dance : happy birthday Jurina (Jurina x sakura)





What is it about birthday that is so preeminent anyway?

Why is it so urgent to celebrate the day someone born into this world… they would still be around thou without a reminding how long have they survive living.

And why is it so important to say happy birthday to other people?

Especially people you care…

Foremost people that you love

Nope…Sakura dont understand any of those confusingly-phyloshopically thingy herself, just like everyone else does not neither

But still, her eyes cannot averted from the calendar beside her bed; to one specific date that she marked with a bold red pen there, and an orange tiny box with white ribbons that lies next to it

Sakura new position as a center for Kimi wa melody really pushed her not-so-durable body these past few weeks, she don’t have enough rest, and she failed to eat properly, while the winter breeze still in the air

So there she is, lying in her bed, catching a cold. it just inevitable

There is something about birthday that is so special… sakura don’t know what it is

But still…now here she is…with that slightly feverish body of hers, standing in front of SKE48 theater in Nagoya

Sakura look at the grand gate. orange flag spreading mightily every where. Marking the place as the sanctuary of the sunshine group; SKE48, the oldest sister group in 48 family

The place packed with people more than usual. well, it can’t be helped. Today is the special day of the very group absolute ace

Today is Jurina matsui 19th birth day

Sakura pulling her hat lower to covering her face, totally nervous and uneasy. she take a glance at a small peach colored box on her hand. After a total rest and the amount of cold medicine her manager gave her, sakura felt a bit better now, and she able to walk freely, her head felt a bit lightly… but still …here she is.

Sakura fidgeting in her spot, not really sure what to do next, she wasn’t really planning anything when she decide to jump on that bullet train, she kind of run from her manager; who not even allowed her to hold her own spoon while eating due to her cold, and now she is all alone

Just when Sakura thinking to just buy a ticket and pretend to be a visitor, a hand pulled her and drag her to the corner, Sakura prepared to scream, but stop immediately as she recognize the face behind a mask


“Marikaaa channn!”

Sakura throw her self into the other girl, never cross her mind she would ever be that glad to meet Tani Marika, her former HKT48 ‘gui gui’ team mate that transferred to SKE in 2014.

“saachan! its really you?! what are you doing here? where is your manager?”


“Ah..just explain it later..what would happen if the fans found out the Miyawaki Sakura …standing alone in here..come with me! ” Tani then dragging sakura inside the theater with her

They arrived in the SKE senbatsu changing room, luckily its empty..

“so saachan..what are you doing here ?”

But sakura do not answering Tani question, her eyes glued on the mountain of flowers and gifts on the table in the middle of the room

Tani followed sakura eyes “ah..its Jurina san birthday present from members”

“eh?? these are not from the fans?”

“No..presents from the fans are too much to be stored in here.. its stored on another room”

Sakura eyeing the mountain of present more closely, Tani is right, she recognize the names there.

Sakura tightening her grip on the small orange box on her hand as she read from who is those presents are…SKE, AKB, NMB, NGT,Nogizaka, keyazaki, her fellow Hakatanian, former members, huh? SNH??? JKT??! what the—

“Are those presents bothering you sakura?”

A soft but firm voice Sakura knows very well find it way into sakura ear. Sakura turn around, and find her reason to all the ruckus she went trough that day,  standing there. Her sharp yet kind eyes are nowhere but on sakura


Tani look at her two senpai, know her place, and silently left the two of them in the room. Close the door behind her

“I saw Tani dragging you…I wasn’t sure its you.. but I’m glad i check it here” Jurina walk closer to sakura, shortened the distance between them until it’s possible for sakura to feel Jurina body heath

Jurina then gently put both of her hand on Sakura face “how is your fever? why are you here?” Jurina hands are warm and nice

“Sakura… ” That Nagoya ace beautiful eyes filled with a clear worry, its almost like she herself is in pain

“Happy birthday Jurina”

