a date (center x nezumi fanfic)

Center never had enough of nezumi soft lips, so when her phone so annoyingly ringing in the middle of their kiss, and nezumi pulled her self from center, center swore to her self to put that cursed device in silent mode forever later.

“its nothing important, nezumi, lets continue” center try to pulled nezumi again, but the other girl neglect her

“i lose the mood.. just answer that phone”

“sigh…damn phone” center take her phone “hello…hum..hum.. i’ll take care of it… bye”

“that was quick…”

“its my grandpa.. he forgot to turn off the tap water in our house”

“you live together with your grandpa?”

“yeah.. i told you about my parents right”

“you are, but.. i though you live alone”

“haha.. i would like to.. but my grandpa insist me to stay with him… now i have to go back and turn off the water”

“center, we have a meeting with Yabakune this afternoon”

“ill make it on time, my house just in the corner from this school”

“really? but….”

” you really worried too much. just come with me then.. its really just around the corner”

the little mouse look at the top of majisuka gakuen in front of her, they would have an important meeting with their rival school yabakune this afternoon, and it would be bad if center late to that important meeting. Nezumi let out a small sigh

“.. i guess i have no option then”


center was right, its only takes them 5 minutes to reach their destination.

“come in”

but nezumi only stood in front of  massive gate that center just opened, inside, is a japanesse style grand house with stunning garden.

“whats wrong nezumi?”

“center… You are rich!”

“no, I’m not. its my grandpa who own this”

“and.. and why is your house is so close anyway? its just right behind our school !”

“well..  thats probably because this house and the school are in one building complex”

“what do you mean with that?”

“my grandpa is our school owner” Center shrugged her shoulder

“your what is what????”

“eh.. its not like you nezumi to lose your composure like that, come onnn” Center take nezumi hand with her and drag her.


” I’m done with the water.. but since we still have  time.. lets have some tea”

Nezumi just nod, her wicked brain  still processing all this new info regarding the only creature that she let to be near her. she sit in the tatami, and look around the beautiful japanese room. center come and bring a cup of tea with some traditional sweets for both of them.

“youkan and a green tea? really?” Nezumi stare at the person in front of her like she just met her that second.

“its really good.. try it” Center put one on her mouth, but nezumi just stare at her “what ?”

“your life just too different from your image you know ! and to think that you are the number one yankee in number one yankee school”

“hee.. aren’t your parents doing well too Nezu? your father is a politician right”

“its not it.. it just that–”

center pulled the little confuse mouse to her, and make her sit on her lap

“i am who i am.. nothing is change” center stare at nezumi lips intensely, tease it with her breath, she slowly remove the hood from nezumi head,”I’m still the center who love you beyond reason nezumi” and so Center kiss Nezu lips gently.


as they walk back to school, Nezumi thought still full of what she just saw.

“nezumi, i really happy that you can visit my house”

“un” Nezumi tough went on how she always think Center  live in some kind of  dark place, eat ramen everyday

“i like to see you more outside school”

“un” yes.. Ponkotsu Ramen would suit center image .. but youkan and green tea? what in the world

“so..um..its weekend tomorrow..and um.. why don’t we go on a date ?”


“EH YOU WOULD?? SERIOUSLY??” center high tension snap Nezumi from cloud level seven back to earth

“eh uhm yes?” Nezumi still not grasp the situation

“ahaha Im so happy nezumi! I’m glad i ask,  i always wanna  ask you to go on a DATE but i never had enough courage”

“eh? date..w–” but Nezu words cut by center”im so happy!! so happyyyy! thank you nezumi! ill pick you up tommorow !” center kiss Nezumi check lightly and grinning happily.

Nezumi stares at the happy Center who just became happier and happier each passed second… she start looks like a little puppy that just got  delicious threat from her master, Nezumi even swore that she could see a tail wagging from Center back for a split second there.seems like its impossible to turn it to the other way just now

*gulp* ‘a date?’


center said she’ll pick Nezumi  at 5, but the rain start pouring dramatically.

‘well… i guess .. this date would be canceled then’  just as Nezumi take her phone out to call center, a new text massage appear on her phone screen

“hi Nezu, are you ready?” its from center

“i am.. but its raining pretty bad”

“i would not dare let you soak in the rain.. so.. can i pick you up now?”

Nezu brain always  work in tactical and logical way, and her brain demand her to cancel this stupid date, but Center face flash before her eyes and before she know it, she already replied her text “yes”


the rain only became heavier when nezumi door bell rang.  Nezumi open the door, there… center standing under a large umbrella. Center wear a simple but cool outfit and she emits a smile that for a while there, manage to camouflage the fact that its pouring rain .

“h-hi center” somehow Center without her school uniform, looks kind a different, it makes Nezumi a bit nervous, the fact that center been staring  her for a while since she opened the door also did not help her at all.

“Nezu…you look beautiful” Nezumi wear a simple one piece, her beautiful straight black hair that usually covered by her hoodie falls magnificently to her shoulder.

“t-thanks.. now shall we go?” Nezumi walks fast to join the umbrella center hold, try her best to deny the fact that center just make her blushing.

“shouldn’t we ask permission from your parents first?”

