draw a blank part 2 (wmatsui)



draw a blank part 1


Rena still laying on her bed, still not wearing her clothes back, still wondering to a pair of eyes …of a certain girl

together with her lips

her skin

the sensation of her light hair tracing trails on Rena naked body

its been long dark.. when Rena finally fall into sleep


there she is again

in a bright  room where everything so white and bright

those voices again.. and that shadow again

she tried her best to focus on that shadow.. its just too blur

but she keep trying.. she want to know what is it.. she needs to know

and just before anything else.. just like every time she had this dream.. 

matsui Rena awaken from her sleep


rena open her eyes… that dream again..

she tried to go back to sleep, but just as a wind blowing from her window, she could feel it; theres another person in her bedroom. Rena quickly turn her body around, prepared to scream.. but there.. standing in the corner of her room… a girl whose cannot been erased from Rena’s mind.

“…you awake” Jurina said, she just standing there.. the moon shines behind her…her hair dancing with the wind.. framing her cold face, make it more surreal

“…you are back” Rena said, almost whispering, afraid if this is just a dream.. and if it is…she don’t want to be waken up

“i left something”

“what is that”

“….” but Jurina didn’t answer, she just stand there, piercing rena with her eyes… that eyes…Rena watch her own hand reaching for Jurina, she gently grab her shirt, and pulled Jurina into her bed

“.. .i havent repay you for this morning”

Rena pulling Jurina towards her, and clash the soft peach lips she’s been longing to with her own, she feels like she’ll give anything to spend forever kissing that lips, the sensation is unbearable…rena lips guiding Jurina lips to open a path..and once it is..Rena let her tongue do what it desired to do with Jurina’s tongue..while slowly.. opened Jurina’s button.. one by one.. no need to rush this time


every night after, Jurina would always come, they would passionately exploring each other body, and then Jurina would leave before the dawn even break.. no conversation.. no talk..

but Jurina has been invading rena’s mind ever since, every time rena watch Jurina back as she leaving her, she could not feel anything else than grief emptiness. like her hearth has been ripped off from her chest.. no.. she don’t want her to go.. she only feels alive when they are together.. when she is near.. thats when she is a whole… and those familiar feeling. that longing lonesome feeling she gets every time she watch jurina go… as she watch it before, as she has been roaming in her eyes long before. a feeling she don’t understand, but her whole soul could feel its real

until one night… Rena waiting for Jurina in her room as usual, but she hasn’t come yet. rena waiting, when its already passed midnight, she start to feel anxious. what if she is not coming? what if she never coming again? those tough squeeze a real pain inside her chest

then when its almost dawn, finally, her watchful ear could hear someone walking outside her bedroom

happy and worried, she quickly open the door “Jurina !”

but its not her.. instead.. another figure wearing all black are there.. a sharp army knife on its hand

“??! why are you awake??!”

“!!??” Rena would   scream if that figure don’t shut her mouth with its hand, Rena watch in fear as its raise the knife high above her head.. ready to stab her

but before the knife landed,  another figure breaking in from the window, scattered all the glass and bump the figure with knife away from rena, Rena know the other figure

“Jurina !!”

“stay back Rena!”

Jurina and the figure in black not moving; staring at each other like two lion, try to measure each other. but Jurina bare handed, and the figure have a giant knife.  that figure strike first

Rena watch in the corner as the figure wildly swing the knife, try to bring Jurina down. from the way it move, its clear  that figure not an amateur, but even so, all the attempts to hit Jurina has failed.  Jurina skillfully avoiding the attack.  the attacker keeps her busy with all of the sharp and quick movement, and finally, Jurina drawn into the corner

“Jurina Watch out !!” rena scream as the figure swing a full throttle attack at Jurina, but Jurina able to seize it this time, and  hit the knife away, now that figure is bare handed, but still bigger that Jurina, that figure  strangled Jurina neck with its big hand and drag Jurina to the window; try to threw her out while strangled her

“ugh!!!” Jurina hitting that figure, but her fist became weaker and weaker as less and less oxygen able to pass through her throat.slowly everything became blur..and start to faded..  seconds before she completely loss her consciousness, jurina heard a really loud sound, and she can feel those hand released from her neck

Jurina coughing and try to catch her breath, in front of her,   Rena holding a broken vase .. and the figure try to stop bloods running from its head

“YOU!?” that figure turn to rena, but before able to reach her, Jurina take the opportunity to grab that figure, pull it across her shoulder in an amazing Judo move…and threw the figure outside a window

“that the last of them” she said as watching  the figure fall and hit the ground far below

“jurina..what..what happening.. t-that man”

“don’t worry.. my companions would take care of his body right away.. he is the last.. he is the last”

Rena would think that Jurina lost in her own mind if Jurina did not suddenly take rena’s into her arm.. and hold her tight.

“its over Rena.. its finally over”

“what,, what do you mean?” rena don’t understand a single word she said, she pull her self, so she could see Jurina face…and there..she surprised to find, theres something she haven’t seen in Jurina eyes before. she supposed to never seen it, but she can feel that she missed that look in Jurina eyes, a look full of warmness, tears start falling from Jurina eyes as her eyes met rena’s, but she smile, and she kissed Rena

a lot of question raging inside rena’s mind but Jurina kiss so passionately, she forgot all of them and she  kissed her back. when their kiss keep escalating, rena could feel a sharp sensation on her neck. she pulled her head, and see that Jurina has inject something with a shot on her neck

“j-Jurina?” thats the last word able to escape from her mouth before everything start to be dark and she lost her conciseness

—————————to be continue———————-





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