Dance_mayuki SP : the cyborg that grown up (Jurina x sakura ft. 48/46 G)




— The cyborg that grown up —-

AKB48 44th Senbatsu line up has announced, and after all those joyous cried from the fans for the 43th single wondrous all star senbatsu; half of the newest single senbatsu are fresh generation member

As expected, after a certain chibi soukantoku graduate, the new era of the giant idol group would finally began. Agree or disagree, it has to be,as the sky that once shielding the group-the so called kami 7- that has long has really fallen

Speaking of which, one of those kami, the youngest of the 7 (no..obviously not nyannyan Kamen..cmon *duh*), whose has grown magnificently to the queen of the herd, standing quietly in front of the AKB practice room mirror, staring at her reflection, pulling her short hair that start to grow long again

“Happy birthday Mayu”

kashiwagi yuki appear and gently hug Mayu little figure from behind, wrap the so called “ultimate grace” with her warmness

“Thank you Yukirin” mayu replied, and gently catch the soft lips of the gravure queen

The afternoon sun light bathing the quiet practice room with its warm ray. its peaceful, and magical. Mayuki sipping their moment together slowly, unhurriedly melted with each other

Its only…

Mayuki are not the only one who shared those magnificent afternoon in the practice room

In the back, inside the locker. Two front line member of the mentioned new era, watch awkwardly to their two senpai

“J-jurina..maybe we should get out from here” Sakura whisper to the other girl who shared that tiny space inside the dark locker

“err..I don’t think its a right moment now ” Jurina replied

Jurisaku were practice as usual in that practice room, and just as usual, Jurina and her addiction to kiss could not left sakura lips alone.

But just when she started her move on sakura, they hear a foot step gotten closer, and the panic plus embarrassed sakura without  thinking pulled the SKE ace inside the locker nearby

Bad idea

Now they are stuck inside the tiny locker, trapped to witness the happening moment in the room




“…where do you think you put your hands on?”

*mischief smirk*

Sakura smile cutely to Jurina

“why don’t you just do this kind of things with that ‘Fujita Nana’ you love so much, that her twitter is full of you” sakura said sweetly, the word fujita Nana stressed with extra sweetness

“…” she is mad again ain’t she

‘but..but sakura thats ‘her’  twitter…*puppy cry*’

After something that feels like forever (for both Mayuki and Jurisaku in the locker), Yukirin finally parted her lips from Mayu. still close her eyes, try to savor the taste of Mayu lips a little bit longer in her head

“I love you Mayu”

“and I love you too Yukirin, since the first time i saw you in the audition 9 years ago.. ”

Yukirin only smile, cling on the shorter girl as she listen to her speak softly

“I still remember it clearly, you in a magenta pink sweater…a pearl necklace hanging in your neck. you were looking on the floor, clearly nervous… but your eyes..its shining with passion…*sigh* yukirin..I was thinking to my self, that I’ve never seen something that beautiful ever before ”

“ really know how to flirt” yukirin said, shifting her eyes away

“I’m not jurina…I just said whats in my mind” (Sakura unconsciously nod while stare at Jurina- who suddenly very interested with a stain on the locker roof)

“And then we get into a same team. You don’t like to talk, so do I..but you’ll listen to me anyway, and i feel like talking when I’m with you…”

“hmm” yukirin just murmuring, indulging in the comfort of mayu’s warmness

“even when I just chattered about anime that I like and you don’t, you still listen to me. smiling to my non sense. you always lent me manga, even that you know ill never return it…”

“ certainly never return them” yukirin pout cutely, try to look angry…but failed

“..and I find that you are kind..and caring…and I just cant help but falling for you”

Mayu take a glance to Yukirin face “..even now, 9 years later. Yuki…you still smiling listen to my rattles” and she peek the older girl lips once again..and again..and again..raining the taller girl with lots of cute little kisses

“…its not a rattles to me…its you.. talking to me..”

Mayu smile to her Yukirin “to think of it…we’ve through a lot this 9 years”

“it sure is..You have became more humanly… cyborg idol”

“ahaha..I haven’t been called cyborg for a while…but you still as black as ever”

“Hey! I was praising You!”

