Mayuki ship




yes Mayuki ship is strong

and its just getting stronger

i write this to CONSOLE my BROKEN shipping HEARTH over my OWN BLOG about saeyuki last time

Mayuki is obviously one of the most popular pair.. what else can i say when two of the top 3 senbatsu put into a pair.. the other pair who is comparable (popularity wise ) would be Atsumina, Kojiyuu and Wmatsui pair

but what makes mayuki special is .. they are still there as an active member and they are everywhere.. in the MV.. in the concert.. back stage.. variety show.. they are basically everywhere nowadays because for shipping sake the two of them are the most popular member right now.

not to mention the long history this ship has.. one is the team B absolute  ace and one is the legendary captain of the team

our Mayuyu who has been called “silence beautiful girl” to “cyborg idol”.. to now “idol of an idol” and “the true grace” but she is NOTHING from what mentioned when she is with Yukirin.. she is “little brat” and “high tension girl” whenever she is around Yuki



stated on the opening of their legendary battle mayuyu vs yukirin on akbingo shoujiki shogi by Kojiharu.. that Mayu really likes Yukirin.. oh yes she does.. but what about Yukirin ?


they are every where,,they are always together in every camera frame.. and this precious gif.. is Mayuki behind the scene.. and why is this precious? well.. Mayuyu on her early career..even for simple kiss in the cheek.. known only willing to kissing Nito Moeno!  and she stated it everywhere proudly.. even on interview .. as she grow up.. she is became more reluctant and kissing other member for fun.. we know she kiss nako-miku a lot..theres some controversial one sided claim from milky that they were kissing back stage (the other don’t believe her thou).. she kiss sae in so long drama before.. she let  Jurina kiss her on concert (spring 2015, also tokyo dome 2012 behind the scene.. Jurina try to catch her lips.. but mayu coldly turn around and Ju only land on her cheek..super tsundere style, *gyut*.. Jurimayu alert <3).. and she even have a hot Yuri kissing scene  (that almost kill me! gosh !! those  scenes .. ARGHHHHH)  in a historical drama she staring (Ooku)  .. but when this video which this gif made taken.. No.. watanabe mayu DID NOT KISS people around.. or let other kiss her.. she run away every time miichan or jurina try to kiss her.. yes .. she never mentioned she let yuki kiss her too…and look at those mayuyu hands, brushing Yukirin hairs, drawing her closer (!@#$%^&*) and yes if you are an up close mayuki shipper, you would understand that this is probably just one of those “nose rubbing things” that the couple always does and not a kiss…but lets be honest here… nose rubbing???! and its already going on for like what, 9 years??? cmon… not even real married couple stand that intimacy and sweetness that long!

and look at this screen shoot from akb anime akb0048 ! the voice actress for chieri who said those glorious “don’t lay your filthy  hands on yukirin-san  ” is Mayuyu ! i rewind those scene for like 120x just to hear those words with mayuyu voice.. even the Management is Mayuki shipper !

Screenshot 2016-02-14 17.15.52

and also

of course

this gif


this amazing moment that captured by the camera.. is the reason i start to look deeper in every akb video i found

this moment happen after group shuffle in tokyo dome concert 2012 (disc 2) .. so before the end of the concert suddenly a group shuffle announced.. takamina became general manager.. sae transferred to snh48 (with alert on saeyuki,saetomo, saeyaka and i dunno how many others sae pairs out there on the screen) 4 disband…a lot of member transferred.. a lot of cry .. and drama..

but most heart breaking moment for that day.. of course for mayuyu oshi (or everyone else with heart) .. is in Mayuyu transferred to team A

she is always the center of team B.. since the very beginning.. she is the embodiment of team B.. not to mentioned.. in that heated atmosphere where a lot of member already cry .. the staff (Togasaki san) forgot to mentioned mayuyu team (cmon dude! she is one of Kami 7 for sake!).. and before Togasaki heading back.. mayuyu rush to the front .. her face clearly not at ease as she stop him and said “ about me? what team am i in?” and the staff said he is so sorry he skip her name .. and said there.. watanabe mayu .. team A.. and mayu just freeze in there

takamina takes over and do the MC and they continue the concert with the most heart breaking shojotachiyo ever

i never see someone try to keep smiling  as hard as Mayuyu at that time…  SHE IS SMILING AND CRYING AT THE SAME TIME.. she keep dancing and singing with a smile on her face because she is an Idol.. she  keep smiling even thou every single cell in her body want to scream and cry out loud.. you can she tears in her eyes from 1000 miles away.. but not a single of it drop on her face .. none.. until her captain.. that became the former captain of team B at the same moment as the ace transferred to another team.. kashiwagi yuki.. come to her.. in front of yukirin.. she can’t lie.. and I’m thankful .. she doesn’t have to.

but mayu still wait until they reach back stages to fully burst out and cry .. together with yukirin.


other famous gift would be … yup this one


yeah its cute .. so what?

so what is so special about this gif


this gif taken from akb documentary in 2012.. when sashi just got transferred to HKT because of her scandal.. and AKB love-ban rule being emphasize in the documentary just before this part happening. what so special is not this gif it self.. but what happen after..

so as we can see in this gif.. mayu sit on yukirin lap.. just like a lot of member usually does to each other (japan.. such a .. errr.. weird wonderful place) .. but then … just after a few second.. Mayu get up.. and said .. No .. This is forbidden.. and walk away.. Yukirin just laugh and said what forbidden?

and yes


Mayu refers to the love ban Rules

she feels like she shouldn’t sit on yukirin’s Lap.. because SHE WOULD BROKEN THE LOVE BAN RULE IF SHE DOES

and why is that???


nope.. im not gonna finish the sentence.. what is so fun on stating something so obvious..

and last

on the final episode of  AKB tabi shoji (ep. 12) with Mayuki

they having lunch together talking about stuff.. and then they happen to talk about the early days

and mayu said to yukirin …with a smile voice

i like you since the very first time i saw you at the audition.. you are very beautiful.. and i think at that time if i were your classmate.. and if i were a boy..i would totally fall for you

i don’t care if she just say it so the show have a higher rate or whatever .. i take it for granted!

Mayuki Rules!



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