jurina video list (that worth watching)

so .. its Jurina Sama birthday this march 8..and why don’t recap all these awesome Video of Matsui Jurina Sama that Worth Watching

NB: you can find most of AKB related videos with subtitle by following this google docs provided by @akbingo fans : google docs

LINK : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ifrk5_otCNuFYWobFyp7lLme5b6CATc3XHx2SjUxzFE/edit#gid=1385497062


  1. Matsui Jurina on Star Hime Jurina special,  the awesomeness of 13 years old Young Jurina in her everyday life as an idol..and her spectacular first cat walk in high fashion  stage .. 13? are you sure ??
  2. Jurina performing innocence in Manatsu no dome tour 2nd day 2013, its a song with a very mature lyric–so matured that if its a fanfic..it would be banned from JPHIP forum—  ,  only member above 16 years old allowed to sing it, behold you all mortals ! bow under the spell of goddess Jurina who just turn 16 (nose bleed …nose bleed every where !!!)
  3. Jurina in 1..2..3..4. Yoroshiku MV, simply ..refreshing! when she wink while shouting “tell me!”i kinda like “sure..where can i buy ticket to japan?”
  4. Jurina in utshukushi inazuma MV.. this is.. just… *nosebleed*
  5. of course… Katamoi finally MV! the holy MV for shippers
  6. you are a girl fan..fufufu.. then of course : SKE ebi calcio  episode 10 : Jurina almost kill the other member with her flirt technique, and SKE ebi friday night episode 2 : how to kill people with your hotness ..jurina as a Host! she totally killed oKubo in that session
  7. AKB 4th Kouhaku Utagassen.. forget the performance..just googling at The red team captain : Jurina on Red formal dress !
  8. Jurina performing escape on AKB Request hour list 2014 (Rank 22) … in my hearth.. thats where she belong
  9.  Spring concert 2015 Jurina opening dance with DJ Kojima Haruna remix…ARGH!!
  10. AKbingo episode 67 akb proffiling : visit Ju home…that green juice..is that what makes Ju so fabulous? i want the recipe!
  11. akbingo episode 20 : clueless girl . 11 years old Jurina that can’t read kanji and don’t understand what is jealousy ..awwwww… and 8 years later she’ll turn into such a kissing monster
  12. AKbingo episode 70 : shoujiki shogi Jurina vs Rena .. the heck.. its wmatsui battle.. and Jurina kiss erepyon?! on a bed? in a hotel??
  13. Akbingo 78 & 79 : matsui Jurina vs 10 assasin .. Jurina versus all her kami senpai in AKB and win! if only she could fight mayuyu too in that battle huhuhu
  14. AKbingo 333 : SKE48 vs NMB48 ..Dat Jurina singing in the beginning ..PRICELESS
  15. AKB shirabe 14 : Jurina and her sexy Navel .. when she slowly lift her shirt..in that dark mini van…why they have to setting it like some inappropriate Movie !
  16. SKE ebi calcio 11 : they make those sinful prank to make the new SKE member confess their love to DA ACE : Jurina ..but actually its Jurina who will prank those younger member, she (in the scenario) already had a girlfriend..who later come and have a love fight with those young innocent member…and things… happen (almost die watching this one due to the amount of YURI)
  17. SKE ebisho 11 : Jurina cooking..and she is good at it :’)
  18. Hakata Hyakkaten season 2 ep 3 : Jurina has something to do with Hakata kids.. I knew it!
  19. Majisuka gakuen 2,4,5 meet : CENTER.. and MJS 3 : Nobunaga ..well.. the MJS 3 slow at first..but the plot getting more interesting in the middle..who cares..Nobunaga!!!

you can find all the said video by simply google it or follow this link for spreadsheet link

you can also visit http://jyuritale.com that provide an HD videos of beloved Jurina


Happy birthday goddess!


4 thoughts on “jurina video list (that worth watching)

    1. is it the one with giraffe? i saw the gif all over internet..but with all this sousenkyo and takamina graduation i haven’t find time to watch it .. hee.. now you mentioned it, I’m totally gonna watch it . thank you!


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