dance 6 : kimi wa melody (miyawaki sakura x matsui jurina)



dance 1 : the new center

dance 2 : your kiss

dance 3 : the kami 7

dance 4 : dance with me

dance 5 : hakata girls

dance valentine SP


—– Kimi wa melody ———————–

Senbatsu member of the greatest idol group in japan, akibahara 48, are practicing for their newest single “kimi wa melody” in akb practice room

Sakura : *dancing* “kimi wa melody .. melody ” *sing*

Yuuko & achan :*dancing beside sakura* “melody..melody” *stares at sakura**getting closer*

Sakura : *sing*”harmony harmo –”

Yuuko & acchan :”ahhhh so cuteeee!” that two akb former center just abruptly stop their dance and throw their self to the new center who stuttered in the middle of her two legendary senpai

sakura : “ehh? ehhh? ehh ?”

Acchan : “ahh.. so cute! so cute” Atsuko Maeda molding sakura face again

Yuko : “ grow well” *grabbing sakura oppai*

Sakura : “!!!? kyaaa!!”

Jurina came to the rescue : “yow ! back off !! stay away from my sakura !!” Jurina then pulled Sakura, secure her in her arms

Annin : “….”*look at the floor**sad*

Sashi : “yow Jurina! you get hold yourself ! sakura is HKT precious member !” sashihara Rino join the scene, and try to pulling sakura from jurina, who of course don’t let her lovely younger kouhai go

Acchan : “ahhh cute !” akb first ace rejoin the scene

Yuko : “why can’t i have a kissing scene with you too on the MV ? I’ve kissed acchan before (in heavy rotation)!” yuko joining as well.. heated the scene as she do.

Jurina : “thats my line Yuko ! now get back ! syuhh! syuh!”

sakura : “eh? jurina?! you’ve kissed acchan before???!”

Jurina : “wait what?! n-no thats not– ”

Yuihan : “yes.. and Ju.. you are too close with Paru on the MV” the new badass soukantoku butting in the conversation.. glaring at Jurina

Jurina : “huh?! but that j—”

Sakura : “Jurina… why..why can’t i be enough to you” *sad*

Acchan, Yuko & Sashi :”Look Jurina ! you make sakura sad !!” three of four member that ever rank #1 in senbatsu now cornering the Sakae Ace

Mayuyu : “tsk tsk tsk.. yea Jurina.. you have to treat Sakura better” Mayu joining the ruckus, yup.. thats makes all four of the SSK ranked 1 members now “you shouldn’t cheating around you now”

Yukirin : “and you are the one who talks mayu” *roll her eyes* “oi Jurina! take a better care of my kagoshima Imouto!!”

Jurina : “whoa ! everyone back off!! sa-sakura I–”

The hurdle in the front row just became louder and louder, its finally get on the nerve of the smallest person in the room.. smallest.. but with a shadow bigger than anyone else


the first soukantoku voice stop everyone immediately “get back to your position! acchan you too! and Yuko stop harassing sakura!”

Acchan & yukoo : “ehehe” giggling and back to their position, its been a while since they got scolded by the soukantoku.. its feels nostalgic


The practice after went nice and clear so the coach gave them an early break.

While the others fooling around, sakura takes the change to sitting alone in the back of the room, wiping her sweat, then as she lift her head, she could see Jurina slowly walking towards her

Sakura : “what?” *glare**still angry*

Jurina just look at sakura.. then she start to dance “kimi wa melody.. melody..” and then.. she gently point her finger towards sakura in the end of her dance “there would be no other melody for me without you sakura, don’t listen to others ok. I love you”

Jurina threw her hand towards Sakura “now.. lets get back to practice” and she smile

Sakura look at Jurina face.. and her smile *sigh* how can you still be angry when she gave you that smile. Jurina could blew up the entire building and still be forgiven just by smilling, so Sakura take Jurina hand, stand up, and go with her.

Jurina : “ehehehe”

Sakura : “w-what”

Jurina : “I love you” she kiss Sakura in the cheek before letting her hand go and slowly push her back, send her to her position. The Zero position, Center.



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