the sun and the moon *Rena POV* (wmatsui)






“hey don’t you think.. Rena san really is beautiful”

“i wonder what book is she reading”

“ugh.. i feel like my soul being cleansed just looking at lucky to be in a same class with Rena !!”

Matsui Rena shift her eyes from her book, and stare at the window.. its raining outside. kind of hard to concentrate on her book with all those  eyes gazing on her, ‘ i guess i just have to read in the library… again’ Rena think to herself. somehow,  this year, in her senior year on high school, the amount of people that she felt staring wherever she goes are increasing dramatically.. ah..probably its because of “that” person impulsive act… kissing her out of nowhere,  in the middle of their speeches as the two student who nailed a perfect score on their school ceremony.

that person… what is she up to now? Rena minds wondering as she staring at the raindrops

speak of the devil … the person that just roaming in Rena’s mind a second ago suddenly pop up in the school field.. she is dragging a girl with her..  both of them laughing and teasing each other under the pouring rain..

her class is in the second floor, but Rena cannot avert her eyes from that girl below.. how the rain makes her straight black hair wet…how it makes her white school uniform a little bit see through.. and how despite all of it..she still smile so brightly.. just as the sun comes and shine through the least for Rena.. theres a sun shine at that moment.

‘that..idiot’ Rena unconsciously smiling.. just like every time she do when  she look  at her.

that girl then pull the other girl who already soaked like her..and kiss her under the rain.

“uwaah they are kissing”

“ehhhh…so bolt !!”

“kyaaaa.. as expected from Jurina ! that play girl ! with who is she this time?”

since don’t know when, Jurina rain dancing action has pulled her school mates attention,  not disappointing her audience, the school prince end the show with kissing scene.

 rena only silently watching despite all the commotion her class mate made

‘that idiot’ rena close her book.. and walk out to the library.. her smile has long gone

‘idiot ..Jurina’


Matsui Jurina.. they attend a same school since they were a children, they rank and score (which almost always the highest in the entire school) always makes them end up in a same class, and sharing a same last name make them always sitting side to side. but despite all of it.. its amazing how different they both can be

Jurina always stands out right away everywhere she go, she always became the center of attention, she has a bright personality, she is kind, smart, sporty, and she always speak out her thought ..and Rena.. Rena prefer to just listen to other silently.. rather keep everything on herself….she just don’t like bothering other people with what she though.

Rena still remember it clearly… the first day on her elementary school.. Rena so nervous.. she looks  around.. everyone chatting happily with the others.. she want to talk too.. but she don’t have enough courage.. little Rena  only sitting alone in her chair.. looking down at the floor.. when suddenly a little warm hand patting her shoulder

“are you hurt?”


“ja…” *BUG!*

“OUCHHHH!! What are you doing!!” the other girl just abruptly hit Rena head out of nowhere

“now.. are you hurt?”

“YES I AM” little rena brushing her head. Rena glare at her, but the other girl just laugh at her

“hahaha your face are funny when you are angry..gomene !”

“stop laughing its not funny!”

“hahahaha sorry.. sorry..heehehe” normally Rena would totally ignore someone she just met and being this daring already, but there is something with this girl, she can feel her kindness.. and something in her innocent kiddy laugh so contagious

“hehehe” little rena still find her head a bit hurt..but the lonely feeling she felt just before has gone… now someone is with her.. laughing with her

the other girl smile to Rena..then pulled Rena hands and drag her to join the rest of the class

“btw i am Jurina “


“Rena Chan!! lets be friend okay”

and ever since… Jurina has pulled Rena like a magnet ..and ever since…Rena has fallen for Jurina


the break time almost over, Rena walking back to her class.. and just as she sat on her chair.. a girl  jumping towards her, hug her and rain her with kisses

“ahh Renaa.. i miss you.. where have you been?”

“..library.. and you are soaking wet wipe your you want to use my gym clothes?” Rena hand out a towel from her bag to Jurina

“ahh thank you! rena chan.. just as i suspected.. i do love you! just be my girl friend already”

“..yeah yeah.. just quickly change your clothes.. you’ll catch a cold”

“Hai ! so.. will you be?”

“be what?”

“my girlfriend?”

“just quickly change your clothes already! the teacher would be here anytime” Rena push the other girl away

“haha Ok, love you Rena ” Jurina landed one last kiss on Rena before she go to the rest room with Rena’s gym clothes..and Rena looking at her back as she goes away.. her warm hug still linger on rena skin..rena look away to the window..let all her feeling washed by the sound of rain.

———–years later————————-

“yeah.. i still have to stay in US for a few weeks to taking care of some documents.. but then, i can go back to Japan! meet you again ! i wish you know how much i miss you Rena!”

