dance : Taboo no iro (jurina x sakura ft.akb48)




Jurina gently move sakura’s stranded hair from that hakata princess cheek, not want anything includes that sweet girl own hair disturbing her slumber.

Jurina touch makes sakura moves a bit, repositioning her head on Jurina’s shoulder, but still deep in sleep. Jurina look at the girl on her shoulder sleeping face…and smile.

its night, the akb special van run smoothly on the almost empty road, carrying some of akb 44th senbatsu that just finished some charity job for people in kyushu that suffer from earth quake recently

everyone are tired…but happy, and almost everyone sleeping just like sakura… well…almost

Jurina looks around…some members still awake.

In the far back, okada nana and some members still busy taking a selfie. Since she cut her hair to super short, seems like every member are obligated to take a two shoot picture with her, commemorating the birth of super ikemen ‘nanao kun’, keeping that one of three musketeer busy for this few days

Not far from nanaokun and friends, sayanee also still awake. That namba leader just look outside the window, sighing once or twice to the dark scenery outside. she’s been like that since milky announced her graduation….*sigh* hang in there sayanee

Sakura warm body against her start makes jurina eyes feel heavy, but before the sakae ace closed her eyes, some noise catch her attention. The young ace then shift her eyes to watanabe mayu who sit alone not far from her

Mayuyu are having a video call with her waifu yukirin who on her national solo tour. From what jurina could catch, seems like the mayuki are having some argument about yukirin being too sexy again on her concert

“Mayu chan…honey…we’ve talk about this”

“I know!  its just that…” mayu pouting to her phone

“you told me you love me,  and you will always support me, and respect the way I do my job remember?”

“I do said that..and I mean it ! but…but..”




“gosh.. yukirin Im jealous okay! I’m sorry I can’t help that I want to keep you for my self ! I just..I love you” mayu said the last word almost whispering



“Watanabe mayu”


“you better not lock your apartment door when I come back from my tour…ill come straight to you” the black queen said with extremely seductive and hungry tone… leave mayu gulped and blushed on her seat…only able to nod her head

“… I’ll be waiting…just forget what I said earlier…do whatever you think best for the tour okay…I love you yuki…whatever you do ill love you…good night”

“I love you too mayu…night babe”

Yukirin throw a ridiculously sexy kiss before end the call, mayu put her phone away grinning happily

A grin that vanish right away when she noticed a certain young ace are looking at her ..smirking

“what are you smiling to jurina” the akb queen piercing Jurina with her eyes

“tsk tsk tsk mayu…jealous? really? jealousy is only for people who don’t have confidence ” the sakae ace said


“To think that you from all people…pftt..the cyborg…jealous..hahahaha”

Mayu just take her phone and type some words as the sakae ace keep laughing to her, she then pointed her phone screen to the nagoya ace face, makes the young ace stop her laugh right away

“W-what is this??”

“pfft…I guess haven’t watch this don’t have courage to watch it aren’t you jurina?” the smaller girl smirk mischievously

Jurina watch in horror at the video on mayu’s phone…Sakura …and the hakata other ace..dancing…getting closer…the atmosphere only lead to one thing

“T-This is”

“hkt48 taboo no iro really haven’t watch it aren’t you” mayuyu grinning widely

And yes, Jurina has been avoiding the video since she know what is in it

The young Sakae ace frozen as she watch sakura lips just getting closer… and closer..before it finally locks on the other hakata ace lips

Jurina turned into stone

And now is mayu turn to laugh at the sakae ace


The car bumping a little, waking sakura from her sleep, she just going to close her eyes again but she feel like she is leaning on an iron bar


Sakura look at Jurina who sit beside her, and find the nagoya ace sit in super straight position, looking blankly straight forward

“J-jurina??! whats wrong??!”

“S-sakura” the nagoya ace looks surprised found sakura awake, and somehow… nervous

The image from the video that young ace just saw still glued on her head like a gum on a shoes ..annoyingly stays there.

“Are you okay? are you having a car sick?” sakura gently put her hand on the nagoya ace fore head, but Jurina only look at her with a weird expression

“Jurina? is something wrong?”

