull down Rena’s wet under garment… the only article that left in that marble like body, with her hand, Yuki spread   rena’s leg open wide, and  then ramming her tongue in between Rena soft white tights … swirling fast.. hungrily “ugh.. ahhhh…ahh” the sound rena makes pump the blood in all of her vein.. she pull her face .. and fiercely replace it with her three digit  “ahhh….ahhhhh yukiii !!! Yukiiiiiiii!!!!” rena’s came for the second time …

as she run out of breath, Yuki slowly regain her common sense, and find her face put an expression of her own horror ‘w-what have I done’

“R-rena… im.. I’m sorry.. something gotten into me..”


“Rena…” Yuki slowly turn Rena to face her, she can see tears rolling from Rena’s beautiful brown eyes, she is grabbing the rest of her ripped dress, try to cover her body, seeing Rena at such state  broke Yuki hearth more than anything she ever felt before, “Rena, rena.. Im sorry.. I’m sorry” she wipe Rena tears as gently as she can, like Rena made from the most thin glasses and she would broke her to pieces anytime “Rena.. im…” but then, just in the middle of the tough of killing her self, Yuki words stopped by Rena lips, Rena kiss her. a complicated feeling raging inside Yuki, Mayu face, then Jurina face flash in her mind, but as she closed her eyes, she find herself kissing Rena back. just then Yuki realize,  She love Rena… love her without reason.

Yuki sit leaning in the front door, her hands caressing rena head as Rena cling on her, its been a while they stay like that, Yuki head full of things ahead, the consequent of her action, Mayu, Jurina, the option they have, what would the future like for them both, but as she finally open her mouth, she heard her own voice saying something else out all of her worries

“Rena… I love you…”

Yuki can feel Rena hand caressing her face

“….I never stop loving you Yuki.. i can’t”

and there she know.. thats all they ever need.




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