dance (matsui Jurina x miyawaki sakura fanfic)

———the new center———————–

Jurisaku fanfic



Characters :

This fiction following a real time event of real member of a real Idol group,  there would be cameo every once in while. but the main characters are :

Miyawaki Sakura (HKT48,AKB48) : a surprise major management push to Miyawaki in 2014, by unexpectadly put the 16 years old girl from HKT48, to centering akb48 main  song “Kibouteki Refrain” together with the group ace Watanabe Mayu, put sakura in the spot light righ away. she was known as cindrella girl when first magnificantly able to be the only HKT48 member  beside Sashihara Rino, that able to pierce into AKB48 group senbatsu rangking in 2012, while she was 14. after that her popularity keep raising, and now is the youngest ‘Kami7’, AKB48 group main face.

Matsui Jurina (SKE48) : SKE48 absolute ace since she was just 11 years old, known as idol prodigy that skilled in almost everything. was also in concurrent position in AKB48 since 2012, yet recently revoke her concurrent position after Matsui Rena, another ace of SKE48 graduate, and then she decide to focus on SKE48. she always in Main senbatsu, and recorded as member that appear at most songs senbatsu among all the AKB48 group members. widely known for her love to kiss other members and her masssive girls fan base.

Watanabe Mayu (AKB48) : AKB48 third generation ace, and one of AKB48 group most popular member ever. the only member left from the original Kami7, and never drop below rank 5, watanabe mayu is a queen. She is titled as Japanese True grace, and this is accurate most of the time… well….most of the time…and…um….a whole different story when Kashiwagi Yuki around.

Kashiwagi Yuki (AKB48, NGT48) : AKB48 third generation black queen, she is the absolute team B member, while constantly being bullied, because her reaction while being bullied are fun to watch, Kashiwagi Yuki is one of a very few person on earth who could put Watanabe Mayu on leash, she also known to be close with Miyawaki Sakura for came from a same hometown.


— — — — First Chapter- The new Center—————————

Jurina wipe off  her sweat lightly with a towel as she walks to the back of the room to rest. she just finished her dancing practice  in AKB practice room. other member in the room has kept their eyes on the SKE ace since she start practicing.

*members chattering*

”Jurina san is awesome as always!”

“her dance is so sexy and cool at the same time!”

“ughhh.. i wanna transferred to SKE! so i can watch her dancing everyday ! <3”

Jurina is the only senbatsu member in the practice room at that time, and she really draws attention. not to mention its not a secret that a lot of member has a crush on her. who wouldn’t? with that sharp eyes, that perfect black smooth hair, that sexy slim abs, and the killer smile she has.

The lively room suddenly went into silence as a certain person entering the practice room.

*members continue chattering*

“there she is”

“the lucky cinderella who chosen as the next song center..she doesn’t deserve it ! there’s a lot of other member who deserve it more”

“who the hell she think she is.. just because she got into senbatsu.. she is still a newbie compared to us ”

jurina takes a glance from the corner of her eyes to the girl who just entering the room. despite Jurina sure the girl could hear the hard comments and  feel the cold looks the other members gave her, Miyawaki sakura just walk straight to the empty spot in the room, tied her hair, and start her dance practice, ignoring the heavy atmosphere in the room.

some of the member there clearly has some issue, their chatters just became louder and clearer. its impossible to not over hear it.

“pfft.. her dance is suck.. what the hell is that?!”

“i can dance 10x better than that”

“hahaha she just lucky the management push her.. nevertheless..she is useless!”

Sakuratan keep dancing, her ignorance only encourage  those jealous member in the room to be bolder, as the other member just pretend that they didn’t see or hear it, these bold member voices became louder, and their words became meaner. maybe its not have anything to do with the vicious comment in her background, or maybe it is. sakura slip in the middle of her dancing, and fall badly.

“HAHAHAHAHAH and thats our new center everyone!!!”

“hahaha what the hell”

Sakura not recovering from her fall and just sit there with her head down, she is only 17 after all, and all this pressure just too much for her young heart. tears already in the corner of her eyes when she felt someone grab her arm and help her stand up.

“at that part… you should’ve move your left foot to the back” Sakura lift her head, and find someone she is not expecting, her great senpai, and the SKE absolute center. Matsui  Jurina has come and help her stand up.

“you should do it like this *dance* see? ”

“ah..em.. yes”

“i want to practice this song too.. lets practice together”


Sakura then keep practice dancing with Jurina . Jurina don’t say anything else, She don’t try to encourage her, she is not commenting about those other members harsh attitude, all she do is dancing beside her, but the anxious in sakura heart that was there just a second ago has disappear into thin air. as an elite member that always in senbatsu, and one of the neo kami7-the face of the whole AKB group,  Jurina has a great presence, no one dare to mess with sakura further with her around.

its already dark when the two akb young senbatsu member finished with their practice, only the two of them left in the room. they are sitting in the floor, try to regain their energy.

