dance part 2 (sakura x Jurina)

———-your kiss—————–



Sakura watch Jurina dancing from the reflection in the huge mirror on the room. She is sitting in the floor beside her, resting from heavy dance practice she just did. Jurina also do the same dance routine, but she still keep on going while sakura barely able to catch her breath. as expected from SKE48 absolute center.

There they are again, in the akb practice room.

Today the room more packed with people than usual, they’ll have a big performance tomorrow, and today the AKB48 member are gathered to have a resheseal.

well.. some member whose Jurina fan are there too , giggling and googling at Jurina, some even clearly taking her picture with their phone, and fawning loudly over the 18 years old ace from Nagoya.

‘aren’t  these girls has no shame?!’ Sakura think to her self, she staring at Jurina who just concentrate on her dancing, her sweat makes her black straight hair a bit wet and messy.. making her sexier, her dance is sharp but gentle at the same time, and the expression she make while dancing … well.. it’s inevitable that she has so many fans.

Its been some days since the last “dance moment” they share together, but since both of them are busy after that, today is their first encounter again. catching Sakura staring at her from the mirror reflection, Jurina throw her puppy like grin, and wink at sakura from the middle of her dance. left the younger girl blushing.

The other member in the room suddenly became more louder, as a group of people entering the room.

“Good morning Takamina san!”

“Shimazaki san ! yuihan san ! good morning !”

“Kyaa.. its mayuyu.. and yukirin! i wish i could be like them! so beautiful !”

The senbatsu members just entering the room, and their superior aura change the atmosphere in the room immediately.

Mayuyu and yukirin : *laughing and playing to each other**lost in their own world*

NyanNyan : *frowning**bad with morning**wish yuko were here*

Yuihan,takamina,sayanee : *walks and greet the other member like a boss*

Paruru : *walks saltily beside yuihan*

“Oh? sakura chan! Jurina! you guys early” sashihara rino greet the only two teenager in the senbatsu

“Sashi, good morning !” sakura greet her fellow HKT member “mina san, good morning” Sakura stand up and bowing politely to the other.

“Hey guys! good morning !” Jurina stop her dancing and greet them cheerfully

“Jurina.. you are sweating.. ” Churi come and wipe Jurina sweat with her handicraft

“Ah arigatou churi !” Jurina hugging the other SKE girl, and kiss her.

Kiss her… kiss her in the lips.. KISS her in the LIPS, not stop there, Sakura then watch in astonishing as Jurina casually goes around hugging and kissing the other member too.


Sakura fully aware that Jurina, is a famous kissing monster, and this is not the first time she witness Jurina in action.

But its never bothered her as much as today, well.. after what happen the other day.. she expected something different.

Did she just missunderstand things between herself and Jurina? is she just put her hope too high? is she just another victim of the kissing monster? the fact is, after that day in the practice room, she haven’t really talk to Jurina again at all.


After 2 hours intense dance practice, the coach give them a quick rest. sakura splash her face with as much water she could in the rest room, then lock herself inside the chamber, try to clear her mind from a wicked kissing monster who kept messing with her feeling.

A lot of question raging in her head.. but..but the kiss they share.. its different isn’t it?

Sakura could hear other people entering the rest room

“Is heres okay?”

“hmm.. guess so”

Sakura recognize the voice.. but …it can’t be.. sakura then carefully leaning to the gap of her chamber door, peeking.

There… from the small gap in the chamber door… the hakata young girl see a scene from her nightmare. tears falling down from sakura eyes without her consent as she witness Jurina and Mayu shared a passionate kiss together.


As soon as the practice finished. sakura dashing from the room before everyone else.

Jurina : *looking around* hey.. where is sakura chan?

Sashi : eh? she just here a while ago.. maybe she has another job

Jurina : “… i see”


Sakura has been avoiding Jurina ever since, she stop coming to practice room. Jurina send her a massage, and try to call her several time, but she totally ignore it. she is busy.. she has no time to playing around.. and mostly…she has no time to be played around.

