Dance (jurina x sakura ft AKB G ) : the 44th senbatsu



“Stay still sakura…”


“Do you trust me?”

“..I..I do”

“sshhh…I promise to be gentle okay”



“…I..I CAN’T JURINA !!!!” Sakura then pushed the SKE ace away, blushed hard

“hey jurina.. what are you doing to Sakura?” attracted by the ruckus, Mayu watanabe come to the scene, dragging Yukirin with her (inseparable as always)

Mayuki then find the blushed sakura covering her reddened face and the nagoya ace knelling in front of her…holding an eye liner

“I try to help sakura with her make up, but she can’t stay still” Jurina said to the pair (yes make up…what do you think it was?)

The 44th senbatsu members are having photo session for the new single, they are gathered in the waiting room, waiting for the stage set up

oOn one corner, two of the three musketeer; okada nana and kojimako could be spotted, chatting with their tentomuchu-chu-chu mate, kitagawa ryoha from SKE.

The three beauties and claimed future ace in each of their group looks like in the middle of a death serious discussion, or ..maybe its just looks like so because its okada nana (the most serious idol in the world) that talking.

On other corner, member of unofficial and the best sub unit in akb evaaar (for its dumbness), SONE, fooling around happily, sashiko, kitarie, and michan looks having so much fun teasing miyazaki myao.

The team K captain, HKT theater manager and the NGT captain tossing around the girl who finally entered senbatsu again, treating happy myao like a beach ball for a second there.

While on another corner, the first timer in AKB senbatsu, the freshest of the fresh member : takakura ‘okappi’ moeka, sotou riripon, goto lalalalala and katomina meddling together

Looks anxious and curious on every single move made by their so called AKB-group-senbatsu-senpai. fawning over nyannyan kamen that fall asleep just after a second she came, and look nervously to paruru that just stare the wall blankly without any expression.

“come on sakura..dont move okay” Jurina move closer to the hakata girl again.

Jurina skillful finger start gently meddling on sakura face, while her sharp eyes focus on every detail

She had no idea, how each of her soft touch feels burnt in sakura face, how her only inches away face makes sakura could clearly see the nagoya ace long eye lashes, a strand of hair in her marble like cheek…and her thin sexy …lips..that so wild yet so tender when she… kissed


The immediate blushed sakura push Jurina away again, shake her head furiously hoping her imagination could stop being so indecent

“Sakura? why can’t you stay still?” Jurina scratch her head, confuse with the younger girl action

“Tsk tsk tsk… step away Jurina, if its make up, you should just left it to me” Yukirin who watch the scene come forward, replacing Jurina place

“Buuut…but i wannaaa be the one who put sakura make up onn” Jurina protesting “I want to! I want to!!” Jurina start pouting like a child ”

“i want to!!! i want t—hmph” Mayu shut the young SKE ace mouth plainly, and pointing at yukirin as the black queen throw a deathly glare to her .


Jurina stop and mayu release her hand… ‘…your waifu… are scary’ Jurina slowly whispered to mayu ‘I know..but she is cute even when she is angry isn’t she?’ mayu whispered back with eyes filled with love, somehow proud

Kashiwagi Yuki then bend in front of sakura, this moves almost makes her over whelmed F cup oppai spilled from the tight uniform she wear (Jurina could hear mayu that stand beside her gulped ), yukirin then start applying the make up, focus on her kagoshima imouto face

mayu and Jurina watch the two from aside. But.. somehow…the way yuki move her finger on sakura face, the way sakura look at yuki face that just inches from her when she carefully apply the foundation…the scene click something on inside Jurina

Jurina : ‘…hey mayu…is it just me..or do you think..this is kind a …hot?’ whispered Jurina, clearing her throat that suddenly feels dry

Mayu : ‘hem…yukirin is hot whatever she do’ *eyes glued on Yukirin*

Yukirin start drawing the eye brows. Her slim finger move elegantly, curving on sakura’s upper head, and sakura slightly lift her head, look at her senpai with empty but (according to Jurina’s eyes) longing gaze

Jurina watch closely as yukirin gently brushing sakura’s cheek

yukirin hand carefully move along sakura’s jaw, put a soft tone there

Yukirin finger parted sakura’s pink lips…slowly spread the lip gloss with her ring finger

and thats it..Jurina lost it

Jurina moves forward and slowly pulling her 3rd generation senpai away from sakura

“huh? jurina.. I haven’t finished yet”

“jurina wh—??!” sakura question muffled in the middle as the Sakae ace just kiss the hakata girl ….passionately

Mayu and Yukirin : “wow”

Sashi : “uwaahh close your eyes kids!!” the pedophil motherly sashiko shielding the jail bait members from the sight

Renachi, tomu, ryoka “hoo…hmm” *takes notes**studying Jurina’s technique*

Annin and Kodama : *why….**cries*

Sakura totally  embarrassed, but her head went foggy as the sakae ace soft lips rubbing her own. Sakura don’t know how long it has been until Jurina pulled her self

“Now your lip gloss is spread evenly sakura” said Jurina, smiling innocently

“s-s-STUPID JURINA!” the hakata girl face can’t be more red than it is “baka! baka!! bakaa!!!” sakura rained the SKE ace with her fist, Jurina running away from Sakura, laughing, clearly not feel any damage from sakura’s powerless fist

Jurina run outside, and sakura chasing her. once they in the empty hallway outside the room, Jurina catch sakura hand… pulling the hakata girl.. and kiss her once again

sakura still angry and so she try to rebelling from the kiss. But the nagoya ace keep stubbornly kissing her. Slowly.. sakura finally give up.. and return the kiss

“sakura…please stop makes me want to kiss you” the ske young ace said in between, before continue to kiss the other girl

sakura not answering it…rather.. she can’t . how can she said it aloud, that she herself, couldn’t stop the tough of kissing Jurina. addicted to her lips.. and everything that attached to it.

Jurina…what on earth have you done to me.




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