dance : Jurina House (sakura x Jurina)



Sakura stand quietly in front of a two-story house on a nice and calm neighborhood, the house is slightly bigger than the houses around, with a classy look attached on it.

Just a normal  house, it just a normal house and yet sakura find her hands clenched nervously as she look at the building, followed by a slightly dizzy on her head, and a sudden dry on her throat.

The hakata girl throw a seeking-for-help glance at the figure that stand beside her

“J-jurina…how do i look?” Sakura said as she fixing her hair for the hundreds time again that morning

Jurina take a look at the hakata girl beside her and smile “perfect…just like always…now, cmon!” Jurina takes sakura hand with her and sakura just silently following that nagoya ace entering the house.

It is matsui Jurina house.

Sakura didn’t think too much when she agreed on Jurina offer to visiting her house, never though it would be this nerve-wrecking

And no, it is not the house that maddening sakura…but…it is someone ..someone that she would have to met in there

“Ju…what is your moms like? is it fine for me to talk with her? is she had something she really dislike?” the usually calm Sakura could not help to being fussy due to her nervousness

“Hmm…how should i say it…you better not talk to her sakura….and whatever you do, don’t look at her in the eyes, and never ever give her a food or you’ll lose your finger ! keep your distance at 5 meters, she is super wild and dangerous!”

Sakura glared at Jurina but Jurina only laugh at her

“Hahaha …she is cool ! don’t worry, cmon!” Jurina open the front door “Tadaima!” she said cheerfully


a stylish elegant lady, with a strong resemblance of Jurina come to the greet

“Jurina, you are losing weight again? are you eating properly?? why can’t you came home more often??” the lady then start to pouting, and the way she is pouting only makes her looks more like Jurina

“I am okay mom, don’t worry” Jurina said “i have someone that i want to meet you today”

And for the first time, the beautiful lady take a look at sakura who fidgeting on her spot this entire time, the second their eyes meet, sakura could feel an ice blocks running through her spine

“H-Hajime Mashite, matsui san. I am miyawaki sakura” sakura said while bowing

“she is my girl friend” Jurina said lightly

and sakura couldn’t help but to drop her jaw

‘J-jurina ?! just like that??! isn’t that a bit too sudden?? don’t you need to introduced me more properly??? t-theres so much need to be explianed– I am dead now! thank you ju, your mother going to hate me forever now!!’

Sakura is lucky she is bowing, that Jurina mother don’t have to see how stupid is the look on her face now.

sakura take a scary peek to see ju’s mom expression, but the lady just smile at her

“Nice to finally meet you sakura chan, Jurina always talk about you, but she do not told me that you will come today, I could cook something before hand if I know”

eh? Jurina ….already told her mother about me? s-since when?? what is she told her ??? *doki doki doki*

“Ah..n-no, its fine matsui san…and um..we happen to buy this on tokyo before we got here…I heard from Jurina that you like this cake ”

“My, my… thank you, come in.”

Sakura following Jurina and her mother inside, the hakata girl looks around curiously ‘so…this is where Jurina grow up…’.

There is some astonishing buildings miniature from paper on one corner, sakura notice that it is probably one of Jurina’s mother unfinished project (who work as a contemporary artist). On another corner, stood an upright piano, sakura wonder if Jurina could play it, She kinda want to heard Jurina played the piano for once…

Sakura, jurina and ju’s mom eat the cake together in the living room, both matsui are very cheerful and warm, and jurina is right, her mother is super cool, She is charming, smart, funny and elegant…sakura wonder is that how Jurina would be in the future, and cant help but to chuckle a little.

The three are having a fun conversation, and the nervousness sakura felt earlier slowly fading. the cake and the tea quickly finished, ju’s mom then take the empty glass and plates on a tray

“Nice to chat with you sakura, please enjoy your visit” Jurina mom said while stand up with the tray.

“Ah, please let me help you with that!” despite ju’s mom tried to stop her, sakura insisted, sakura then following ju’s mom to the sink and help wash the dishes.

while on the sink, sakura eyes accidentally bump into a framed picture on a table; an old picture, quite in the back and rather concealed from the sight .

It is a picture of little Jurina with a firm-looking man, smiling happily under a bright sun on a yacht, in the middle of blue ocean. ‘huh? a yacht? ‘

“That is Jurina’s father”

“?!” sakura turn around and find ju’s mom who drying the plates beside her, catching her obvious stare

“ah..Im sorry..I didn’t mean to-”

“its okay…he is a successful business man, allowing him to buy anything that he like with all the money he got…well…almost anything”

“…” a bittersweet smile on the lady signaling sakura to not asked more, so she is not.

Sakura then just quietly washing the dishes, that is when Jurina come and gently hugging sakura from behind

“hey…are you done yet sakura?? ” Jurina said while snuggling on sakura’s neck

“J-just a bit more” sakura really wished Jurina would stop doing that, her mother is looking for Heaven sake!

“ah..just leave it sakura chan, ill finished it . just go with Jurina, you two rarely have a time off don’t you?” Ju mom said


“yeyy!! thanks mom! cmon sakura!! ”

Jurina dragging sakura with her to her room, and close the door behind them

“finally…we can be alone” the nagoya ace smirk, Jurina sit on the floor, and pulled sakura to sit on her lap.

