Dance With Me (sakura x Jurina) part 4


Another day in the akb practice room with the two youngest senbatsu member,who practice until no one else left in the room except them.

Its already dark outside.. but still… two young member believe that hard work would always be paid.

*music playing from sakura’s phone*

Sakura : *dancing*

Jurina : “ah… this is the soundtrack for majisuka gakuen 5 isn’t it? the one you ‘centering’

Sakura : “yes.. I just feel like practicing this song *dance*”

Jurina : “hee.. majisuka gakuen .. I wish they make season 6,, made the two of us as the double center … and add a lot of kissing scene *grin grin*”

Sakura : “W-what are you talking about !?”

Jurina : well.. i was ‘centering’ majisuka gakuen 2 .. you were majisuka 4 and 5 …don’t you think it’ll be interesting to make the two of us centering the next one… of course.. with a lot of kissing scene *evil grin*

Sakura : “….why with that kissing scene (-_-)… its a drama about yankee remember? ”

Jurina : ” and it’ll be awesome if we could have a bed scene also”

Sakura : “B-BED SCENE ??!”

Jurina : “yeah you know.. the one when you injured and laying in the bed… and ill visit you .. then swear to take revenge (majisuka gakuen references)”

Sakura : *cough* “o-oh.. that bed scene” *sweating*

Jurina : “what?”

Sakura : “N-nothing” *dancing vigorously*

Jurina : “you doing good btw .. on majisuka gakuen.. you look cool”

Sakura : “not as cool as You ‘center’

Jurina : “hehe.. yeah.. Nezumi really cute back then”

Sakura : “??!” *pinching Jurina*

Jurina : “ouchh! im kidding ! im just kidding !!”

Sakura : *glare*

Jurina : “….” *actually wanna said that Sakura’s angry face is so cute.. but able to restrain herself

The song change into the next one in Sakura’s playlist, sakura try to change it back, but Jurina stops her

Jurina : “hee.. you have this song in your playlist”

Sakura : “un.. i like it”

Jurina : “….could you leave it to play this song? ”

Sakura : “hmm .. ok.. but .. this is not even akb song.. it just an old song..and we suppose to practice our danc– ”

Before sakura even finish her word, Jurina pulled the younger hakata girl towards her, Jurina gently put one of her arm surrounding sakura wrist, and pull her even closer

“Lets dance Sakura” Jurina smile, and just like every time she did, Sakura’s brain lost half of its cells. Sakura put one of her hand on Jurina shoulder, and let the other one stay in Jurina’s warm hand. She then following Jurina step

“hoo.. you are good at this..haha.. I’m kinda not expecting it ” Sakura could feel Jurina breath in every word she said, and she can smell her perfume.. it smells like summer.. mint.. and lemon put in together.. she like it.

“you also not too bad Jurina” the practice room light a bit dim than usual that night…or so it feels…Sakura gently lean her head on Jurina shoulder as they slowly dancing.

“… shall I stay.. would it be… a sin..” Jurina whispering the song to sakura’s ear “take my hand.. take my whole life too” the haley Reinhart cover of the old song filled the room with it sweet melody and Jurina slightly shivering voice filled sakura’s heart.

Sakura could hear Jurina heart beat fast as they dancing “for i can’t help.. falling in love …with …you” Sakura lift her head, so she able to see the Nagoya ace beautiful eyes. the glisten on her eyes, she could see her own reflection…

“i love you” Jurina said to her, almost whispering, before she went and gently kiss her.

This moment….this dance….this person who share a kiss with her…..Sakura know, they would lasting in her memory… forever.

———————-to be continue———————–


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