“hahaha… welcome back to earth Jurina”

“rena… i really do miss you..i miss you”

“..i miss you too Jurina” yes I miss you..I miss you too much its hurt..

the day when Jurina said that she would stationed in International Space Station for two years.. Rena just smile, said that she is so proud of her, she even able to laugh when Jurina start to shedding her tears.. wipe the tears from Jurina face, hugging her, and calming her.. said that two years is not that long..there she goes again..keeping all to herself.. determine to never let the other girl know how she cried her eyes out later alone in the bathroom.. and how every day after Jurina gone.. not  single days past without rena missing her

“rena.. i have to go now.. i called you later okay”

“ahh.. Jurina wait!”


“ you mind..if i came… and pick you at the airport?”

“Why YES?!! of course not Rena.. that would be perfect!”

“ bye”

“bye Rena..see you soon ! have a good day”

Rena hang up the phone, just then she could hear her mother calling her

“Rena. everyone is here.. come down now honey”

Rena obeying her mother and go out from her room, joining the people in the living room, there she can she Kashiwagi Yuki and her parents. Yuki and Rena has been a good friend for long, their family  shared a same business field, and the two family  has a close relationship.

“hi Yuki” Rena greet her and then greet Yuki parents politely

“Rena” Yuki stands from her chair and bow at her politely

“so.. rena.. are you sure about this?”

“we don’t want you to do this rena, you don’t have to” Rena parents said to her

Rena look at Yuki and both of their parents..

“this is the best way for our companies ..i want to do this.. please.. just let me”

Rena parents look at their daughter.. they know better than anyone else how hard to change their daughter mind.. so they just nod weakly

“you two could divorce immediately when everything settled”

“just remember.. no one else could know about this or it won’t work.. certainly no one”

for a split second there, Jurina face flashing on Rena mind

Rena look at Yuki.. she wondered if she look as miserable as Yuki right know, rena took yuki hand.. try too convinced herself by encouraging the other

“we can do it Yuki”

Yuki look into Rena eyes..and nod…


Rena could not remember a single thing from her engagement party last night except Jurina face, despite that she is smiling all the time…why is she look so …sad? is it just Rena imagination? is it just Rena wish that Jurina would be sad? Jurina just think of her as a friend, nothing more… is she? but the unmistaken sadness in her eyes last night…there she is again, vexed by the same question again, despite all of her excellent academic achievement… still… one question  keep linger on her head for years, unable to be answered, despite how desperate Rena want it to be answered… could it be….will there would be a change.. that Jurina.. love her?

someone knocking on her door, and rena open it, its Yuki

“rena are you ready?”

“yes.. lets go”

after their engagement party that took almost all night long, Rena spend the night in Yuki family house that closer from the reception place, and Yuki offered to drive her home the next morning

Rena look at Yuki who driving beside her, one of her  hand that not busy driving rolling her hair in constant move, her eyes empty like a dead fish. she’s been like that for a while until Rena decide to let her words out

“um..yuki.. the hand brake is still up”

“ah..oh.. thank you!” yuki seems totally surprised by Rena words

“and.. the wiper is on”

“eh ..ehhh sorry”

“ the head light also on”

“…. sorry ”



“yuki… have you told mayu about us?”

“you now i can’t ”


“ not..but i..i don’t see her again last night after she come to greet us… and she is always do stupid things..i just.. I’m worried”

“hmm..her apartment just around this area right”


“*sigh* lets just stop at her place… at this point i am aware with our safety if you keep driving like this ”

“b-but.. how about our cover? how can i visit my… girl friend… just after our engagement party” theres a hesitation in Yuki voice when she said “girl friend”

“…you are right” Rena look at her friend face.. she look mess up.. and stressful.. Rena don’t remember she ever see Yuki lost her composure like that before “ahhhhh.. its okay.. ill just go with you.. it ll be okay that way isn’t it”

so there she is, stand in the far corner.. try her best to vanishing her whole existence..blending with the wall.. as Yuki quarrel with mayu in her apartment ..and just suddenly … her eyes catch a figure see would never ever dream would appear at that moment.. Jurina-wear nothing but white shirt- just come from inside and joining the scene

Rena just freeze there in the corner, not a single of her muscle able to move . she can feel Jurina eyes on her, Rena just stand there, when the only-wearing-bed-sheet Mayu pulled jurina hand and take her to the bath room with her… she just stand there

the car engines is the only thing that provide a sound on the rest of Rena ride home . as rena reach her apartment, rena walk to her bathroom, not even bother to open her clothes . she sit in the bath tub, turn on the shower, and just stay there, cling on her own knee… let the cold water washed away all the raging agony that ripping her apart, hoping that it would take away that one name, that one name who keep banging in her head, stabbing her chest with thousand nails on every single beat her heart makes….

Rena don’t know what is she expecting…but..she always have this little hope lit in her hearth…that maybe..just maybe. but now its clear for her, that its all just her wishful thinking. now its clear…that she don’t even care Rena getting married…why would she? they are just a friend…its clear now…clear….

