the video list of a goddess (Mayuyu video that worth watching)

i have no idea why 3 from 5 of my oshi has a birthday in March



NB: you can find most of the mentioned videop on this link provided by @akbingo fans :

well for me.. all the video contain even mayuyu little finger  nail shadow are worth watching

but yeah…

in tribute to Mayu birthday’s  a list of  Mayu Watanabe video that worth watching

  1. lets begin with Shukan AKB ep. 74 : challenge the AKB. mayu challanged to memorize 30 country flag in 90 minutes, and she nailed it! not simply nailed it..she perfected it! she even memorize the full formal name.. and the most amazing part is..she using a memorizing technique only known by professional (that i happen to recognize because its related to my field).. to think that this girl (how old was she back then ? 16? 15?) able to come out with it by her self..and she even do it so cutely..*sigh*.. just why I’m stuck with her
  2. AKB bimyo episode 2 : mayu true idol skit … no .. you can’t run from her cuteness people!
  3. akb tokyo aki matsuri 2010 disc 4 : karaoke competition ..that Mayuki stupid duet of “team B washoi” in the beginning..and that Mayuki dog show skit in the middle.. presented to you people : Mayu the ultimate cutest Bratty kid with her mother Yukirin!
  4. Group shuffle in tokyo dome concert 2012 disc 2 … she is a freaking profesional and anyone can see it on her performance after the group shuffle.. dancing happily with a verge of tears in her eyes…have you ever seen someone cry and try to smile so hard at the same time?
  5. akbingo 36 : mayu cooking .. No Mortal human ! goddess Mayu don’t have interest at all with a mere humanly activity such as cooking!
  6. Akbingo 10 : not in the show, but in the oogoe diamond team b version in the ending with Mayu as a center.. and some people said she can’t really dance because of that UZA center change incident? ..c’mon..UZA just not her style.. i mean.. look how stunningly good she dance in this!
  7. akbingo 85 : muchaburi dodge ball … yeah right.. you can turn her into dozaemon.. strange old man..bald bratty kid…or whatever strange thing you have there in Japan.. and MAYU WATANABE would STILL BE INHUMANLY CUTE
  8. AKbingo 45 and 40 : mayu draw cartoon character in 10 seconds.. forget the picture.. it just ..cuteness..a cuteness that will clean your soul
  9. AKbingo 52 : No.. I never seen any one do a double rope skipping as cute as that before!!!!!! thank you..thank you akbingo for let me having this cuteness in my memory
  10. AKbingo 46 and 72 ,shojiki shogi Mayu vs Kojiharu and mayu vs yukirin… you haven’t watch this legendary battle yet? just close this blog..and watch it now.. you don’t know what you’ve missed!
  11. AKbingo 121 , i wish those poor member in the studio could survive in the present of DR. Watanabe! it just so dazzling !! shichan shed a tear due to the awesomeness of mayu danso? pfft.. i was passed out
  12. akbingo 196-197 : popularity high and low.. just why Mayu has been called “the idol of an idol”.. yeah new generations…we know you all want the goddess to be your  girl ..but puleeesaaae goddess don’t mingle with mortals ..thats why she rotate around other goddess named Yukirin
  13. Renai sousenkyo ep 23.. what will you do..if the queen of AKB confess her love to you
  14. AKB shirabe 21.. Mayu has the best butt in the whole akb group ! recommended by Jurina sama and sakuratan themselves ..are you guys ..googling at Mayu ass every time you change clothes together..*stop it imagination..stop!*
  15. AKB 4th janken takai : Blond doctor Watanabe vs Yukirin .. just Precious !! precious !!!
  16. Mayu performing “sumire no hana saku koro” with her beloved takarazuka as reward for achieve number one in sousenkyo 2014.. the way she said it ..when the management said she would have a performance with takarazuka… Me? sing with takarazuka? you should not do that (i am not worthy) .. *sigh* YOU WORTH IT
  17. AKB kouhaku utagassen 2015 : Mayu performing “Sore demo Suki dayo” …she put a shame to everyone else who ever sing it. simply magnificent !
  18. Majisuka Gakuen 2 : NEZUMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!!
  19. Saba doll : Mayu play a drama  as her self..but in that drama.. Mayu the idol actually a 30 years old school teacher who pretend to be a teenager
  20. Ooku special part 1 …. DAT MAYU YURI KISSING SCENE *swimming on my nose blood*
  21. AKB de arubaito ep 1 and 2 : mayuki are back! and in this episode.. goddess mayu infiltrate a class  full of mortal human..and if anything..those people in that class only make clear how goddess mayu looking so out of this world beautiful with that white thank top.
  22. Ariyoshi AKB 118 : AKB vs SKE …wild sexy Mayu appear ! and Rena was there to witness it
  23. Hakata hyakatten 1 ep 3 : mayu be like : yukirin around..only sashi a bunch of jail need to be in high tension… Mayu on her Ultimate grace form!
  24. AKB kouhaku utagassen 2014… just when i think she can’t be more beautiful than she already are.. there .. on that angel in white…. descent from the stairs as the white team captain in the form of Watanabe Mayu…ughhhh…my oshi..why are you so awesome!
  25. MV with Mayu that worth watching : Watarirouka Hashiritai “valentine kiss” or “hetappi wink” or any of their MV where mayu is the awesome center ! also : bare bare bushi, choudai darling, and Haru no hikari, kimi wa melody, kuchibiru be my baby… arghhhhhh she looks ridiculously great in every MV!


you can find all the said video by simply google it or follow this link for spreadsheet link


happy birthday my queen





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