Dance : err….a bit sayamilky sp (jurisaku ft.akb group)



Another day in akb practice room

Members of the most sophisticated idol group in the world, akb48, gathered there as always, shaping their form whenever they have time to.

In the back of the room, four aces of the group, part of the elite front line known as kami7; jurina, sakura, mayu and yukirin sit side by side, take a break from the routine.

Jurina and sakura lean to each other, with one of jurina arm circling sakura, while both of their eyes busy with their own cell phone (*sigh* young people these days). beside them, yukirin listening to mayu that talk about her beloved takarazuka with super high tension, totally shattered her “ultimate grace” title… well…its not like yukirin care thou, as you could see love glittered in yukirin eyes from a thousand miles away as the black queen keep giggling and staring intensely at the akb queen bee

ah…isn’t it nice to be in love.

But then, suddenly, a sound of loud bang on the hard wooden floor shifted these two lovely dovey pair attention.

“o-ouch” Sayanee, NMB iconic leader and ace brushing her back, that one of the most skillful dancer in the whole 400 member of akb group, out of usual, just fell to the floor.

She fall pretty hard, but sayanee herself don’t seems like bother it, she just stand up again, and continue her dance practice, dance amazingly strong …almost like possessed …almost like…nishino miki dance …too much and a bit creepy.

“Maybe we should stop her? she’s been dancing like that for hours” yukirin said, while watch sayanee that almost slip again from her too intense dance

“Let her be, she need it” mayu said, before throw her glance to a certain ace from nagoya that sit beside her “right, Jurina?”

“….un” Jurina eyes on her friend and number one rival, watch the Namba ace dancing

Watanabe Miyuki, the other ace of NMB48, just announced her graduation.

And the Namba captain announced that she would cancel her kennin position right after the other ace announcement.

And it seems like, today is the day that Namba captain decide to pour it all on the dance floor

Other ace do not participate in sousenkyo, announced her graduation not long after, and the other ace that left cancel her kennin position in AKB to fully support and recover the group from the lost.

“de javu?” mayu said to jurina


“theres a time when you cried a whole day at handshake event back then weren’t you…after… Rena left”

“hmph…I sure did”

Sakura take a glance at Jurina face, in the somewhat calm face the nagoya ace show, sakura could found uneasiness in her clear eyes.

Sakura find her hand gently venturing on Jurina face, try to ease- even just a little bit-whatever it is on Jurina’s mind. Feel sakura touch on her face, Jurina gently catch sakura’s hand, smile to her and plant a light kiss on her head, stroking sakura hair with her other hand, and pulling sakura deeper in her embrace.

Sayanee keep dancing wildly, no one in the room, even Jurina and mayu who said to be member with the best memory to akb thousand dance moves, know to which song is she dance anymore.

The other NMB member in the room also just look at their captain, even ogasawara mayu, nmb first gen and sayanee best friend, don’t dare to said anything and just watch silently, with her hand clenched.

Sayanee keep dancing and dancing, until a certain person entered the practice room

Jurina, sakura, and mayuki eyes followed that person walk straight to the middle of the room, where sayanee dance, and pulled the Namba ace hand, stoping her ridiculous dance session.

“Let go off m—” sayanee words hang in the middle as her eyes catch the one who stop her


“I think you need to rest already sayanee” watanabe miyuki said calmly to the namba ace, milky then take out a towel from her bag, and wipe the namba ace sweat from her face.

“…what are you doing here?”

“practicing, I’m [still’ a member remember”

“…you are…” yes … until the exact graduation day, milky is still part of the group

And sayanee just stand there silently, let that number one tsurishi girl in the entire AKB group gently wipe the sweat from her.

NMB48 on their top form now, and they would make it somehow even without one of their most iconic member

Milky gently patting the towel on sayanee’s face, smiling to her, but sayanee couldn’t find it in her hearth to smile back

Something restrained the namba captain from smiling, something that has nothing to do with the management, or the group that she loved too much, it just…a lost. The most pure feeling of losing.

