dance (Jurina x sakura ) valentine sp





Nothing going right for Miyawaki Sakura today.

Start on the day just begun, her alarm run out of battery and she late  for her morning TV shoot, makes the producer mad at her.

On her next job; a photo shoot for magazine, the make up artist accidentally spilled a face powder on her important dress for the shooting.

No its still not over, next on her lunch break,  when she want to pour a bit soy sauce on her bento, the soy sauce bottle lid suddenly fully open and that salty liquid flooded in her bento, she asked for another bento, guess what, nothing left, and she is in a hurry for her next job.

After that her clothes being snapped by elevator door, she trip and fall on the stair, she bumped into Shimada Haruka who are eating ice cream, make the ice cream smeared all over her face. That AKB48 team K vice captain face is so pissed-she made the Hakata young girl almost die scared when help cleaning her face.

When the night finally came, sakura is tired, beaten, hungry and unmotivated.

She check her phone, just one last job left, an interview for a magazine. sakura drag her leg to the interview place, hope the day just over as quickly as possible.

She arrive at a cozy looking restaurant


A waiter in suit come and greet her

“Ms. Miyawaki.. we’ve been waiting for you.. this way please”

Sakura following the waiter inside. Despite the place looks  well prepared, no other costumer could be seen around.

She followed the waiter to the corner of the room, and there… standing so casually… with a smile that lighten up the whole place

SKE48 ace,team S…Matsui Jurina.

“Jurina ?! what are you doing here?”

“Waiting for you”

“B-but the interview??”

“Yeah.. that fake interview… I owe your manager a lot for that.. so um..” From behind her, Jurina then take out a cute fluffy teddy bear that holding  a beautiful bouquet of red roses

“Sakura… will you be my valentine?”


“!?” Sakura stares the cute teddy with beautiful banquet that Jurina holding, she totally forgot, this crapy day, today is 14th February.

She look at Jurina face, which beaming with her dazzling puppy smile, so hard to decide which one is cuter between puppy Jurina, or the teddy bear

“ you say?.. I already reserved this whole restaurant for tonight but.. if you don’t really want to–”

But Jurina never able to finish her words as Sakura throw herself onto her arm, and hold her tight “happy valentine Jurina”

“ehehe happy valentine sakura” Jurina hold her back “so… are you hungry? they have an amazing roast duck here ”

“.. Im starving”

Jurina order the food for them both and they have a fun dinner.

As she look how fast sakura emptying her plate, Jurina ordered second chocolate dessert for sakura; who refusing saying she is on diet,  but Jurina not listening “its valentine Sakura, theres always a room for more chocolate!” she said while pout cutely.

Sakura finish it all after all, she really was starving.

Its already late when Jurina help call a taxi for sakura, and open the door for her

“Thank you Jurina, I had a great night, and thank you for the teddy and roses.. I love it” said sakura from inside the taxi to Jurina who hang on her door.

As Sakura look at the roses bucket Jurina gave closer, she notice theres a card attached on it

‘ill love you until the last of this roses withered’ written on it

“ahaha and when is that silly? next week?” she look at Jurina

But rather than answering, Jurina stole a kiss from sakura soft lips, she pulled back her lips quickly, but when she do, Jurina could see a disappointment in sakura eyes.

So Jurina kiss her again, this time more passionately,  Jurina put one of her hand on sakura’s head, pulling her, not long before sakura felt jurina licking her lips, and she open her mouth so their tongue could explain them self  to each other

Not one of them would ever let the other go if the taxi driver did not clear his throat shyly . Jurina pulled her self from sakura,  who now blushing hard.

“Happy valentine sakura… good night” said Jurina finally before closed the door for Sakura

Even after the taxi go away,  Sakura keep looking at Jurina who just still standing in where she is before, looking at Sakura’s taxi goes away.

Even after the Taxi takes a turn and Sakura  not able to see Jurina any more, that SKE48 young ace face still glued on her mind.

Sakura looked at the teddy, and the roses banquet Jurina gave her. she take it and smell it, smells good

But then Sakura realize that one of the roses looks a bit different, she pulled it out,  and find that one of the rose is made from plastic.

‘ill love you until the last of this roses withered’ 

Sakura remembered how bad the day was, and how one special person, change it to be one of the best day on her life…and she smile.

——————to be continue————————

just a perfect day to listen akb48 sweet and bitter or watarirouka hashiritai-valentine kiss

or both … happy valentine


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