Sakura video list (that worth watching)

NB: you can find most of AKB related videos with subtitle by following this google docs provided by @akbingo fans : google docs


yup Just like on Jurina birthday

its Sakurataan birthday soon.. and why can’t we watch again all these awesome video of the cute cute cute sakuratan


sakura hasn’t have that many video out there..but well.. these are some video list in tribute to Sakura Miyawaki!

  1. AKB sport meet 2 2015 and AKB ad undokai 2015.. how the goddess do a human Jump rope ..Human, please.. don’t temp me!
  2. AKB young member concert 2015, just sakura..and her cuteness..centering almost all the song! not to mention the presence of Jurina around her all the time ( imagination…ARGH)
  3. AKB bingo 216 : AKB vs HKT … mere Human fart machine has no chance in the present of goddess Miyawaki Sakura! …and to think that her kagoshima senpai Yukirin do the absolute reaction during the same game
  4. akbingo 253…. sakura working hard on punishment game..cuteeeee
  5. akbingo 315…its all will power my friend, Sakura break 5 tiles with her fist !
  6. HKT48 vs NGT48 sashi kita gassen ep 4 .. THIS IS JUST  HOW YOU DO A HULA HOP PEOPLE!
  7. Hakata Hyakatten 1 … Sakura and her acting skill.. even the Kagoshima queen, Khasiwagi Yukirin approved
  8. Hakata hyakatten 3 ep 11 … Sakura forced her little brother to tell her  that he loves her…owhhhhhhh
  9. Hakata no odekake ep.3 …sakura vs wall climbing..huhuhu..CUTE
  10. Hakata no odekake ep 15..Sakura cried when the chef(?) kill the fish to make sushi…owwwwhh..but then she eat it happily (-_-)
  11. Hakata mo odekake ep singing….why…why sakuraaa ?! why!! have mercy on my stomach ! LOL!
  12. Hataka no odekake ep 45 .. sakura is a good kid that helping prepared a meal while the other playing around :’)
  13. HKT48 tonkotsu mahou shoujou gakuin ep.12 . watch the 14th years old sakura  pull herself together and leading the 2 years older kodama and Natsu into a haunted hospital.
  14. Majisuka Gakuen 4 and 5 .. behold.. Sakura badass version 1.0 !
  15. Mecha mecha ikiteru takamina graduation prank SP…owhh sakura..such a swee– wait.. why did she cry again?
  16. AKB to xx ep 54, sakura have a stroll with ikoma Rina .ahhh..couldn’t find the one with sub..but still.. ..just..pure..CUTENESS.. more over, its taken just after sakura chosen as kibouteki refrain center  and before ikoma concurrent position canceled (kokoro no place card senbatsu formation..BEST !SENBATSU ! EVARRRR!)
  17. HKT shakariki ep 01 .. sakura doing a part time job in ramen restaurant
  18. And of course..Goddess Sakura as a center in her kingdom of Kimi wa Melody MV and its copling song Make Noise! just… AMAJINGU!
  19. sakura perform Dear my teacher in akb 10th anniversary stage i don’t even like the song before i saw this…Sakuraaaa sakuraaaaaaaa
  20. tsubasa wa iranai coupling song,team A with sakuratan as center : set me free, just…just…even among diamonds.. she shine! perfectly
  21. and Mazariau Mono PV.. just to shipping sakura and Jurina hohoho


you can find all the said video by simply google it or follow this link for spreadsheet link

Happy birthday Sakuratan




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