dance : Sakura 18th birthday (Jurina x sakura)





Is how Jurina would describe this whole week for her

The new single for SKE48 just released, and after Miyazawa Sae graduate,less and less people the young ace could depends on

She barely have enough sleep, she even almost don’t have time to eat. And today also not an exception for the Sakae Ace that just turn 19.

“Jurina san.. how about we do this move on this part?”

“yeah sure”

“Matsui san, i forgot about this part”

“you do it like this.. and then like this. you got it?”

“Jurina we need you over here!”

“yes! I’m coming right away!”

Today not less busier for Jurina, but she is fired up more than ever, smiling while moving fast place to place finishing her job as soon as she could

today is Sakura birthday

Jurina reviewing her plan again, she’s been revising it again and again in her head this whole week.

Her original plan includes 1000 roses, fireworks filled the night sky forming sakura trees and a helicopter date,ending with her declaring her love while doing a skydiving.

But Jurina keep reminding her self to not overdoing it or make a national news all by herself ‘keep it cool and simple Ju..keep it cool and simple’ Jurina chanting in her head


“Thank you for your hard work” Jurina bow at the staff-san, its her last job for today. she look at her watch.. perfect! now time to heading to fukuoka.. Jurina take her coat and get ready to left, but her manager came and stop her


“What is it manager san?”

“Well…can you.. one last interview?”

“EH? NOW? but..but I already ask you to clear all my schedule?? ”

“I know…im sorry.. the national magazine suddenly want to do the interview.. we can’t refuse it…its for the new single promotion ”

Jurina look at her manager, she totally understand . She’s been in the business for 8 years anyway. But why, From all the time in the world… why now? she check her watch once again…



“Jurina san?”

“GOSH! where is the interview?! ”


Sakura slam her body on her bed, her room filled with flowers and gifts she got that day, three different birthday cakes laying on her dining table

But Sakura mood totally opposing those party-like scenery surrounding her. she check her phone… its still not there

Sakura know that ‘she’  is ultra busy with the new single and all these days. She is not asking much.. but at least least..couldn’t she AT LEAST send her GIRL FRIEND a happy birthday message !

Sakura keep looking at her phone the whole day, replying all of the text, phone and email for her birthday, but one mail that she waited, one special mail she wanted the most …never come, while the day almost over.

Even before move and live alone in hakata…sakura raised only by her grand mother…

Her parents always busy working…sakura already get used to loneliness..

But at least…for today…she don’t want to feel like being left alone

Jurina face flashing in her head..

“Stupid JU !!!” she throw her pillow to the wall, try to converse a piece of her feeling somewhere else

Just then, sakura phone ring.. sakura look at the name in the screen, its Jurina … sakura look at the clock..its..late

A frown still a main feature in Sakura face when she pick the phone


“Sakura chan”


“ehm..hmmm…well…I ..had a job today…so I can’t come there..but happy birthday”

“..I know you busy, thank you” her voice went out cold unintentionally, but sakura don’t feel like changing her tone too

“hem…I ..ask your team mate to help deliver my gift..its already night but I think she already close to your the door for her ok”

“ok” sakura replied flatly

“ birthday sakura..” and the phone called ended

Sakura look at her phone in disbelief, somehow only getting angrier with the half assed called, she throw her phone on her bed

‘JURINA!!! Bakaaa!’

Her door bell ring, is it the ‘busy’ Jurina ‘courier’? sakura drag her foot, lazily open her door, and find murashige stood there holding a single rose

“Happy birthday saachan!” Murashige give the rose to sakura

“this is..from Jurina?” sakura examining the rose, a small note attached on it

‘for all your sweet smiles’ written on it

“yes it’s from Jurina san!” murashige said with a big grin, then suddenly, out of nowhere she start singing. Sakura know the song..its..akb48 oogoe diamond

“annya? what—” but before sakura finished her sentence, another team mates of her come from the corner, holding another rose

“happy birthday sakura” the ikemen beauty Matsuoka Natsumi give the rose to sakura, and joining Murashige, harmonizing the song

“eh? eh??” sakura look at the second rose, another note attached on it

‘for how dazzling you are when you dance’

and then…one after another… HKT48 member come from the corner, give her a single rose each time.. and gradually join singing oogoe diamond, forming an acapella