Sakura just wake up and still laying on her bed, playing with her phone, when her door bell ring. its her day off. she lives alone in her apartment in Hakata, away from her family who lives in kagoshima.

“… good morning sakura”

Sakura stood in silence when she open the door, and saw a girl with straight jet black hair standing in front of her apartment.

“What are you doing here Jurina” sakura replied coldly

“Seeing you”


“I miss you, you know.. and you never answering your phone”

“Why should I ?” the anger she’s been hold this past few days start to appear in her usually calm and sweet voice . “i am busy.. and i am your nobody Jurina.. so .. if you don’t mind.. this is my day off” Sakura try to close the door, but Jurina hand fast grab the door and stoping her.

“…. *sigh* you do are mad aren’t you…”

“Oh yeah?… why do you think i am?” sakura voice just became colder and sharper, she tried to shut the door again, but Jurina stronger than her.

“…Because i kiss other member the other day” Jurina said flatly “you’ve been avoiding me ever since”

Jurina straight word pierced sakura young heart “…you are wrong.. why would i angry to you.. you are nobody to me”

“Can you please…” Jurina snap the door open and force her way in, she then pull the hakata girl into her arm “…stop saying that you are nobody to me.. i love you”

Jurina warmth that surrounds her, Jurina sweet voice that just inches from her ear, and the shiver in Jurina words broke sakura final defense.. sakura could not hold her tears anymore “ lied”

“Im not.. I love you sakura.. why do you think I come all the way to hakata from nagoya” Jurina tighten her arm around sakura

“I saw.. I saw you kiss mayu san”

“?!” Jurina pull her head back to look at sakura face “…so that is it.. you saw it”, Jurina wipe the tears from sakura face slowly with her hand “don’t cry please.. don’t cry sakura” Jurina handling Sakura as if she is made of glass that could break anytime “mayu and I…it was just a practice for drama”


“Well…Mayu have a kissing scene for the historical drama she is starring.. and she’s asking me to help her practice”

“eh.. b-but”

” isn’t it clear that mayu is Yukirin’s.. i though everyone knows that .. mayu just want to practice with someone else too..for references.. but since it would troubled yukirin…and you.. we do it secretly in the rest room”

“ehh..ehhh” sakura still confuse

“i kiss other member just out of old habit ..but i don’t know its been troubling you this much .. I’m sorry.. ” the taller girl tuck sakura chin, “i like kissing other member.. but i like your lips the most” and Jurina gently plant her lips on the younger girl soft lips .

“….because it taste like you”

Jurina then gives butterfly kisses to sakura face gently, wipe the trace of tears there with her lips “I’m sorry okay.. ill never kiss other people than you again” and Jurina kiss sakura lips once again

“… stupid” sakura throw herself to Jurina and hug her… “don’t you dare kiss other people again!”

“yes milady” *gently stroking Sakura hair*

*calm down*”…btw Jurina… why Mayu san has to ask you from everyone else”

“maybe bacause we used to date”

“YOU USED TO WHAT??” *release her arm from Jurina*

“eh.. err.. we used to date” bite her lower lips “b-but its a long time ago! during Majisuka gakuen 2 shooting.. and at that time Yukirin cheating from her with Sae so… it just happen like that”

“… who else..who else you ever date?”

“”ehh..errm..” *sweating*

“tell me jurina” *eyes and words as sharp as blade*

“um..R-Rena chan”



“??! and !?”

“..k-kojiharu.. just for a while.. ”


“and…nakanishi… sae chan….renachhi ..and..”

“you are unbelievable !! thats it I heard enough !!!!”

“but I am dating you now sakura”

“?!” thats the first time Jurina put a name on their relationship, and it makes sakura heart skip a beat.

“and I really love” Jurina see that sakura has became a lot calmer and slowly embracing her once again

“just be my last ..will you?”

*kiss kiss kiss*

‘I’ve stepped into a land mine …’ its the last thought on sakura’s mind before she kissing back the akb group number one play girl . but some people just worth all the risk.

————to be continue ———————–



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