dance : handshakes shakes event (jurisaku)


Sakura just finished taking shower when she find her phone ringing, dried her hair in one hand, picking up the phone with another

J : “Hello babe, How are you, what are you doing now?” a gentle sweet voice ringing in sakura’s ear once she put the phone there

S : “hey Ju, just finished shower, what are you doing?”

J : “I’m calling the most beautiful girl in the world”

S : “geez, cut it off” *blushed* *happy*

J : “yeah but unfortunately she is not picking up, so I called you instead”

S “… bye”

J : “WAIT ! don’t hang up!!! I’m kidding!! I’m kidding!! my true and one love ! don’t hang up please!!!”

S : “erhm…its late already, why do you called anyway?” *bad mood*

J : “…just miss your voice…and… just felt like saying I love you”

S : “…hm..chessy..” *blushed*

J : *happy* “hehe..but you are right..its late now…have a good night love, see you tomorrow at handshakes event”

S : “you too Ju… good night… ”

J : “…”

S : “…”

J : “…”

S : “so…you can hang up now you know”

J : “you first! you hang up first!”

S : “are we going to have a stupid fight about who would hang up first? thats not going to happen…ill hang up now, bye”

J : “…okay…bye” *sad puppy*

S : “…. and i love you too btw…night *beep*”

J :  *grin**singing “Tsundere”  Aloud *


AKB48 is an idol group that known best for two things : general election and handshake events.

Started out simply as a form of ‘apology’ for a sudden canceled stage performance, now handshakes event has became akb48 breath, that even now has spread and became a standard event for every other idol group

Such event of course is a must for the group front line girls or known as senbatsu members

Matsui Jurina and Miyawaki sakura, the youngest of the so called senbatsu of course are there too

Sakura herself is a stoic idol, in the handshakes event like this, she smiles normally, doing her catchphrases normally when asked, and answer questions normally, with her fans love her normally like that, normally interacting with her in that precious 10 seconds

But sakura is not satisfied, she determine to get better on handshakes event!

So that day, during her break, sakura decide to take a little detour before taking her lunch, walking around the other booths, hope she could “study” the other members “fishing technique”

Speaking of handshakes event, milky’s name pop in sakura’s head right away, but unfortunately, due to her up coming graduation, that handshakes goddess from west not attending that day event

So…instead… sakura go to the other goddess, the handshakes goddess from the east that would drag you into her yukirin world  in 10 seconds

*In Yukirin booth*

Yukirin : “hi ! how are you!” *sweet smile* *glittering eyes*

Fan : “…” *too nervous* *can’t even look at yukirin**looking down the whole time*

Yukirin : “…”

Fan : “…” *why is she not saying anything??* *getting more nervous*

Yukirin : “…”

* time almost up*

Fan : …at least i wanna see her face once! * finally slowly looking up*

Yukirin : *smile* “finally our eyes could meet, nice to meet you! I hope you had a great day” *super hot wink*

fan : *get fished super hard*

sakura : *busy taking notes* *as expected from my kagoshima onechan!*

Sakura learn a valuable lesson.

The Hakata girl continue taking stroll along the booths, and happen to pass another booth with long lines of people, indicating how popular the member inside.

She decide to take a peek, probably able to learn any new handshakes techniques

*paruru booth*

fan : “Paruru! OMG! you are so cute!!!! ”

Paruru : “…thanks….”

fan : “could you please do your catch phrase !!!??”

Paruru : “…sorry…dont have one…”

*the times up*

fan : “bye paruru!!!! ill come again!! love You!!” *waving vigorously with both hands*

Paruru : *raise her hand halfway* *salty smile*

Fans : “so salty!! love it!!!” *somehow…get fished too?*

Sakura : “…”

Sakura learn that human being is a complicated creature, with individual preference.

Sakura continuing her little venture, and once again, the hakata girl find a booth with a crazy long lines

So once again, sakura decide to take a look, and her heart immediately skip a beat when she realize whose booth is that

she should have realize it right away when she saw the amount of people wearing orange in the lines…not too mention the amount of girl fans there

*Jurina booth*

Fan with apple t-shirt* : Jurina, i think I’m in love with you, what do you think of me??

