SaeYuki proof *sigh*




is the least pair I ship on AKB group (and i even considering shipping Rena x wall)

i don’t have my OTP yet.. but i stumble into this amazingly well edited video on youtube and *sigh* its really well edited..even the song is cute.. it drags me in

so I  watch back a dozen of AKB related video this couples of day.. and *sigh* this pair .. really do solid

*sigh* i keep sighting BECAUSE i am MAYUYU oshi and RENA oshi .. I’m shipping mayuki and YukiRena.. and yes i ship both of pair..and with them i ship Wmatsui ! jurimayu ! and jurisaku ! my OTP just change everyday and i don’t know why ! Everyone just look so cute together ! but until this point i never look twice on saeyuki pair

who cannot see the charm between mayu and Yuki? especially this past two years since mayu come back to team b .. not as a kid anymore.. and its hard to see her relationship with Yuki as mother and child like before.. and Yukirena? Rena obviously into Yuki.. she is disturbed and stand up from her chair while wave her hand vigorously when ogasawara mayu make impersonate of Yuki over reaction (akb request hour 2014 2nd day) .. and if you watch early footage akbingo where yuki and Rena participated .. yes.. you can clearly see rena eyes fixated on Yuki.. and Yuki alone.. she even ignore poor Jurina (not yet Wmatsui..but soon..hohoho)…and if you pay attention a bit more.. also theres mayuyu who obviously takes interest on Rena.. but rena don’t really care… ganbatte Mayu

so when i considering saeyuki

it just… it just

break my shipper hearth :’)

but theres just too much evidences .. it made me crazy .. especially from 2009-2012 footage .. before Sae transferred to SNH48 then later built her harem kingdom in SKE48.. and mayuki Rules again hahaha long live MAYUKI I’m totally gonna write about you guys later !…. the video up there explain a bit of what i meant with evidences ..for example.. that is not included in video above.. AKB48 group concert 2012 in Saitama super arena, day two.. on part when sashi, miichan, and yukirin MC.. Yukirin asked by the other two about how close she is with mayuyu.. and she answered lightly “just like mother and daughter”.. and then the other two continue asking .. “how about sae?” you two seems close.. and Why? for People sake.. Why should Yuki went all flustered on that question !?? moreover.. after being so shy.. she end up answering “…its a secret” AND WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT! she end up just laughing it off and say that both of them really close.. and those sinful kissing scene on AKB tokyo aki matsuri disc 3 (included in video above.. where sae use a blue wig kissing yuki on stage).. the fact that mayu was there .. in the FRONT ROW.. even BEING a JUDGE for that some kind of karaoke talent event.. and jumping excitedly while saying “AMAZING !! AMAZING” on saeyuki kiss scene.. i don’t know what to feel anymore.

BUT MORE.. more video i watch.. MORE PROOF I FOUND

akbingo shoujiki shougi .. miyazawa sae vs Paruru .. revelead that the other member already think that sae already a couple with Yukirin .. they have a same phone! well.. of course.. we cannot believe what our oshi said in variety show


and yes…

there.. i found.. too many …

too many living proof !! some of them even include mayu on the frame .. its killing me.. most of what i found included in the video above thou.. my japanese are suck..but you don’t even have too listen what they say.. those face.. those eyes.. trust me i know what its looks like when people  fall in love

some poor translation on video above :

min 1.33 :

Mariko sama : sae.. honestly you like Yukirin right?

sae : i do like her.. ahh this is embarrassing.. i like every one !

min 2.01

Komori mika : sae and yukirin is a couple full of love  (always act like a couple in love )… i saw them kissing before

min. 3.02

Miyazawa sae.. transfer to SNH48



i have to redeem for a while.. and think about my whole life


nb :

the song in the video is daisuki by juliet.. basically on the chorus its say something like : ” i wanna tell you i really like you.. but when i see your face its so hard to say it.. God please give me courage (to tell you that i love you)” .. something like that. it really hit the video because the entire video is sae and yuki try to deny they like each other .. while the proof say other way around

4 thoughts on “SaeYuki proof *sigh*

    1. Hi there, hmm too bad its not from akbingo, its from a random japanese variety show from years ago, and since I’m neither Yukirin nor Sae fans, i don’t know the link for that one. the person who made this video are no longer in fandom so i cant ask them about it neither. however, if you like i can recommend you to watch this vid : from akbingo 138, min 1.15, the members already tough Sae and Yukirin are a couple, coz yeah they *cough* seriously act like one lol . but yeah followed with denial. still find it interesting thou


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