The relationship between the two ace always hard to explain, sayanee always too serious, and milky always too not serious.

sayanee would rarely spoke her mind, and milky speak her mind just too much, but the two had been the one who made nmb what is it now

What they had shared between them all these years…is something that a word would only fail to explain.

Because you miss sun the most when it is cold, because you search for a light the most when its dark, because you know its precious …mostly…when its gone.

Sayanee would not said anything. She is too shy to ask, too pride to said the word. And milky won’t forced her to

But eyes is a window to ones soul, and once the two Namba ace eyes meet…its said everything that could never be spoken.

That she would miss her big smile

Her stupid erotic jokes

Her straight cute rudeness

And mostly..she’ll miss her..she will miss her as a whole..

And she was too stupid to always takes her for granted all this years…

Oh yes…sayanee always know how much milky means to her, but what she missed is… she never know how much she need her …that she need her more than anything she ever need…not until she know that she would lost her.

Sayanee would not said anything, and milky won’t forced her to…but words are not needed anymore…as the two ace lost in each other eyes.


The pathetic look in sayanee face consumed Jurina more than she wished it would, the mamba’s circumstances brings too much memories of a certain past that Jurina herself still find it hard to move on from.

“I’m going back to my tokyo apartment” Jurina said, before gathered her stuff and stand up “bye sakura, ill text you later”, the nagoya ace then walk outside the room, rescuing herself from the sayamilky scene.

Jurina already half way to the front entrance, still haunted by sayanee’s face, when she heard someone running, and catch her from behind.


“Sakura? whats wrong?” Jurina look behind, found the hakata girl cling on her back

“C-can I…can I stay over at your place tonight” sakura said with a voice almost as little as a mice

“EHHH!!??” Jurina look at sakura with puzzled, is this.. is this mean that Sakura want–

“i-its not like that!!! ” sakura said while shake her head so hard to cut whatever it is in Jurina’s head that she feel dizzy. Her face clearly blushed now “it just that..I ..I think I could cook something for you” sakura said while buried her reddened face on the nagoya ace back

“a-and, I had a feeling… You won’t be able to sleep well tonight Jurina” Jurina found herself a bit surprised by the words…maybe, because she know, sakura is right.

“..S-so…if its okay with you….I want to be there …beside you”

Jurina look at the girl who glued on her back, see that even the girl ear is red now,

and really, Jurina can’t help but to pulled the other girl into her arm… and kissed her, try to melt their lips to each other, tangled their tongue to each other, indulging in each other presence….and little by little… the heaviness in jurina’s chest lifted…replaced by a kind, warm feeling.

Thank you…sakura


“Just let me be the one who cook for tonight okay, I like cooking for you” Jurina finally said after they parted from each other heat

“I’ll help you” said sakura, still a bit dazed

“hmm…sounds good, what do you want for dinner ?”

“Anything would be fine, do you have something you want to eat tonight jurina?”

“Honestly? you ” *evil grin*

“C-cut it off!!!” sakura glared to Jurina, but failed to not blushed

“hahahha, sorry..sorry..lets go”

Jurina grab sakura’s hand, and sakura following the nagoya ace outside.

Things change, people come and go, leave only memory of them to stay. memory would always stay…and sometimes….thats enough.



jurina : “are you feels hot?” piercing sakura with her eyes

sakura : *(/////_\\\\)*


12 thoughts on “Dance : err….a bit sayamilky sp (jurisaku ft.akb group)

    1. thank you for reading

      love scene…
      yeah..on sakura’s birthday..and this time sakura sleep over…its totally lead to a love scene
      but…. i… can’t write it :’)) …. i still can’t get rid sakura imoutou image from my head …and it feels like….wrong ha~ haha~ ha

      sorry to be weird


    2. hmm…wait…kwang-jess?
      Its YOURS tumblr account above that i posted on this blog sorry I’m using it without permission, ill erase it right away if you don’t like it

      i really like your tumblr account btw! jurisaku ❤


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