Jurina : “I think you are so apple-ing”

Fan : “?”

fan with gloves on: OMG Jurina!!! i love you too much!! I can’t touch you directly ! sorry I wearing gloves!! Im sweating so much.. I just.. I LOVE you! ”

Jurina : “no problem, I ‘glove’ you too”

fan : “??”

fan with dolphin hat (yes its exist..its japan) : “Jurina…I–i am your big fans!! i will support you forever!!! do your best for sousenkyo!”

Jurina : “thank you! i will dolphin-ately do my best!!! ”

fan : “???”

Jurina : okay these puns are not working *throw her super gorgeous smile plus winks instead*

fans : *get fished~* *almost faint**memories of bad puns deleted*

sakura “…” *blank stares**why do I date this kid again?*

Jurina : *Notice Sakura* “sakura chan~!! what are you doing here!!”

“Just take a break, I’m going to had lunch now”

“ah, I think its time for me to take break too, lets had lunch together”

— — —

“Here’s your lunch” Jurina said as she handed a bento to sakura whose wait at their table, Jurina then sit beside her “I pick the sushi combo for you, is it okay?”

“it is, thank you Ju”

The two peacefully taking their lunch when two akb queen appear

“Mind if we having lunch here too?” said the shorter one

“yeah, sure Mayu, take a seat” said Jurina lightly

Mayukirin then joining the young pair

“yukirin san, I happen to see you earlier, you were amazing! I hope I could have a ‘godly treatment’ like you, how can you became that good?”sakura says

“… I spend years tried to fished a certain tsundere heartless cyborg” said yukirin with her eyes on the girl beside her,  Mayu suddenly fastening her eating speed

“Sakura, all you need is be calm, and smiles to reach your fans” said Jurina “trust me! I am very godly myself you know”

“…” and where all that confidence came from, sakura wondered,remembering those bad puns parade on Jurina’s booth

“I know! why don’t you practice with me? ”


“try to fished me …sakura”

from the smirk on Jurina’s face, sakura knows its a bad idea

but … as annoyed as that nagoya full of confidence smile could be…it is also charming ….and hypnotizing. so yeah.. sakura find herself tag along with the sakae ace

“okay! lets try now. ill be your fans, fished me sakura” Jurina reach out her hand

after staring that nagoya ace for a while, sakura take Jurina’s hand into her own”hi…how are you”




Instead of asking her question or requesting something like fans normally would do, that nagoya ace just lock her eyes on sakura, with her beaming smile on her pretty face, but also not letting sakura’s hand go neither

The nagoya ace then purposely drowning her body slowly into her chair, makes her looks 10x sexier … that eyes…that smile…

why am I getting nervous !! I am the fisher here! sakura said to herself “um…erm… so…how are you?” she said finally, and then mentally face palming her self

“once again, I feel great” the smirk in Jurina’s face grow wider “hmm… looks lonely btw…”


“your lips…it looks lonely…would they like to meet mine?”

Sakura blushed so hard, she immediately pulled her hand from that dangerous beautiful nagoya ace, try avoiding dying from over beating her heart

“jurina, stop teasing my kagoshima imoutou!!” protest yukirin. that black queen then rose and take the blushed sakura into her arm, and Jurina laughing hard

“forget that kid sakura, come with me…I’ll give you some advice ” yukirin then dragging sakura away with her

Mayu and Jurina look to each other ….

“you owe me from made my waifu away from me… on lunch… now go and fetch me a glass of water!”

as cute as that akb queen can be, jurina know better than argued with Mayu when her mood is bad, so she just quietly stand up to serve the queen her water

‘…but…I want to have lunch with sakura too’ *cry*

— — —

Thanks to Yukirin help and Jurina annoyance, sakura able to reach her fans better for the rest of that day

Her mood are superbly great when the event finally over, sakura skiping a little on her step, and humming a bit as she walks hand in hand with jurina on their way to the parking lot

Jurina watch the happy sakura beside her, the bright smiles on sakura face makes her smile too

“you look happy sakura”

“I am~” said sakura, flashing her smile to the nagoya ace

A smile that made Jurina gulped a bit … it cant be helped…she is cute

“…ehm…yeah..but looks lonely btw…”

“oh shut up”

Sakura suddenly pulled the nagoya ace, and kiss her…

Jurina raise her eye brows in surprise, but not taking long before she returning the favor

Once they parting from each other heat, Jurina decide she would have to figure out how to make the hakata girl constantly on a good mood

As their kisses are addictive …and now as its over…her lips felt seriously lonely.


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