dance part 3 (jurina x sakura ft akb group)


——–the kami 7 of AKB48—————-




Another day in AKB practice room, today, Sakura and Jurina practicing their dance for NyaKB and Tsuchinoko Panda, the AKB sub unit where both are part of it.

Sakura : *sing* “ooh nyanya nyaa ooh nyaa nyaa nyaa” *dance*

Jurina : “…..” *dance**her eyes on sakura*

Sakura “ooh nya nyaa nya nyaa” *dance*

Jurina : *throw herself to sakura*”argghhh Sakuraaa why you are so cuteeeee !!” *kiss kiss kiss*

Sakura : “J-jurina.. Not Here !!” *looking around**fight the kissing monster with all her might*

“oii Jurina.. stop teasing our precious Sakura” Sashihara Rino, leader of HKT48 and AKB group number #1 sousenkyo member just enter the room. Sashi pulled Jurina away from her HKT junior.

Jurina : “ahhh Noooo! Sakuraa” *rebelling**reach out for sakura*

Behind Sashihara.. one by one.. the rest of senbatsu member entering the room,

Other Members in the room : “takamina san .. yuihan san.. good morning”

Yuihan and Takamina : “Good morning everyone” *greeting back like a boss* *badass aura overload**double soukantoku smile*

Other members : “kyaaaa so cooll” *faint*

Other members : “good morning watanabe san.. kashiwagi san”

Mayu and yukirin : “good morning !” *mayuki smile* *cling to each other* *cuteness overload*

Other members : “arghhh so beautiful !!!” *nose bleed*

Other member : “um…shimazaki san .. good morning”

Paruru : “….” *keep walks*

Other members : *winds blowing*

“ooh sakura .. Jurina.. early as always !” the words came from NMB48 leader and ace, yamamoto sayaka.

Jurina : “ahh sayanee!! good morning !” *throw her self to sayane**ready to kiss*

Sakura : *glaring**blazing with dangerous aura*

Jurina : “h-How are you”*patting sayane’s back**mission abort**sweats heavily*

Just then, even those main senbatsu member could feel a heavier atmosphere in the room, as four figure walks in

“.. Acchan… good morning” the first soukantoku, takamina, smiling to the AKB48 legendary ace, her soukantoku badass face soften as she look Maede Atsuko walks towards her.

“Good morning.. sou chan !” Itano tomomi who walks beside acchan, throw her cat smile and greet takamina,

“hehe.. im not soukantoku anymore you know”

“We graduate before you retired.. so you’ll always be our soukantoku” Said Yuko oshima, another legend of AKB48

“Long time no see ! give me five takamina !” shinoda mariko put her hand far ahead the chibi soukantoku, who jump desperately to touch it

“Stopp teasing me ! mariko samaa”

Kojiharu and miichan, the only first generation that left also joining them, chatting happily. for the next single, as a celebration of akb 10 years anniversary, these four legendary member somehow amazingly reentering the senbatsu.

The other members looking curiously from afar at those legendary senpai… especially maeda atsuko the very first AKB48 ace who grad on 2012, many of them not used to see them this close before, includes sakura, who despite already join senbatsu for UZA, just have her concurrent position in akb from 2014.

“Okay everyone.. lets start our practice” said takamina

Who would guess that only 4 people could make such a big difference, sakura and the other members looks astonishingly as the original kami-7 start to dance.

This is the akb48 they see in TV when they were young, the akb48 in the music video that they studied day and night, the akb48 that scratch their way from a small theater with only 7 audience, to international sensation; the first AKB48 that everyone know.


The training section has long over, everyone go home happily and excited for a chance to see the legendary member practice with them.. but yes.. two young member still staying in the quite practice room

“S-stop it Jurina”

*pinned sakura to the wall* “hmm.. isn’t this why you ask me to stay?” *evil grin*

“y-you are wrong.. i just want to practice more” said the youngest senbatsu member who can’t even look at Jurina eyes

“stop lying sakura” Jurina leaning closer.. and closer .. and just when her lips just a few inch from sakura’s, the practice room door suddenly slamming open

Sakura : “??!!”*abruptly throw Jurina away*

Jurina : “what !? what !?” *suprised*

“ah you two still in here?” Maeda astsuko, the very first face of akb, entering the room

“ah.. acchan.. whats up”

Sakura can’t decide which one surprised her more; the fact that her legendary senpai just barging into the room and almost catch her with Jurina, or the fact that Jurina just called that legendary senpai ‘acchan’ and talk to her casually … sakura have to keep reminding herself that Jurina actually her great senpai.

“I forgot my bag.. ah there it is” *takes her bag*

“Ah yes.. we were wondering.. whose bag it is”

“yeah you know I’m a bit clumsy.. thankfully its not lost”

“hehe.. not change a lot aren’t you ”

“ehehe.. probably i am not.. but somehow.. you’ve change Jurina ”

“Me? change how?”

“hmm.. i don’t know.. something different.. hmmm” the first generation ace tilted her head “ah i know! Jurina.. you haven’t tried to kiss me at all this day!”

Jurina : “e-ehh.. ehe he he” *forced smile*

Sakura : *stare’s at Jurina*

Acchan : “i know something off today.. its you Jurina! hee.. you don’t even tried to kiss mariko sama.. tomochin or yuko.. hahaha back then.. you always stole our lips when we let our guard down weren’t you !”

Jurina : “r-really?? h-hahaha” *looks at sakura*

Sakura : *glare*

Jurina : *gulped*

Acchan : “hey hey Jurina” slowly moving closer to Jurina “don’t you.. miss me?” closer.. and closer

Sakura : “!!!!??”

“Of course I miss You acchan but ” Jurina gently pull Sakura who just staring in freeze all this time in the corner to her side “before.. let me introduce you.. this is sakura.. my Girl friend“.

Acchan looks back and forth at the stiff sakura and the grinning Jurina.. then laugh

Acchan :”ahahahah is it? sorry sorry”

Jurina : “hehe” *grin*

Accahn : “I’m sorry I’m teasing you Jurina.. hey sakura chan.. I’m sorry okay.. i always teasing Jurina like that.. you must be angry aren’t you”

Sakura : “n-no.. its okay maede san” *blushing*

Acchan : “ahhh you are blushing.. so cute” *pinch sakura cheeck* “ahh.. and your cheek are so soft” *mold sakura face with her hand*

Sakura : “eh? eh?” *confused*

Jurina : “acchaann stop teasing my sakura !”

Accahn : “ehehe.. sorry sorry..ah.. i should go now.. takamina waiting for me in the front”

Sakura still standing confusedly when the first ace leaning towards her and whispering in her ears “hey sakura chan.. Jurina always playing around with members.. but this is the first time she actually refers someone as her girl friend.. i think..she is serious with you”

Jurina : “heyy acchan ! what are you whispering to my girl friend !”

Sakura : “!!”*blushing*

Accahn : “nothing” *wink at sakura* “now i should really go.. bye !” acchan walks away, leave them both in the practice room

“what with her ?” Jurina shrugged her hair, but then she can feel sakura’s hand slowly pulled her t-shirt .. the hakata girl then gently kiss the SKE ace

” s-sakura?”

“.. can we where we were left before?”

“…you bet”

———————to be continue————————-


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