dance : the 148.5 concert (jurisaku fic)




The day has come

The day that would mark the new chapter of the most gigantic idol group in the world

The day their absolute leader would finally graduate

The 148.5 no yume mita concert.

Named after the chibi-est person height in the entire group herself, its the day of Takahashi Minami graduation concert

As an opening for the historical concert, under the sun that shine brightly that day, a mini battle was held, a mix between sport festival and performance contest

Clashing : the new and rising group as team west, HKT and NMB Vs the more experienced older group, AKB and SKE as team east.


Sakuratan stretching her arms, try to concentrate heating up her joints before the match

but *sigh* its kinda hard when a certain gorgeous person keep piercing you with her eyes. Sakura throw a glance at the person who sit not far from her, eyes glued on sakura every movement

there she is again, so sinfully gorgeous with that team east blue t-shirt and that super short mini skirt .that sporty get up couldn’t be more suitable for her. No wonder when she appeared on the opening video, batting in slow motion, its hard to hear her male fans support, just because their voices shierking with all the hysterical scream from all the girls in the audience.

Their eyes met..and the mentioned throw sakura her hearth throbbing smile

“I though they were kidding when said they gonna put you as anchor in the relay race battle sakura”

“And you are the hundredth person who said that Jurina” said sakura, shifting her gaze away. Its dangerous for her heart to look into smiling Jurina for too long.

“why can’t everyone trust me..i will win this race!”

“I know..I know…” Jurina smile kindly. but then the image of sakura running flash in her head, and the nagoya ace failed to cover her doubt expression

“you don’t believe me do You”

“w-what are you saying..of course I do h-ha-ha” *nervous*

“you clearly do not! ahhh…hmm.. I know! lets bet Jurina”


“yes! I bet that team west will win this battle today”

“ho…interesting…and what are we gonna put as the bet?”

“hmm..I don’t know..our..bento?”

“hahaha no way, thats lame …lets about one wish”

“a wish?”

“the one who lose shall grant one wish of the winner”

Sakura think for while “not bad..okay! a wish then! so.. game on?” sakura point out her fist to Jurina

Jurina stand up and lightly bump her fist to sakura “game on”

“sakura-san please be ready!” the staff said

“Hai! you’ll see Jurina…ill win this race, and team west will win this battle! ”

“yeah..yeah” Jurina lean closer, and gently kiss Sakura on her forehead “good luck on your race sakura, dont get your self hurt okay”

“u-um” Sakura a bit blushing, but then more fired up when she turn around and entered the stage

Maybe because of that, or maybe not…against all odds … sakura did win the race!

But in the final score, with those totally cheating Mayuki duet (c’mon its totally cheating! they should have banned Mayuki doing any form of duet in a competition! its too…perfect :’) team east win the over all battle.

When the final score announced, sakura take a glance at Jurina, and catch Jurina throw a devilish smile to her start to think that this whole bet thing is.. probably.. not such a good idea


Jurina grinning from the thought of owning sakura one wish

what should she ask? a home made cook? a date? a kiss ..or…

But before her imagination could turn more wild, the staff called her, and after that,the preparation for the main concert takes all of the young SKE ace attention

Yokoyama Stadium glowing bright pink with light stick color. The audience voice went deafening as the light shone on Takamina, she looks stunning wearing that graduate dress of hers

Everyone; audience, members . Watch in astonish when that leader of AKB group for this sweet bitter 10 years start to piercing the night with her voice, sing “senaka kotoba”, her graduation song.

Even in the dim light behind the stage, glisten in yuihan eyes could clearly be seen as she watch the scene. The next soukantoku still can’t stop from suddenly crying since yesterday.

With the addition of MNL, BNK and TPE. The 48 group really now devouring the world, the baton takamina passed to her really is not light, but she’ll do it… only she could do it.

Acchan, Yuko, Tomochin,mariko sama, sae and akimoto are there too

The whole first generation member are there too

Watch in serenity, maybe a bit nostalgic with their own graduation. Welcoming their hard worker  soukantoku to finally joining them, welcoming another legendary member in their rank.

Its cold that evening…its a bit foggy

Sakura are there too, in that dark backstage. Watch the scene that she know would last in her mind for a long time. Just then…slowly,  A warmness warp sakura body from behind

“its cold, dont catch a cold sakura ” Jurina said softly while pulling the Hakata girl inside her Jacket,  wrapping Sakura with warmness both from the cloth and her body warmth …. its nice

They then listening whole heartily to the graduating soukantoku voice that echoing in the cold air



“Could we…could we carry on this group?”

“…I ..dont know..”


Jurina turn her head and look at the girl in her embrace… a real concern written on her face

“…hey sakura…do you still remember ..our bet ”

“..I do”

“I have a wish…”

“…what is it?”

“I wish..I wish that you would never give up chasing your dream”

Sakura stop for a while..before found the eyes of the nagoya ace

“You said..its your dream to be this group ace…so be the ace…if you then find another dream..then please chase that dream too..could you grant me that wish sakura?”


“I’ll be there too…around you… chasing my own dream too”

Sakura look at the nagoya ace…and that calming smile of hers absorbing every anxious feeling that linger in Sakura heart just a second ago

“lets believe in our dream, its there for a reason…and I believe so is our existence in this group..I don’t know what the future would be..but…lets go there sakura…”

How…how could simply words could dim a real warm in your heart. Sakura then pulling jurina coat that warp her tighter, stiffen the nagoya ace body on her. Her eyes on the others…



and then jurisaku shared a simple but sweet kiss, try to encourage each other. Dismiss each other doubt with each touch on their lips

on that cold night..on that dark backstages..on that song that sung…

to moving forward.


jurisaku on takamina graduation concert

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