dance (Jurina x sakura) part 5

—————– Hakata Girls——————-



Its cold that morning, Sakura still half awake in her warm bed “ cold”, she rolled to the side, unmotivated to be fully awaken at all. but then, she could feel a warm breeze blowing her face.

sakura : “….?” Sakura slowly open her eyes

Jurina : “good morning beautiful”

Sakura : “!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAA!!”

Sakura automatically fully awake as she saw an angel.. I mean … Jurina.. laying so casually beside her.. on HER bed.. under HER blanket.. in HER apartment


Jurina : “visiting my girl friend” *smile*

Sakura : “B-but How?when? h-how you can get in !?”

Jurina : “hmm.. i ask your key from your manager..but you were sleeping when i come..and its cold .. so..”

Sakura : “why didn’t you Just WAKE me rather than give me a heart attack?!”

Jurina : “like hell i would… your sleeping face… i like it”

sakura : *blush*

Jurina : *grin**grin*”so.. sakura chuaaaan.. where is my morning kiss??”*leaning towards sakura with arm wide open*

Sakura : “n-not in the mood!” *throw a pillow to Jurina kissing face* *walks away to the bathroom*

Jurina : “ahh sakura chaannn ” *cry*


Sakura can smell something delicious in the air when she get out of the bathroom, she walks around.. and find Jurina skillfully using her kitchen utilities.

Jurina : “ah..i hope you don’t mind I’m using your kitchen”

Sakura : “not at all.. what are you doing?”

Jurina : “making you a breakfast princess… just sit.. it’ll be ready in no time”

Sakura take a seat.. and watch Jurina cutting crushing and frying things in a quick elegant move .. she tied her hair.. and sakura could clearly see her white long neck…connected to her slim figure..her long arm flipping the frying pan… and she smile when succeed on it

Sakura : “… beautiful”

Jurina : “eh? you say something?”

Sakura :”N-NO not at all”

Jurina “hmm? btw its done.. there you go”

Sakura look at beautifully arranged restaurant look-alike chicken sandwich in front of her.. she take a bite.. and the taste don’t altered the looks at all

Jurina : “ it good?”

Sakura : “its Reallly good !”

Jurina ” ehehehe” *happy*

Jurina watch Sakura eat her breakfast happily, just then… the door bell stand up.. but Jurina stop her … ask her to just enjoy her breakfast.. and open the door instead.. its probably just a milk man.

“Saachaan good morn— wait… JURINA SAN?? what are you doing here??”

“ehhh Jurina san???”


Jurina : “eh erm…good morning everyone”


A bunch of HTK48 member-sakura’s team mate- just happen to had a very early morning shooting for Hakata odakkake (hkt48 show that worth watching) nearby.. and these bunch of kid teenager (plus one Russian monkey) decide to stop at sakura’s place after.

murashige : “jurina san ! Jurina san!” *poking jurina*

Jurina : “yes murashige?”

Murashige : “MENTAIKO”

Jurina : “ha..haha..” *forced laugh*

Moriyashu & Jinna : *fawning over Jurina*

Kodama : “so..jwurina san..wattcha doing in here diz early?”

Natsu : *gasp* “it can’t be.. you.. sleep with sakura here last night ??!!”

Jurina : “hmm.. what do you think?” *wink**smile*

HKT48 kids : “kyaaaaaa no wayyyyyyyy kyaaaaaaaa”

Sakura : *wave her hand vigorously * “NO! NO! you guys wrong!! ” *glare at Jurina*

Jurina : “hahha no .. I’m just stop by.. and *checking her phone* i think i should go now”

Sakura : “eh? you leaving already?”

Jurina : “yeah i had a job .. so i have to go now.. “

Sakura : “ohh.. hmm.. ok.. take care”

Jurina stand from her chair.. lean to sakura.. and kiss her in the forehead “i’m glad i can see you today… finish your breakfast ok..take care”

Sakura : *blush* “o-ok”

HKT members : “kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” *jumping around excitedly**tension level max*

In the middle of mini hurricane her team mate’s create, Sakura finishing her chicken sandwich.. as she slowly biting the moist bread and the delicious juicy meat inside.. she wish she gave Jurina a morning kiss earlier.








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