10 akb group live performance that worth watching


I’m a music jungkie, I’m  a part-time musician,  and i’m  quite particular about music, to be frankly, at first i really don’t consider akb group music,because well..they are mostly lip-sync, and i used to be those hard core people that consider it as a sin for singer.

then ..slowly i understand the concept of idol group..and their main focus really is not about musical capabilities…and even a lot of them is a very capable musician..they have to put those highly qualified member in a same level as the others to form a group..thats why :  lip sync

so at first, i stay away from their music performance and enjoyed their ridiculousness on variety show only

but like a mold on the rock,they consumed me, and i start to listen to their music

and …well..this is 10 performance that really catch me!

nb : im not putting any main stream or major songs like heavy rotation, koisuru fortune cookies, UZA or Beginners..because… well…i don’t want to

  1. maeda atsuko sing sakura no hanabiratachi in tokyo dome 1830m concert 2012, a legendary performance in their legendary concert…for sure…just watch the back stages footage, those who walks stop..those who stop listen… everyone in the back stages watch in serenity as their absolute ace sing the song…just before graduate…leaving  the group she loves so much behind
  2. team b perform shonichi in request hour 2009 1#, with every one crying on the stages. team b is always considered as the black horse in the group, they are the youngest and not like the great team A..and the heavy team K..team B image is “cute” or  “a little sister that could not do anything right”. not only this song lyrics written based on each team b members real condition that time (like the part where mayuyu broke her feet and she got stressed out for refrained at important times). a special  song with members gathered and do their battle cry(?) before sing it. the song that supposed to be a couple song only, got first in request hour, placed the legendary song oogoe diamond as second instead. its the holy song for team b.
  3. shinoda mariko sing namida no sei janai in her graduation concert 2013, even takamina…the soukantoku that spills sweats and bloods for the group said that no one..no one loves akb more than mariko sama. the only 1.5 generation. she failed the first audition, work in the akb cafe instead, gave away akb pamphlet in the cold weather, the fans noticed her and support her..and the management then decide to take her as additional member. when she sing this song  live…the moment when she stop the song in “arigatou….” and not finish the last word “to ieru”…yes i could see it.. takamina is right…no one ever love the group more than mariko sama
  4. SKE 48 perform mango no.2 on Matsui Rena graduation concert 2588 days 2015. performed when the members go down to the audience and interact with them, fun and refreshing!
  5. first generation perform yuuhi wo miteiruka in shinoda mariko graduation concert 2013. this special song for first generation and  akimoto yasushi himself favorite song, performed with a very hearth warming atmosphere each time…and this performance is one of the best.
  6. akb48 selection senbatsu perform hakimono to kasa no monogatari in spring concert 2015. its a great song with awesome lyrics, about two old woman that lives side by side in a country side, one sells umbrella and one sells shoes, became friend…then die …err.. .maybe you could check the lyric translation here rather than my pathetic explanation) never less  …its a great performance.
  7. akb48 performance in kouhaku utagassen 2015, the real one not akb group kouhaku, where acchan and yuko appear as a surprise for everyone (beside yuihan, mayuyu and some few members that had to adjust the dance choreography ) …feels like 2012 all over again
  8. akb48 senbatsu performing lay down in manatsu no dome tour day 2 2013, sexy as he-els !
  9. AKB48 perform akb festival in akb super festival on nissan stadium 2013..(this makes my tongue slips) with all those flags, those ultra colorful outfit, those pink sea of audience ..i watched it on winter..still feel the summer-ish  vibe! such a great opening performance that will lift your spirit.
  10. team b perform team b oshi on akb tokyo dome concert 2014 first day, because that sweet mayu proposed yuki scene in the beginning..because yes i think 2014 is awesome..and because I love the song the most!

bonus :

bonus because maybe my judgement is fogged since its performed by my oshi…but ..well..these performance…i treasured it!

  • matsui rena sing mujin eki on AKB kouhaku uta gassen 2013 shirogumi M11…this is simply..dazzling
  • matsui rena sing nagisa no cherry on akb kouhaku uta gassen 2012 M20, its a cute performance..and finally..rena ..the shadow center…permit to sing that super center-isn song :’) …song that said only available for center or future ace because it was the song that marked acchan recognition as center. ..moreover….in the bonus video…mayuyu danced with yukirin to the song from audience seat..and yuki is the first person to stand up despite rena is from opposite team..ah…my shipper hearth
  • watanabe mayu sing soredemo suki dayo in AKB kouhaku uta gassen 2015 shirogumi M9… again she is my oshi..but honestly ..i think this is the best performance of the song ever..so refreshing.
  • SKE48 performing escape in akb request hour 2014 #22…wmatsui…they kills people with their awesomeness.


i love this group

its so much fun

i love it !


mayuki dance to rena nagisa no cherry

2 thoughts on “10 akb group live performance that worth watching

  1. my ultimate heart clenching performance it kamigami no ryouiki
    nagoya dome (1st gen+furumarion) and request hour 2015 (only J+masana left)
    gave me the feels..
    AKB’s 9th gen performance is always interesting (love shugyou, barebarebushi,etc)
    i might have attracted to gen bonding lol


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