Dance : neo kami 7 (sakura x Jurina ft. akb Group)




— Neo Kami7—-

Idol life is hard, especially if you are a part of the biggest idol group in the world, the AKB group.

The competition within the 400 members could not be more harsh than its already are, but amazingly, two teenage girl able to scrap their way and breaking the wall of the most elite circle in the group known as kami 7.

One of them is the SKE absolute ace since she is 11 years old : Matsui Jurina, and the other is Miyawaki Sakura, the youngest senbatsu member.

Together with them, Yamamoto Sayaka : NMB leader and ace, Shimazaki Haruka : the salty face of japan fashion, Watanabe mayu: the ultimate grace (well…at least when her legal wife yukirin not around..where she’ll turn into ultimate brat——still cute thou–*sigh*), Kashiwagi Yuki: the black queen of gravure world, and Sashihara Rino : the woman who change the idol world.

Each of them has trough unimaginable hard path to be where they are now, and today, all of the so called neo kami 7 are practicing in the AKB practice room.

Sakura wearing her girly pinky outfit, and Jurina on her usual punk sporty get up, they on a same song, but as you can almost see a cherry tree petals flying around sakura when she dance, Jurina dance will bring you storm, before calm you down with a warm breeze, just to storming you again, both interpret the song so differently, as so all the rest of the 7 kami.

But not one of them mind it, how each of their personality resembling on their dance is what made the AKB what it is now, isn’t having seven different color is what makes rainbow so beautiful?

After a while, Sakura decide to take a break, so is the others, left only Jurina and Sayanee on the dance floor

Jurina eyes following that Namba ace, and when the two eyes met, the SKE ace smirk, and dance more intensely, burning Sayanee with the heat.. Sayanee also smirk, and dance more fiercely.

Sakura looks at those two most respective member on their group, who happen to be two best dancer in the whole AKB, dancing ridiculously intense to each other.

She let out a sigh, never really understand the rivalry between Nagoya and Namba. But as Sakura looking at those two ace, she could not help but notice the glisten in their eyes, and as stupid as they look, they look..kinda….and somehow.. happy..

Maybe having a rival isn’t that bad


After a long silly dance battle session -that end up with both Sayenee and Jurina fall on the floor, catching out their breath, and laugh so loud to each other. Jurina finally take a break.

Purina sit on the floor beside Sakura, run out of breath and soaked with sweat, but grinning happily. Sakura take a towel from her bag, and gently wiping Jurina sweat from her face. Jurina peek Sakura cheek as a thank you, and then lean closer, rest her head on Sakura. Sakura then start checking her phone,

Jurina : “sakura chan who do you think better? me or sayanee?”

Sakura : “…” *focus on her phone*

Jurina : “ smell it your shampoo?”

Sakura :”…”

Jurina : *playing with sakura hair* “sakura..i love youuu”

Sakura : *no effect*

After a while, sakura finally finish with her phone “ah..are you said something ?” Sakura take a glance at Jurina face, she has to batting her eyes a few times to make sure its Jurina and not a little lost puppy there

Its too cute..Sakura try her best to not smile to it “sorry..sorry..what was that Jurina?”

“*cry* dont ignored me!”

“Sorry ..sorry..” Jurina only getting cuter .. huwaaaah.. just a while ago she dance like a lion..what with this over whelmed cuteness ??! sakura battling herself on her head

“I love you! its hurt when you ignored me”

“Um..” sakura gently calming puppy Jurina by playing with her silky straight hair that falls perfectly on her shoulder

“I love you sakura…do you love me?”

“I-I do”

“Tell me you love me”

Sakura could feel her face getting hotter, no way she could say it ! she can’t even face Jurina, she shifting her eyes away, but Jurina catch her chin with her finger, and lightly move sakura head back towards her, lock her eyes on sakura’s

“Sakura… what can I do to make you say you love me?” Jurina then lean closer.. and closer.. and closer

But then she stop, as she could feel a strong gaze. Sakura and Jurina then slowly shifting their eyes from each other, to find Paruru crouching just in front of them, staring at them from like 50cm away since who knows when


“…sorry..try to talk before.. but can’t find a right timing.. sashi ask me to call you two back to practice ” the salty queen said flatly

Jurina and sakura only nodded and following Paruru back in startled, being stared by Paruru expressionless beautiful pale face from that distance would send shivers to anyone.. no wonder she’s been staring so many horror movie.


The practice has over.

Jurina massaging her shoulder ‘ guess.. I push my self too hard earlier with sayanee’ Jurina thought to her self.

She had a job after and a bit in hurry, but the car that supposed to pick her a bit late. she just stood there in the basement parking lot, waiting for the car when suddenly someone poking her from behind, she then turn around and find sakura there

“Sakura? aren’t you supposed to having an interview now?”

But sakura not answering, she just fidgeting in her spot, looks somehow.. nervous


Sakura then take a deep breath.. before leaning to Jurina and kiss her cheek.. then in a shivering voice..whisper to Jurina ears…”i..i do love you”

Jurina touch her cheek in disbelief as she look at the young hakata girl, who is now put her hand on her burning red face, before run away so fast back to the building, leaving Jurina startled there.

— —-

Sakura lean on the door as it closed, try to settled her poor heart that feels like it try to jump out off her chest

She don’t know what gotten into her

it just that… Jurina words keep ringing on her head… and that she really wanna tell Jurina how she feels

Because really…Sakura never know what its like to fall in love.. but she is sure

overtime she look at Jurina eyes, every time her lips automatically smile, and how the world lit a bit  whenever she see the sakae ace

she know… she love her… she is in love with Matsui Jurina

So there she is, dragging all her guts and her trembling feet, to tell Jurina… that she loves her

Sakura still try to calming her self when the door behind her opened, and a hand gently pull her over


“And you do know that I love you too right?” said Jurina, before passionately plant a kiss on sakura pink lips.…how can be its so bothering.. yet.. so addicting

——————to be continue—————-

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