“hehe..sorry..sorry ” the used to be cyborg idol smile sweetly. a sweetness that even the black queen couldn’t resist.

Yukirin look at their reflection in the big mirror, its just seems like yesterday, when she hug her like this in the back of team b stage

she was the captain, and mayu is the center. her hair was straight and black back then, and Mayu haven’t graduate from her trade mark twin tails. Just stay like this, let the time passed by being in each other embrace…

a lot of memory flashing in their heart. Happy memories, sad memories. But even the sad one is precious to be remember.

“…you were transferred to team A..”

“hmm..and its the first time i saw you crying like that yukirin”

“its not my fault..I lost you for the first time there”


“but I think you saw me cry before that mayu”


“you remember? the first team b performance after I appointed as the captain, its not went so well…I felt like.. its my fault as the new captain…so I cry alone in the back of the stage ”

Mayu tighten her grip on the older girl arms that surrounding her… yes.. she remember

“…I saw you slip to the back stages alone yukirin, and I know something is wrong…so I follow you. and there I saw you, cry on your own. I…Im sorry I don’t know what to say back then..”

“ were…you just sit there…beside me…I was thinking what would you gonna say Mayu, but…you just stay there…patting my head…until I calm down”

“…please dont cry again yukirin”

“hmm…even if I do…could you please just stay beside me again…said nothing…but there.. beside me”

“… I would”

Yukirin look into mayu eyes…found nothing but honesty… and she smile…

Mayu hair is short now, her words are more mature now

she doesn’t act like a little cute mice who jiggles every time she moves now

but once yukirin look into mayu face, she is still there, the same little girl with angel face and dorky-ness that always cling to her.

with her perfect bangs, and her twin tails swing around. she is sill a cyborg after all; a frankly cyborg that suck at lying. And another memory flies into Yukirin

“you remember when we have that shoujiki soghi battle on akbingo?”

“hehe…I like that one”

“you do? even until now, people still ask me did we fight after that? you were so harsh on me! saying that I never replied your email and even accused my room to be gloomy!”

“haha..I don’t care with what people said,  all I care is that after, you start replying my email…and you finally invite me to your room, try to convince me that it’s not that plain”

“Wait !?? was that your true intention!!?” Yuki glare to the girl in her arm, who just smile mischievously

“I have to work hard to make you closer to me” *grin grin*

*sigh* “you are hopeless”

“hopelessly in love with you”

“and you just said you don’t flirt”

Mayu turn around, and look into yukirin

how can its possible? how can your heart still skip a beat every single time…even after all this years, still never had enough of that smile. That …perfect lips

mayu lean forward …and another kiss went by….. inevitable

— ——- —

“We better go now, they’ve prepared the cake and everything for you queen bee” Yukirin finally said after a long wet sloppy kiss, dragging Mayu with her

“ehh.. what about my present? what do you get for me this year Yukirin?” Mayu drag her feet lazily, still wanted to spend times alone with her Yukirin

“hmm..why don’t you check it by your self? my room” Yuki throw her sexy wink, and Mayu Watanabe grin so wide, almost floating when she following the black queen out side

Literally a second after the door closed behind mayuki, two figure fall out from the locker

“uwaaahhh!! its hard to breath in there!” Jurina said while catching the air as much as she can with her mouth

“I kinda feel bad that we actually eavesdrop to them like this” sakura said, a bit blushing

“Sakura.. I also fall in love with you since the first time I saw you in audition”

sakura rolled her eyes “we are not in a same generation ‘senpai’.. .more over… we are not even auditioned for same group remember?”

“and that one time we fight in shoujiki shogi…”

“hello? earth to Jurina? are you okay? what shoujiki shogi”

But Jurina only smile to the hakata girl protest..and skillfully stole a quick kiss from her lips


“yeah…you right…lets make our own story okay?” Jurina put her hands on sakura face

“lets start one now” she said before go for the other girl lips again..slowly..but sure.

lets make our own epic story together, start from now on


in tribute to Mayu Watanabe 22th birthday

thank you for lighten up my world…in my darkest time

happy birthday









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