dance 7 : Nogizaka AKB (Jurina x sakura ft. 48/46 G)





—-Nogizaka AKB—-

Sakura look at her reflection in the mirror, as excepted from uniform with Nogizaka46 that has the most well sheltered image from all of the 48/46 group;the uniform looks classic, and neat, and she like it.

She is in the middle of making Music video for Kimi wa melody coupling song “Mazariau Mono” that will be sung by a mix of Nogizaka and AKB members.

Sakura fixing her hair when she heard someone voice that she dear, speak softly to her. Sakura shifting her eyes, to found Jurina reflection in the mirror, stands behind her wearing her usual bright smile

“you look beautiful sakura”

Sakura turn her body around and look at Jurina more closely… gosh.. she looks like a prince, a princess, a queen and a king all at once with that uniform

“…you too” Sakura said shyly, averting her eyes from Jurina

“Really? thanks !” Jurina said brightly “but I’m not sure with this ribbon tie.. i can’t make it right” Jurina then try to fix her tie.. but its seems like she really can’t do it right

“Let me” sakura reach out her arms to Jurina, and help her fixing her tie, she do it casually, until she realize that she is now stands really close to Jurina, face to face… and Jurina eyes that feels piercing on her not helping at all.

Seems like Jurina realize how fast the younger girl heart beat right now.. Sakura could see a wide grin on Jurina face, never failed make the Hakata girl blushing.

“You know what sakura” Jurina whisper slowly to sakura

“W-what” sakura tried her best to focusing on Jurina tie, and not her soft voice.. or her dazzling eyes..or her perfume.. or worst.. her glistening lips that just few inches away from her…so kissable.

“You are so cute.. and when this job better kiss me… or ill kiss you”

Sakura blushing too hard, she quickly finishing Jurina tie and push that gorgeous Nagoya devil away from her… how can she read her mind?


Jurina has to take the restroom.. she ask Sakura to go first, so she is. Sakura and the other AKB members entering the studio, the Nogizaka members has waiting .

Sakurai Reika, their captain (that no member depends on), lead the other member to greet their rival slash senpai

Reika : “we are Nogizaka46, Yoroshiku onegaishimasu” followed by the other Nogizaka members, akb members replying the greet.

Sakura sit in the corner with the others, she look at Maiyan and Kojiharu, who are the center for this single together with Nishino Nanase, practicing their part, the two extremely beautiful girl looks like two goddess teasing each other on a weird ritual somewhere in Narnia…so out of this world.

The young AKB next generation ace from Hakata did not realize that her mouth has been half open while she watching them, not until someone come and greet her, and she spontaneously close it.

“Miyawaki san.. good morning” a cute girl with over whelming ojou sama aura come greet her politely, and sit beside her

“ah Ikudon..I mean Ikuta san.. good morning” sakura greet her back.

“miyawaki san.. I heard you are really good at cooking”

“I don’t know if I am good, but I like cooking”

“hmm.. I learn to make deshimaki tamago lately..because they always make fun of my cooking skill.. but i can’t seems to make it right.. I don’t know what is wrong”

Sakura minds wondering to Nogizakatte doko episode 12 “ yeah.. about that..”


“Eh??” the two cute girls surprised by the AKB third generation queen who suddenly butting on their conversation from out of nowhere

“Kashiwagi san?! you can help me??” *glittering eyes*

“yes ! since my beloved Mayu really like Nogizaka, how can I left you puzzled like that! worried not Ikuchan! just follow my lead,you’ll find no fail!” yukirin then take Ikuta hand and drag her with her

Its all happen so fast- sakura hand only hang in the air, unable to stop her beloved kagoshima senpai take one of that Nogizaka Hachi fukujin away ‘b-but.. kashiwagi san.. you can’t even crack an egg yourself don’t you’ (-_-“)


The recording almost start when Jurina finally shown up..and when she come in, Sakura could not help but notice that the Nogi members are flocking over Jurina

What is that all about !

Before the video making

After the video making

On the break time

Even when the producer directing .. Sakura eyes keep following the Nogi members that really are keep flocking over Jurina…chatting and laughing so happily around her, she can’t even get close to her.

finally, its time to take Sakura and Jurina part on the MV.. Sakura so glad that the scene don’t require her to smile.. she really don’t feel like smiling right now.

“Sakura chaann.. lets work hard together!”


Sakura stand beside Jurina “ACTION!” the director shout

Sakura don’t know why Jurina could always steer her emotion so easily, even for the most simple things.

Sakura knows she is not the first for Jurina. She is not her first kiss,  she is not her first love, not her first date. While Jurina is her first everything. She never fall in love before, not like this . And with love comes a pain… a kind of pain only love can bring.

“And cut ! yes thats good, very well–” the director said .. and Sakura left the scene before the director even finish his sentence.


Jurina still surrounded by Nogi members until the very end, so when the job over, and the AKB members heading back with their special Van.

sakura go in first, sitting in the back corner.. and pretend sleeping when the Nagoya ace come and sit beside her.

The ride feels slower than usual, or at least thats what sakura feels, because even with her eyes closed, she can feel Jurina eyes on her

“Sakura.. I know you are not sleeping”


“Your face not that cute when you are sleeping”

sakura open her eyes with a glare to Jurina, but Jurina only laugh at her. Jurina then gently take some of Sakura stranded hair, and put it behind her ears

“You really are the jealous type”

“So it is my fault that you are so POPULAR” Sakura stressed the last word

“hmm.. yeah those nogizaka member… really are… curious..” Jurina drag her words, really enjoy teasing sakura “about.. hows Rena chan doing”


“well.. you know.. Rena chan is their ex member.. and they really getting along.. and since they are still a very young group.. when Rena chan joining they even considered Rena as their mentor”

“hmm” now Jurina mentioning Rena name.. A different kind of feeling emerge from sakura

Jurina look at sakura, she probably really know how to read sakura mind

“I am really close with Rena chan” Jurina said “she is closer to me than even my own family..and if that make you jealous.. so be it.. but i would not lie to you about that”

Jurina words are straight and sure. Sakura only look at her unwavering eyes; that look straight into her own eyes. But that gaze then slowly shifting, down.. down to Sakura cherry pink lips, and stay there for a while.

Jurina then leaning closer.. and closer.. and finally their lips meet with each other, they let their lips speak all the words they unable to speak. They kiss until all the doubt in their heart ceased.  after a long long while.. Jurina finally parted her lips away

“.. told better kiss me or Ill I kiss you”

Sakura look at Jurina, feel so helplessly in love with her lips, and everything that attach to it. So she lean forward, and re catch Jurina lips.

Felt it with all her heart, the wonder to be young and to be in love..and all the feeling that comes with it.

————to be continue—————

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