Jurina really living her titled as a kissing monster, not restraining herself at all with her girlfriend sitting on her laps, her smirky lips fast to find a way to the other girl lips, gently raining sakura with a playful kiss

But something still bothering sakura, distracting her from Jurina kiss.

“… is something wrong sakura?”

“Ju… really love your mother aren’t you”

“I do!”

“But…i never heard you talked about your father…”


“…J-just forget it! sorry i asked a weird thing!” sakura tried to stand up, but Jurina stoping her and pulled her back to her laps

“No..its fine..I want you to know everything you want to know about me”


“You know that my parents are divorced right?”

“…un” sakura slowly nodded “…do you…do you hate your father?”

Sakura could clearly see how her question makes that nagoya aces slightly taken aback



“I saw my parents fight…and my mother cries…I see my father left her…and despite all the hell he makes me see…I …don’t…hate him…well at least..Im no longer hate him ”


“Maybe because I cant forget the panic in his eyes ,when he carried me to the doctor in the middle of the night when i catch a fever….his smile, when he teach me how to set a bait on a fishing rod…his laugh..when I jumping around, found out that he bought me a birthday present that i really wanted….no…I don’t hate him…I cannot hate my own father”

Jurina is smiling the whole time, but maybe its something in her voice, or something in her eyes, or something in the way she look straight at sakura eyes all the time as she told her all of that, a single tear escaping from the corner of sakura’s eyes…

“hahaha why are you crying? sakura?!” looking at sakura miserable face, jurina only kindly laughing, slowly erasing the tears from the hakata girl face with her finger “cmon! isn’t this weird?? isn’t i am the one that supposed to crying ? ” jurina said playfully

But even so…sakura couldn’t stop the streaming of tears from her eyes

“hey ..hey..ssh…its okay..its okay” jurina said, wiping the tears from sakura face gently “I’m okay now…i have you here with me” Jurina whispered to sakura ears

And it is all nice… and calming…and warm… but sakura cant find it how to stop her cry, so Jurina lift her face, and look deep into sakura teary eyes “I’m okay now…but I’m not okay seeing you crying Sakura…please..stop crying okay?”

Sakura nodded, tried to pull her self, but her tears start escaping from her eyes again.

Jurina take a better look at sakura face, find that the girl who is crying over something that she herself don’t really find sad anymore, are kind…and amusingly cute. The thought draw a smile on Jurina face

“…really…what should i do with you sakura…” Jurina then lay sakura down to the floor, and slowly… kiss her.

Wiping sakura tears gently with her lips, and kiss her again, until the girl stop her cute sobbing, kiss her until her tears dry, kiss her, until the other girl find her way to kiss Jurina back, an so they stay kissing for a little while, a little while until sakura find her self back

— —- —-

“Do you know why i want you to come home with me?” Jurina finally said after a while

“…so…I can meet your mother?”

“yes…I am an only child, and she is everything I have…I want her to know, that I also have you now”.


“so please don’t cry, this supposed to be a happy day…okay?”


They spend the rest of the day cuddling with each other. Play a massive collection of old video games that Jurina have.

Sakura find the old AKB date simulation game on one of Jurina’s console, and madly hitting Jurina with a pillow when she saw the memory data “o-ouch! it was years ago!!! and it just a game!! o-ouch!!”

The sun almost set when finally they both heading back to tokyo

“You two should just stay over ” ju’s mom said

“Maybe next time mom, we had a morning photoshoot at tokyo tomorrow, and sakura had a rehearsal for HKT new theater opening too”

“Thank you very much matsui san, i had a very pleasant time” Sakura said as polite as she can

“Make sure to visit again okay sakura chan…i can cook you a meat sauce spaghetti that Jurina likes ”

“I want to!! I want to!! we will come back!!” Jurina said brightly regardless the offer was not intended to her, she then give her mom a big hug and a kiss “take care until then mom”

“We will matsui san, take a good care”sakura said, Ju’s mom then lean closer to give sakura a hug, while she hugging the hakata girl, jurina catch that her mom whispered something to Sakura

“huh? what are you whispered to Sakura mom?”

“Nothing” said ju’s mom while throw a smirk thats so Jurina-like to sakura, and sakura blushed a bit

“What is it? hey sakura what is my mom said?”

“i-its nothing! cmon ju! the train will leave soon” said sakura while dragging jurina

“cmon! tell me! sakuraaa chan”

Ju’s mom keep looking at the young pair who fought cutely as they walk away

“Sakura…Jurina is the only thing I have in this world..but I am glad that she found a nice girl like you…if she ever hurt you..tell me okay…ill smack a common sense out of that kid”

Jurina keep bombarding sakura with her curiosity all their way back to tokyo…and sakura keep avoiding it.

Just when jurina finally asleep on the train, and sakura alone, look at the dark scenery outside the window, ju’s mom words come back to her…and she find on her reflection in the window… the biggest smile she ever has for a very long time.


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