“here you go!” jurina handed a bottled water to Sakura

“thank you Jurina san”

“geez! what with the honorific! just call me Jurina ! ”

“but you are my great senpai”

“yada yoo.. it makes me feel old! I’m just 18 you know.. ”


“pleaseeee…..”  the absolute ace of SKE48 put up a puppy face, and its so cute sakura can’t hold her laugh

“pfttt.. hahaha”

“hehe.. you are cuter when smile after all” and Jurina smile back to sakura. her famous heart trobbhing smile. since she got into senbatsu, sakura has done a lot of Job together with Jurina,but they never really had a talk like this. Sakura only see Jurina as her great senpai. the Genius Jurina who got into senbatsu since she is 12 years old. the Jurina who has lead the SKE48 group since she is 11. That Jurina now speaking so casually with her.

“…Jurina.. c-chan”

“yup! just like that !” *grinning* “…btw.. sakura chan.. just don’t listen to what those other member said before ok.. your dance is good”

“…” somehow, the fact that Jurina heard those mean  comment for her before makes sakura sadder than the comment it self, she just look down to the floor.

“hey! why are you down again?!”

“… ”

“… its happen to me too you know”

“eh??!! no way!? there’s someone dare to said harsh things to you Jurina san??!”

“hehe.. not these days.. but.. back when i first joining.. and suddenly chosen as a center for oogoe diamond… i really just a newbie.. and everyone has working really hard to enter senbatsu.. so when i walk into the room.. and they introduce me as the center for the next song… i can feel everyone sharp look.. i was 11 at that time”

Sakura look at the person beside her, sakura (and probably everyone else on earth) somehow always forget that Jurina only 18. it must be really hard for her all this time, but she is still there, growing stronger everyday, and even pulled the group along with her. sakura somehow feel ashamed for almost crying just because of something like earlier.

“and btw sakura chan…” Jurina suddenly leaning towards sakura, in one quick but gentle move, Sakura could feel a soft sensation in her lips  “didn’t i told you to just call me Jurina”

‘!!!!!??’ the kissing monster just abruptly kiss the hakata girl. sakura totally flustered, her face went crazily red, her hand covering her mouth

“ahaha.. your face so red sakura chan.. so cute” Jurina only smile innocently “”ja..  i have to go now.. bye Sakura chan”

Matsui Jurina walk away casually, leaving the flustered sakura watching her back, unable to speak at all. sakura touch her lips. its hot.


after that day, almost every time Sakura practicing her dance, Jurina would joining her too. they always end up practicing until they are the last person in the room, just like today.

“um.. Jurina chan.. i always wondering.. our dancing practice schedule always come up in a same time”

“thats because I’m asking my manager to make sure I have a same dancing practice schedule with you” Jurina said lightly


“well.. the other member not fan grilling bothering  me too much when I’m with you.. and i like you”


“i like dance with you”


“there is something  in the way you dance .. its cute..i feel like i can watch you dance forever.. and i like it”

“but the way i dance is so clumsy.. and you are one of the best dancer in the whole akb group Jurina, i could not be compared with you”

“did i say anything about comparing our dance? i just said i like the way you dance.. and i like you”

“?!” sakura not sure what Jurina mean with her last comment, but it still makes her blushing. not sure what to say, and embarrassed. Sakura try to cover it with putting more effort on her practice, she is practicing the dance move for UZA, despite just praised by the ace of the group with the most intense dance in the whole AKB group, sakura clearly having a hard time doing that most difficult dance in AKB history.

sakura : *dance**stop**redo the dance*

Jurina : *looking*

Sakura : *dance**confuse*

Jurina : *looking intensely*

sakura : *dance* almost trip*

” ….  sakura.. you know that i am the center for UZA right”


“why don’t you just ask me to help you?”

“thank you but i can handle it”

“no you can’t” Jurina pulled sakura hand to stop her dance, but it seems like the pull just too strong for the reckless sakura and she fall instead.


“watch out!!”  *brug*

Sakura lift her head, instead of the floor where she supposed to fall, Jurina body is now below her, Jurina manage to pulled sakura towards her in the last second and protecting her from the hard surface of the floor.

“i..i am sorry” Sakura know that she supposed to get off Jurina as soon as she can, but as her eyes met Jurina’s, it piercing her body to paralyze.

“no problem”  despite being pinned down, Jurina makes no effort to get up either, she just laying there..smiling. “btw.. sakura.. tell me one thing..”


“the other day when i kiss you.. is it your first kiss?”

“….yes” Sakura face blushed so hard that a crab would be jealous on how red it is, Jurina reach out her long thin finger to sakura’s red check, dragging it slowly to sakura’s chin, and pulled it closer to her face “you are so cute sakura” and she kissed the girl. at first, its all cute, and innocent, but before long, Jurina start to move her lips, dancing back and forth with the lower part then the upper part of sakura lips. sakura mind went blank, but she could feel Jurina’s tongue start to gently licking her lips, demand to meet her own tongue.. and the young hakata girl let it, sakura could feel Jurina smiling from between their kiss when she did. Jurina could not hold her self anymore, and roll over the other girl without stoping their intense kiss. Jurina on top now, pinned her hakata Junior below her, and guiding their kiss to be wilder.

after a long while, jurina finally pulled her lips from sakura “… gosh… did i told you that i like you sakura?”

Sakura still in a trance from what just happen, she only manage to nod weakly.

“that was wrong let me rephrase it” Jurina then planted another kiss to sakura pink lips “i love you” and so they start dancing with their lips again. one dance from many many ahead.







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