“its … ok–” but the nagoya ace words are cut by sakura ringing phone

“ sorry jurina” said sakura before take her phone

“Hallo…ah…haruppi chan! whats up?” Jurina eyes couldn’t possibly went bigger than it is when she heard the name sakura mentioned

“ahaha yes…hmm…and?” sakura talk brightly to her phone, and Jurina could feel a giant hammer banged her chest with every single alphabet that out from sakura lips

‘she is just being professional on that video…she is just doing her job’ Jurina chanting on her head…try to calming her self

“ah yes haruppi chan…sure..ahaha yes the uniform for tomorrow is so cute”

what Jurina heard : ” haruppi…you are so cute”

“yes..yes..I love that song too”

what Jurina heard : “I love you…haruppi”

ARGHHHH!! jurina shakes her head as hard as she can ‘cmon! get hang on yourself Jurina !! she was just doing her job…just doing her job!’

“hmm? you want to stay over at my place tonight haruppi ?” jurina turn her head so fast that she almost break her neck

“sure you ca—” Jurina takes sakura phones from her before the hakata girl could finished her words

“Jurina?? give my phone back!” sakura tried to take her phone back, but Jurina easily pinned the hakata girl to her seat with one hand, while her other hand put sakura’s phone on her

“Sakura?? whats wrong?? hello?” jurina could hear the voice from the other side

“Jurina!! what is this! give it back” sakura tried to rebelling but the sakae ace just too strong for her

“Kodama chan”

“eh? this voice… Jurina san?”

“I’m sorry…you can’t stay over… I would keep sakura busy this entire night” Jurina said lightly while piercing sakura with her eyes…smiling.

“???!!” Jurina end the call not even wait for the other girl respond

Sakura look at Jurina in disbelief

“WHAT WAS THAT JU!!” sakura glare furiously to Jurina “aren’t you a bit too rude!! what would kodama chan think!!! give my phone back!!”

Sakura snatch her phone from Jurina hand, and try to redial the number, but Jurina hand stop her

“don’t call her back”

“Jurina! you were rude! and we owe her an apology! let go! don’t you feel sorry for kodama chan?!”

“I dont..dont call her back”

“Jurina??! whats gotten into you??? let go!”

“please….dont call her back”

The sudden change on Jurina’s tone makes Sakura stop for a while, and take a better look at the nagoya ace face

she looks… miserable


“Please….I’ll apologize to her later…but please…dont call her back”

Sakura look at Jurina…find the nagoya ace turned into her lost puppy mode

“Jurina…are you…jealous?”

And sakura could hear mayu bursting a little from her seat, but that AKB third generation ace quickly turn her burst into unnatural cough *c-cough**cough*

“…Dont call her back”

“Jurina…we are just hmph—”

Jurina stoping sakura with her kiss…”please…just…dont…” jurina pleading from between their kisses

And just like every time they kiss, every cells in sakura’s brain turn into dust. Incapable to do anything else than feeling the sensation of Jurina’s wild but tender lips,rampaging on her mouth


“I’m sorry to be so childish…it just that…” sakura just stare at the nagoya ace face, a new expression she never seen before linger in there. An expression that bitter ..but sweet, cute and warm at the same time

“it just that…I hate the idea that someone else will take my place from you”

Sakura gently stroke that sakae ace face with her finger …look at her deeply

“No one would ju…”

“No one?”

Sakura then takes Jurina’s hand into hers ..grab it like she would never let her go “no one” and sakura kiss her…

— —- —-

Mayu watanabe stretch her arm

She finally finish fixing her schedule for tomorrow, and now she could finally rest her tired eyes

but before…out of curiosity, the queen take a glance to the seat just next to her

Jurina and sakura are sleeping peacefully, leaning on each other…with their hands…clenched together

Mayu smile…

‘Maybe…I’ll just text yukirin good night once again’ she said to herself before take her phone out

Sometimes…a little bit of jealousy would add a spice to love…a bit..just a bit is fine







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