Dance : Tsubasa wa iranai (jurisaku ft akb group)



————– Tsubasa Wa Iranai —————————

“Jurina…maybe we should stop seeing each other”


“haha…am I too naive hoping that you would at least ask why…”


” …you still can’t forget her don’t you…”


“…Im sorry Ju… I’m giving up on you “

“… don’t worry…you are not the only one”

“….Good bye jurina”

The girl left Jurina alone, but Jurina couldn’t careless…just another girl from many other that she had juggled …just another girl that she wished could filled the void in her heart

 Watching at her back as she walking away, all jurina could see is the shadow of another person who said exactly the same word …but change her whole world forever after

‘good bye Jurina’

….don’t go

Jurina tried to said the words but it all caught in her throat … the fair skinned girl keep walking away

….don’t leave me alone

Why can’t she said it? why can’t she stop her ?

‘good bye jurina…’



Matsui Jurina open her eyes… its super shining

 ‘a day dream?’

Jurina had to adjusted her sight before catch the scenery surrounds her. Once she do, Jurina wonder whether if she was dreaming, and whether she is still in one now? everything around her looks so oldies, makes jurina feels like she having a time leaps to 50 years ago

“Ju…are you okay?”

Jurina find the source of the sweet voice that wakes her up and found a girl just not less -if not more- sweet, with worries glued on her cute face


“You were mumbling in your sleep…are you okay?”

“” jurina stroke her perfect hair, try scraping her consciousness . She look around once again, and still felt like having a time leap “where are we?”

“We are in the middle on making music video…for tsubasa wa iranai,  remember? you sure you okay?”

Slowly, jurina conciseness come back at her “ah..yeah..sorry”

Sakura handed a glass of water to Jurina, and Jurina do kind a thirsty after day dreaming, she quickly emptying the glass

“…errh…this single not really my jam, but they keep playing it here …it drilled in my head…makes me start to like it and now its makes me sleepy. but dont worry I’m fine” said jurina, while gently stroking sakura hair, try to ease that worry from her beautiful face

although both are part of the kami7, the most elite frontline of the biggest Idol group in the planet; AKB48, for this single music video, jurina and sakura not having too much scene to be worried that day.

 Its mostly mion, sayanee, mayuyu, and yukirin. so both of them spend the day just watching on everyone else


Nothing shines more than gorgeous person in white,  and it would double the effect if it wore matching with another gorgeous person

Everyone who saw Jurina and sakura that morning in the location would absolutely agree, as that SKE48 absolute ace and the team A recent chosen Ace for the new single, sitting next to each other in the far corner…a bit secluded from the rest… wearing that matching lacy white blouse and red hot-pants …

gorgeous… as if the words were invented just to describes them.

With mukaichi Mion as center and a lot of fresh members in the senbatsu line, AKB48 group 44th single ‘tubasa wa iranai’ takes revolution era as it music video theme,with strong autumn-ish atmosphere attached on it.

Jurina and sakura watch the staff prepared to take the main scene for the video. Sayanee, the NMB48 icon and one of the most noted musician in the whole group, tried to give Mion a basic tutorial on how to play a guitar– ah — I’m sorry —it’s actually more like how to hold a guitar tutorial.

A former famous child actress, mion, spend 12 years in her young life on show business (thats makes her awkwardly more senpai than even akb first gen), Mion has rarely had a chance to touch a musical instrument.

“Is this how I should pl—Kyaaa!!”

“Mion!! watch out!”

Mion tried to sling the guitar that looks gigantic on her mini feature, but her small arms almost drop the bass guitar, she tried to catch it, and so is sayanee.

The guitar, sayanee and Mion fall triumphantly.

The guitar is saved on sayanee hands, but now Mion and sayanee are watch each other face in awkward silent., as sayanee now pinned down the small girl beneath her due to her rescue

“I-im sorry!” sayanee quickly stand up, and help little Mion to get back on her feet

“u–un, is the guitar okay?” said mion, blushed…anyone with a right mind would blushed after being pinned down by that super cool namba ace that more suited to be a rocker than an idol.

“yow sayanee! thats Mogi waifu there! just because milky is not here don’t think you can flirt with others wifey!” Jurina shout to that namba ace, loud enough for all the people in the location to turn their head to sayanee

 Sayanee throw a seriously dangerous look to Jurina, only to amuse Jurina and make her laugh harder

“Mogi should work harder and aimed for senbatsu to watch over her waifu…mion are cute”

“Not as cute as you mayu *smile*”

Jurina and Sakura turn their head, to find two akb queen standing behind them since who knows when…glued on each other…wondering were the Mayuki even use the toilet together like that? it so hard seeing one without another these days

“Mayuchan…dont worry…I will work hard so we can always work together and stay beside you”

“Me too yukirin! I will work hard so I could be compatible with you….but ….you will had a kissing scene with mion don’t you” mayu pouting to her yukirin

“almost-kissing scene…I’ll give you a real one right after we finish this job *throw super hot wink*”

“euh…you two.. get a room already!” Jurina said to the pair, but completely being ignored as the mayuki probably think that every second they not spend looking at each other face are a wasted moment

“…” sakura scanning Jurina with her eyes, remind herself to also work hard so she could be in the place where she could watch that inhumanly gorgeous sakae ace closely. She had too many love rivals already

Just then jurina catch sakura intense stares on her

“hem? what is it sakura?”

“nooothing!” *blushed*

Sakura try to look anywhere except jurina, but Jurina don’t feel the same and just lay her eyes on the younger girl

…..good bye jurina……

“i-im going to take a drink” sakura stand up…escaping her self from the heat of jurina gaze

…..don’t leave me alone……


Jurina taken aback as she find her own hands are grabbing sakura, stoping the hakata girl



“…stay with me”

“I just going to get some dri–“

“I love you sakura…so stay with me…dont leave me alone”

Now its sakura who is taken aback with the seriousness in Jurina’s voice…as like she is begging for her life

Sakura don’t really sure why …but she is back to Jurina’s side…replying the longing gaze jurina throw at her with a questioning eyes…totally confused, yet sakura just let it when Jurina pulled her close…and gently kissed her

“Euh…you two…you guys are the one who seriously need to get a room now” mayu said while throwing them a morbid glance

Jurina takes her revenge and just ignored that akb queen. Sakura feels seriously embarrassed, but the way jurina look at her, and the fragile in her kiss felt so demanding. Makes her heart beat not only twice, but thrice faster..or even more … makes sakura just stay there

tsubasa wa iranai

I don’t need a wings

I don’t need to fly away…not anymore….

I’ve find you 

—- —- —

large-2 copy





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