Dance : AKB 48 : Team A (Jurisaku ft.akb Group)


Miyawaki Sakura take a deep breath before entering the AKB practice room that day, she tighten her fist and so her nerve, and then walk in.

As she expected, the atmosphere in the room are heavy … eyes… piercing to her sole presence. sakura takes another deep breath

Sakura Miyawaki is the youngest of the elite frontier member known as senbatsu in the most historical idol group in the world, AKB48, and her team, happen to be the most respected team in the whole group, AKB48 team A.

The oldest and the very first team from all the 24 team in the whole giant group, team A is “The Team”, team that said is the face of AKB48, its where the aces, future aces, famous and influenced members are dwelling.

With such members said, it is also the group with the strongest individuality and competition, it is simply hard to shine when you are amongst diamonds .

And so here she is, ready to practice with the so called team for the akb 44th single team A coupling song “set me free”, as that so called team …center.

Well.. a wcenter with paruru actually, and this is even her fourth time doing wcenter with paruru,  two of it are even for team A.

But because of her poor health condition,and although she is here today, Paruru almost could never appear these time around. and really, a center pressure isnt something that anyone could ever get used to.

Sakura carefully look around, most of the team members are her senpai, most just have fun and chills around, but some are obviously looking at their new young kouhai center from hakata in not-so-fun way… sakura gulped

‘I can do this’ she chanting to herself, just like in kibouteki and kimi wa melody  ‘I can do this’.. she keep chanted, yet those unfriendly eyes are so oppressing.

She looks around, unhappy eyes…agitated eyes … and then… a smile that so bright it burns all those cold gaze around from the view

Sakura fazed in her spot as she watch the owner of that blazing smile walk from the middle of the crowd towards her,

“Hey beautiful” that lips with the smile spoke, before landed a light kiss on sakura’s cheek

“J-Jurina?! what are you doing here!??”

“I had some business with management, and I heard team A practicing, so I came to see you” said that Nagoya absolute ace brightly “maybe…we could had lunch together? after?”

gosh…that smile … how could sakura said no to that “okay…I guess”

jurina’s grin became wider “great! I’ll be waiting in the corner”

“eh!?? you’ll be watching???”

“yeah, they said you guys only need to settled some moves, so it won’t take long right? why?”

“N-nothing” gosh, why the panic? sakura asked her self.

she always practicing with Jurina anyway since both are in senbatsu, maybe because different from when they are dancing and practicing together

Sakura knows that this time…this time … that horribly super gorgeous nagoya ace could watch her… and her only

“Okay everyone lets start!” shout yuihan, the new soukantoku. Sakura and everyone else then moves to their position

Sakura stood in the very front of the formation,the center position.

Just like dancing in that position itself not already so mentally crushing, from the big mirror in the room, sakura could see the super beautiful first gen senpai nyan2kamen, the soukantoku yuihan, and the salty beauty who known as one of the most beautiful face in the world, shimazaki “paruru” haruka, dance right behind her.

A bit further, she could she Iriyama Anna, the ultimate cool beauty whom titled as the smartest idol in the group, wearing gloves as usual, covering a scar on her hand from the unforgettable handshake incident some years ago. not far, theres also the osaka beauty, shiroma Miru, one of the strongest candidate for NMB48 future ace, also dance behind her

dancing in front of these super beauties and famous members, sakura felt like dancing in front of a group of enormous giants, not to mention those sharp glare still feels piercing her back

‘I can do this’ sakura chanting ‘i can do this!’ she keep chanted to herself as she dance, but her anxiousness wouldn’t stop, her dance move became heavy and heavier

Everything started to blurred … when a bright smile once again.. find it ways to sakura

From the mirror in front of her, sakura takes a glance at the owner of the smile, Jurina smiling at her every move … with eyes so warm …it’ll melted even the most hard chocolate bar under it glare

Noticing sakura looking, the nagoya ace raise her hand to her own smiling lips, stretch her thumb and her point finger there, while throwing a beckoning look to the hakata girl

Sakura raise her eye brows, a bit in confuse, try to figure out what is Jurina want, sakura move to the side as the dance coreograohy demands

She lose sight of Jurina for a moment, but as soon as she back to the front again, sakura take a look at Jurina once again, and once again the sakae ace give her a same signal

When sakura look at her own reflection in the mirror, she finally understand what is it that Jurina tries to tell her…


Smile sakura

And for the very first time since she entered that practice room, sakura smiling.