Rena never cry harder than that day before.. but still that name keep rampaging in her head.. in her heart.. in her soul.



its night

and day

and night

and day again

matsui rena has lost track of days

she just breath because she have to, walk because she have to, talk because she have to. but every sky is grey on her eyes, and every wind is cold on her skin. the sun has gone from her world…

her sun

it was back in their university days, when they friend would address her as Rena the moon and Jurina the sun of their astrology faculty; makes Rena blushing and Jurina laugh  every time they did..

Another sleepless night for Rena, just like many nights before this past few weeks. she just sitting on  her balcony,watching the sun rise in the east, as the moon set on the west

maybe their friends right.. Jurina is the sun.. and she is the moon

and both of them could never stay under one have to go.. to let the other shine..

Rena watch the sun who rise so gloriously.. and the  sad moon.. who set wistfully in the other end of horizon  ..and a tear fell from the corner of her eyes.. today is her wedding day.

rena still sat there, watching the sunrise, when she felt someone else has come and join her, she doesn’t have to turn around to know who is it

“such a beautiful Sunrise” Yuki said

“ is”

“you’ve been staying here all night again don’t you? ”


“Rena…tell me one thing”


“do you.. love me?”

rena only stare at the sunrise.. and the golden color it poured to all the things it touched, then she can feel Yuki gently put her arm around her…embrace her from behind

“Rena..i like you”


“rena i like you..i really do like you..but… i don’t love you”

rena grab Yuki hand, and she can feel Yuki tighten up her arms surrounds her

“iam sure.. in different time.. in different kind of situation.. i would able to love you Rena.. whole heartedly ..with all my heart….but now.. now i have someone i love ..more than anything else in this world..someone i cannot hurt.. someone i would gave my own life..just to see her smile..”

Then Yuki gently leaning .. kiss Rena on her forehead.. before she pulled herself and look at Rena in the eyes

“Rena… lets cancel this wedding”


That night on a wedding that suddenly became Yuki and Mayu wedding. With a short notice, some guest still surprised how the bride change suddenly, a lot of reporter also came to report this shocking marriage  of one of the most popular model in japan. Rena was there try to help yuki to explain everything, a lot of gasp, a lot of drama, but when yuki and Mayu exchange their vow and kiss. Everyone there could clearly see, that they are meant to be together.

Late at night when everything finally calms down, jurina and rena walks down the garden, try to avoid anymore curious people

“euh,, those reporters really killing me” rena stretch her arm

“well.. a pretend marriage for company image.. and a top model sudden marriage .. I would not be surprise if they will still hunt you for the rest of the week”

“speaking of top model… the two of you … sleeps together right”

“well erm.. ”

“I knew it !! jurinaa idiot! idiot!! idiot !!!” rena now start to punch jurina with her bag

“ouch ! ouch !! well Rena that’s because I lost you.. I love you, you know!”

“you have been saying that since forever but you keep dating other girls?? last time you said it, You  dated 5 different girls remember??” now rena hitting Jurina harder

“ouch !! OUCHH !! Rena you’ll broke my bone!”

“  and I keep turn down people because i trust your word ! but i never knew wether you ever mean it or not ! I had enough with a playgirl like you! “ rena walks away, but jurina  pulled her arm and warp her from behind.

“its you.. its always been you” Jurina lips are so close to her ears. “do you remember that in collage,, they used to called us the sun and the moon”

Rena just nod her head a bit, yes.. she remember.. she remember it every time the sun shines ..and how every time it does.. its remind her of Jurina ..and her smile…

now that Jurina holding her so tight ..she can smell Jurina’s parfume, and  she can feel her body warm..a warmness that she missed so much

“When I was in space, I always look at the moon and the sun. and I miss you every time I do”

Rena hold jurina hand  that surrounding her waist.

“here on earth.. the moon and the sun.. they never see each other.. only in a short brief of dawn…or twilight.. they would say hi as one came and the other go..”

“but there in space .. they always look at each other.. earnestly …..seeing them like that ….i realize Rena… you are not the moon… I am the moon… you are the sun .. my sun ”

“I am the one who only reflected your shine.. I am the one who live depend on your energy .. and every time I see the moon… I remember how it will die.. unable to shine.. without her sun”

“I am so lost this one last month … I cannot live without you Rena.. so …” Jurina takes something from her pocket.. she takes Rena right hand and slid a gold ring in her ring finger.

“will you be my sun forever? Matsui Rena.. marry me”

Rena  look at Jurina..who just smiling to her.. the same smile she gave her years ago when they first met in the elementary school.. the smile that keep lighten up her days years after..and the smile she tough she would lost forever…a single tears escaped from her eyes..

‘stupid are the will always be my sun’

and under the light of the sun that being reflected beautifully by the full moon that night. Wmatsui share the sweetest kiss ever. And live happily ever after.




the Sun and the Moon : wmatsui fanfic (matsui jurina and matsui Rena )




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