A note attached on every single rose

‘for the way you find it hard to look me in the eyes when we speak’

‘for how messy your hair when you wake up’

‘for how tasty the food you cook’

‘for your cute way of running <3’

‘for the way you sing a song out pitched whole heartedly’

‘for being smart but reckless at the same time’

‘For your slightly shivering voice when you feel nervous’

‘for that you are so sexy but never slutty’

‘for all the effort you gave everyday to chase your dream’

‘for your brilliant acting skill’

‘for how poor you are at making excuses’

‘for that you never asked much, despite i know that you wanted more’

‘for the way you glare when you are jealous’

‘for the way you make me feel’

Sakura unconsciously counting the roses as it come..1.2..3…15..16..17..and on her 18th count… a voice sakura know so well start joining the oogoe diamond choir, the voice of a person that steer a controversies when she chosen to centered the song

A puppy like person then appear slowly from the corner, with her usual blazing smile,bring a cute cherry flower-shape birthday cake on her hands, complete with candles

“Happy birthday sakura” Jurina said, smiling to sakura who just stand there with her mouth half opened,

Jurina almost couldn’t make it, and she run like crazy after the interview… but *Gosh* she made it

“Stupid ju..what with the phone before??”

“Hehe just want to surprised you” Jurina then smiling to the HKT kids “thank you everyone!!”

“No problem Jurina san! we love sakura so its nothing ! just remember your promise to threat us Yakiniku!” said HKT tentomuchu-chu-chu Tashima Meru, who loves eat more than anything

“And strawberry cakes!” NakoMiko combo said together, jumping around

“And mentai–hmmphh” 15 years old HKT boss, Natsumikan, sealed murashige mouth with her hand, while calmly smiling to Jurina

Sakura look at her team mates, when did they prepared this?

“Thank you everyone” Sakura said to her friends “but..why sing oogoe diamond?”

“because I like it obviously!” Jurina said brightly

“Why you had to be so narcissist even on my birthday ju (-_-) ”

Sakura then blow the candles, everyone clapping, and congrats sakura once again.

They then come inside, eat the cake together, and having another fun party for sakura birthday.

Just another party, but when sakura take a glance at Jurina, who sat beside her, laughing, and smiling there with the end..its not just another birthday party

Its the only party she ever needs.

The night getting late.. and one by one the hakata kids (that mostly underage and had a night curfew) went home

“bye cappu!”

“bye saachan, heve a good night!”

Sakura wave her hands to anai chihiro as the team H captain go away, she is the last of her hakata mates that went home.

As sakura closed the door, she can feel someone staring at her, Sakura turn her body around, and find Jurina standing there,smiling wider than the rest of the night

“Um..are you going back now too ju?”

“You know I’m not” Jurina then take out a pink slim box from inside her jersey “I haven’t give you your 18th rose yet am I” and she give the box to sakura

sakura open the box. inside, lay a single rose with a silver necklace swirling beautifully around it , one last note attached on it

‘for all of you..I want you to be mine’

Sakura only look at Jurina when she leaning closer, smiling and take the necklace, then put it on sakura neck

“just so you know, I’m marking you as my personal belonging with this necklace” Jurina said while putting the necklace on sakura, and Sakura just can’t stop her hands from pinching the teasing monster arm, but jurina only laugh “now we are even sakura!”

sakura look at the necklace on her neck, its beautiful…and despite the necklace already set perfectly, Jurina arms still linger around sakura neck.

Sakura slowly raise her head and look at the Nagoya ace face who only a few centimeters from her own, Sakura quickly shifting her eyes. The Nagoya ace smile just grow wider with sakura reaction

“ are 18 now?”

“I am”

“ are not under age anymore right?” *evil grin*

“w-what with that suspicious smile!?” sakura look to everywhere except Jurina face, try to cover her reddened face

“nothing” *grin grin* Sakura could feel Jurina intense gaze on her lips “happy 18th years” Jurina said before landed her sweat soft lips on sakura

Sakura tighten her grip on the rose in her hand. she get a massive amount of more exquisite gifts nor flowers for her birthday

but in the end..its really not about how expensive the gifts .. but from who is it.


Happy 18th birthday Cakulaaa chaan



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