With her smile, suddenly her step became lighter, her view became brighter, and her hearth became warmer, sakura don’t know how the most simple things just as smiling, can change so many things…big times around

Sakura take a glance at Jurina again, find that nagoya ace still smiling at her, but now not only smiles, the nagoya ace throw a thousand kisses and winks and even stand up to give her a princely bow …makes the hakata girl had to throw a cold glare to stop that nagoya ace from acted so cheesy-ly stupid

Sakura finish the training, with a smile on her face

“Okay ! thats it for today!” said yuihan, and the crowd disbanding

It really just a short training. paruru immediately cling to Yuihan with a big sweet smile, it is amazing how sweet a salt can be when they are in love.

“Hey sakura , you do a good job for today” said the soukantoku, smiling

“yup, sorry I kinda leave you, but good job” said paruru too, sakura not sure if its really meant for her, because the salt only keep looking at otabe yuihan and yuihan only

But still, their words warmer her really does

“Thank you yuihan san, shimazaki san” sakura said with a big smile on her face

“Oii sakuraa!!” the sweet high pitched voice caught sakura on surprise as she knows whose voice is it, she turned around and find a girl that emitting sexiness from every pores of her skin

“y-yes kojima san?”

“Whaddaya do after this? lets have lunch together!” nyan2 kamen really takes her by surprise

It is Kojiharu! the legendary kojima haruna just ask her for lunch,that first gen super senpai usually just came and go as she likes

But actually, despite her looks, she really is a nice senpai, and maybe since takamina graduate, she made her mind to take even more responsibility … is she? ah but…jurina….

Sakura eyes immediately searching for Jurina and find the nagoya ace surrounded by some other members

She forgot that even in that most respected team of akb48, Jurina admirers still exist. Sakura throw a blazing glare to Jurina that being pulled around by her team A mates, and Jurina who is laughing stop her laugh right away as she sensed that her life is in serious danger

Jurina make her way trough the small crowd, and walk straight to Sakura and nyan2 senpai

“hey sakura.. nyannyan” jurina gives a warm hug to kojiharu before positioned herself beside sakura

Sakura still find herself a bit surprised every time she witnessing how casual Jurina could be even with the legendary senpai. Sakura need to constantly reminding herself how many years that sakae young ace has been in senbatsu

“hey ju, I saw you before, whatcha doing here?”

“Waiting for sakura, we gonna have some lunch together ” Jurina said lightly

“eeeehh?? but I just asked her to have lunch with me”

“eh you did? hmm, we can go together! the three of us”

kojiharu tilted her head, and think for a while “hmm…no…im asking sakura out so I can advised her and be a good senpai, since she is our new team center

But you are going to makes fun of me if you are tagging along aren’t you ju !” said nyan2 while somehow angry cutely ” I’ll go with sakura chan later, enjoyed your lunch”

“hahha, well…if you said so ”

Sakura bow politely and jurina waving her hands as that one of the only two first gen senpai that left walk away

“so shall we go now?” Jurina said as she lightly pulled sakura closer in her arm and sakura could clearly sensed an obvious jealous stares from some other members as she did,

“You did a great job today btw, you look dazzling” and just when that sakae ace casually planted a hot kiss on Sakura pink lips, sakura don’t even have to take a look to know hows those envy eyes on her just blazing with even more dangerous fire

But different from the heaviness she felt from the gaze when she is stood in the center, these kind of gaze, other way around, give her a somewhat sense of confidence

As those gaze telling her, that she had something precious that they wanted

Usually sakura would be angry when the kissing monster stole a kiss from her, especially when other people around

But she remember about the smile that she taught her…and so she just let her…tried to chase away her own thought that she actually also craving for Jurina’s soft lips


“So, what do you want for lunch sakura?”

“Hmm…do you mind if we go to my place and I cook for you instead? your mother just give me the recipe for her meat sauce spaghetti that you like ”

” EH?! REALLY!! suree!!! lets go ! lets go!!!” sakura could almost see a tail wagging from behind puppy Jurina

“as much as I like cooking for you, I love your cooks the most, and I love you so much sakura! ” the last words really makes sakura hearth skip a beat

“but you know…they said there is no free lunch Jurina”

“for your cook? I’ll give you my whole month salary !”

“hahha…no thank you, it just that… I have an early job tomorrow, I wonder if you could give me… a wake up call… perhaps” sakura said while looking away

Not that she can’t wake up by herself… she just want to heard the sakae ace voice when she wakes up .. and the thought really makes her embarrassed

“hmm…for the meat spaghetti you cook? thats under priced sakura chan” the nagoya ace look at the fidgeting hakata girl

“how about I stay over…and I can give you a morning kiss to wake you up”

sakura blushed and the sakae ace grinning wider

“lets go!” Jurina said

Sakura don’t know what to say, don’t really want to accept the fact that she would be happy for it, but too embarrassed to said anything…and so the hakata girl just smile shyly. and when she do, she found the sakae ace…automatically smiles back to her.





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