“they are not around.. even if they were.. they wouldn’t care.. lets go”

Different from center, Nezu house is more western, but it’s not less  grand, There’s quite some distance from Nezu front door to her front gate, they walk slowly under the rain, close to each other try to not get wet, its makes nezumi more nervous

“so …are we gonna take a bus or a train?” Nezumi squeak as they walk outside



“i really wanna enjoy a long trip in a train with you.. but since its raining..i told you i wouldn’t dare to let you soak in the rain.. so ” Center pull a key from her pocket and press a button, “beep beep” a light flashes near them in respond.

“I hope you don’t mind  if we going on a drive” Jurina open a door of a black nissan car that parked nearby, let Nezu in, and go in the car herself.

Nezumi cannot decide which one puzzled her more, the fancy car that suddenly appear out of nowhere or the fact that Center actually driving it so casually beside her.

“center.. why didn’t you just park inside my house?”

“yeah..i kinda.. wanna walk in the rain with you a little bit” center scratch her face shyly

Nezumi not sure if she can survive this date to the end when her hearth already pounding this much when its just get started.


They stop on a cozy looking restaurant, Nezumi somehow annoyed when the waitress obviously being too friendly with Center when they ordering the food. Nezumi order the chicken cordon bleu that Center recommended to her, and as they placed they order, Nezumi  assured without a doubt that she is totally annoyed now when she caught that sultry waitress throw a wink to center as she go. ‘well.. i know center do looks kinda Hot! and sexy!..wait.. did i just think that center looks hot? damn.. whatever.. ill beat that bitch to pulp if she try to do anything again!’, but  Center barely paid attention to that waitress. center eyes only focus on nezumi.

“why are you keep staring me?” Nezumi still a bit annoyed by that waitress

“have i told you that you look beautiful tonight?”

“y-you had” Nezumi shifting her eyes from center, and drink her water just so she had something to do. .

“then let me rephrase ” Nezumi can still feel center eyes on her “you are dazzling”

Nezumi wish that she wore her  usual hoodie, so she can hide her face now.

“someday, when i’m having an awful day.. i would feel aglow just thinking of you.. and the way you look tonight”

“s-stop teasing me !”

Center just laugh, then smile at her. Nezumi just realize that center actually have a very beautiful  smile. in school, center always put a tough look, even when she smile, she only do this intimidating-kind-of smile that will gives shiver to anyone who’ve seen it. Center smiles tonight also give nezumi shiver.. but somehow.. its a different kind of shiver.

the menu that center recommended turn out to be very delicious, they had a fun dinner and they also ordered dessert, Nezumi suggest to split the bill, but Center insist to pay for it, the waitress from earlier come again, she read the waitress name tag : Milky. the waitress smiling and talking too much.. only to center, obviously flirting. ‘this bitch’ Nezumi already clench her fist, and her brain already simulate some good scene she could do to that waitress, but just when center open her wallet to pay, Nezumi could not help but to lost all her yankee temper as she incidentally notice that center actually keep Nezumi old picture on her wallet. its a picture from her first year in Majisuka Gakuen ‘just when did she take that picture?!’. Lucky waitress, poking a dangerous mouse but survive it because the mouse now blushing so hard.

After that, they go to watch a movie.  Nezumi surprised center when she scream so loud the whole movie. its already a bit late, and a bit drizzle when  they walk to the parking lot from the movie.

“ahaha i didn’t know  you can scream that loud Nezu”

“its your fault for choosing a Horror Movie!”

“i like it thou, it makes you cling on me the whole movie” center grinning while Nezumi glare at her and punch her arm.

“ouchh…ahaha.. sorry..sorry.. but I’m happy i can see a part of you i didn’t now”

‘its more like YOU who shown too many  part of you that i never know!’ nezumi thought to her self.



Nezumi hearth keep beating fast for a lot of reason that night, for the least movie she want to watch, and for the person beside of her. before she knew it, she’s been staring center. center driving slowly, the slow old song that played on the radio mixed with the sound of the rain.

“hey .. Nezu”

Center word put Nezu wondering mind back, Nezu quickly shifting her gaze from Center “y-yes? ”

“i love you”

“… i know”

“you always said that…but…Nezumi.. do you…love me?”

“… i… don’t know….”

“….Nezumi.. i love you.. and i will still love you even if you are not love me back”

“…. i don’t know if i love you or not.. because… i don’t know what love is”

center  pulled the car to the side of the street and stop it in one quick move. center then carefully put her hand on Nezu face, locked their eyes together.

“kiss me.. and you will see ”

Something in Center eyes so hypnotizing,  Nezumi can feel her own body leaning toward center, and kiss her.


neither of them talk as they drove to Nezu home, too shy with each other. the rain has stop when they reach their destination. center open the door for Nezu, help the other girl step out of the car while her other hand hovering above nezu head so the other girl would not bump into the car frame, center still holding her hand as she walks Nezumi to her front door. she do it so casually.. like she has no idea how sweet and nice it was for nezumi.

“thank you for tonight center.. i have fun”

“yeah.. me too” Center leaning closer, Nezumi has closed her eyes and hold her breath when she felt  a  gentle kiss on her forehead. as Nezu open her eyes, she sees  center waving and smile to her as she walks backward to her car.

“good night Nezu! have a nice dream”

center then drive her car away, left Nezu still standing in her front door. Nezu hand unconsciously touch the place in her forehead that center just kiss.

“… damn you center”


its almost morning when center finally fall asleep with a smile on her face, on her hand is her phone, one text massage flashing from its screen, the text with no emoticon, no color other than black, and only consist of four words. but Center has been read it for hundreds time since she received it earlier that nigh. Nezumi is written as the sender name.

“center.. i love you”






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