The Nagoya ace look at sakura, and lean closer. Sakura tried to stop her, afraid Jurina would catch her annoying fever herself. But Jurina firmly locked sakura face with her hands, then gently peck the lips of the girl in front of her

“you’ll catch my cold ”

“I dont care”

Jurina repositioned her hand to surrounding sakura waist, sakura surrendered., and throw her arm around Jurina neck, share a kiss that feels like eternity

Without broken the kiss, Sakura slowly release the object from a small box she’s been holding on her hand all this time, and carefully set it on the Nagoya ace long white neck

Jurina hand find her way to the object on her neck, and touch it. She pulled her lips from sakura to look at the tiny golden necklace that hanging on her neck . Jurina raise her eye brows to sakura

“Y-you don’t like it?” sakura take a glance at the mountain of presents on the table

“Of course I like it” the nagoya ace grinning to the hakata girl “it just that..I think I heard it somewhere before…”


“something about.. if you gave someone a necklace, it means that you want to mark her as your personal possession”

Sakura face that already a bit red from her fever became more red in that second “w-whaat!? No ! its — ”

but the Nagoya ace stopping Sakura lips with her own lips, calming the Hakata girl with another kiss. Sakura could easily feel Jurina smiling while kiss her

“I am yours ..and yours only…thank you for the present” Jurina said softly from between their kisses

this girl… how could its so easy to fall for her…how could her lips so addicting.. how could her voice so hypnotizing.. her eyes so daring…and how could she erased every common sense from ones mind.. every time they kiss

after a long while, Jurina finally release her lips from Sakura’s “*sigh* …this is not good sakura…you really shouldn’t come need to rest for good sake”


“wait here ..ill ask my manager to take you home okay..don’t even try to said no..ill be dying worried if you decline it”

Sakura look at Jurina eyes, her forceful but kind eyes…before slowly nod.

Jurina take off her own Orange sport jacket, put it on sakura before quickly stole one last kiss from sakura lips, and dashing outside to find her manager


Sakura expected her own manager to be angry at her.

So when she reach her apartment,and find her manager stood furiously in the front door. She know that she could only take the blame.

Her manager then give her more and more medicine,and order her to take a rest immediately. Sakura obediently following her manager command, spend the rest of the day resting in her bed

— —–

Its midnight, and everything is dark when sakura slowly awaken from her slumber. Find a warm arms wrapping her body from behind.

Sakura don’t have to guess long to know whose arms are those. Only one person have absurd habit of sneaking in her apartment like this, and careless enough to share a bed with her sickness.

“..I told’ll end up catching my cold Jurina”‘

“..sorry..did I wake you?”

Sakura turn her body around, so she can face the SKE Ace who always act as she likes

“have I told you before how absurd you can be?”

“have I told you before that I love you?”

Sakura tried to be angry for the impulsive action, and she really worried what if she’ll end up make the Nagoya ace catch her cold? she would be dammed by the whole AKB group

But there Jurina lies beside her, with her usual bright smile on her face. Her arms wrapping sakura with pleasant warmness, and really .. sakura has no option but to surrender

“..stupid Jurina”

“I am stupid…just back to sleep okay…Ill be here”

Jurina gently brushing sakura hair, and its nice…sakura eyes quickly became more and more heavier. Just before its completely closed, Sakura capture a tiny shiny object on Jurina’s neck…

her necklace, dangling beautifully on the Sakae ace neck

A different kind of warmness than the one Jurina’s body provide her right now suddenly bursting inside of sakura chest

“Happy birthday Jurina” sakura whisper weakly before completely shut her eyes,  fall asleep with a smile on her face

Sakura still don’t know what it is that so important about birthday

But as real as all the butterfly that flying in her stomach.. and the warmness that linger in her heart right now, Sakura thankful that there is a day where she could say thank you for being born to this world, to the person that’s so special, it makes the world a little brighter when she was born

happy 19th birthday Matsui Jurina




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