Dance : sousenkyo appeal video (Jurina x sakura ft akb G)




Joy and laughter filled the studio, everyone are exciting for the day, showing up their choose of uniform, telling each other about the concept they come up with, and gossiping about the senbatsu members video

Its almost the time for that thing again; a thing that would assured fans to cry whatever the results would be

AKB48 general elections

The anticipated event that has brought the group to what they are now.

And for that so called AKB48 Sousenkyo, every members are allowed to take a short appeal video to promote themselves to fans.

Following the great nyan2kamen senpai teaching (that self claimed-came from the future to make AKB a fun place again), a lot of members realize that the best way to enjoyed the freaking nerve-wrecking sousenkyo are actually…by trolling around

Shimada haruka, abe maria and hirata rina go ahead and just eat in the entire video

No copy right could stop annin from totally ripped off ‘Amelie’ on her whole SSK campaign (not to mention she also eating around …why is everyone so hungry? are the management don’t even feed these girls?)

Paruru elevate her whole existence alone as a new legit career path by making a video of how she cant be a doctor or any other profession, so she’ll just be ‘a paruru’

And finally, Sayanee put a whole different level for the word “trolling around” by making an entire video of her just looking at the Camera, then end it up with suddenly wearing a monkey mask

Some mainstream idol like Mayuyu, sakura or yukirin choose to hold their horses and just being normal cute instead of dorky cute (mayuyu almost slip to the other side when she throw those flowers around..but well…saveeee)

but theres also a certain member that could not catch up with all the joyous that spreading in the air that day…

she could not…

—few hours ago——

“Again??! are you sure?!”

“…Yes…ske48 would not appear with the rest of akb group on the next universal summer fest”


“…Sorry Jurina…thats hows it is”

Jurina clench her fist, again? after kouhaku, and several events after … again… SKE48 would not participate with the rest of AKB group

“Its okay.. thank you for the info.” said the sakae ace

Kitagawa Ryoha and Goto Rara are there too, the two SKE next gen ace looking at Jurina… obvious uneasiness painted on their beautiful brownish eyes

And what else could Jurina do…than smiles

“Hey guys!! whats up with the long face, cmon..its nothing! we’ll be fine!” Jurina beamed the two with her dazzling smile “we just published an exclusive magazine remember? we should focus on increasing the magz sales” she said while pat the back of the two young girl “now cmon, its time! lets get ready for sousenkyo video appeal”

An elite idol smiles that has been forged for 8 years…it could be cloudy..raining..or even storming…and Jurina smile would still make you see a dazzling sunshine

Rara and Ryoha release a weak smile as they following Jurina’s order, walk out the room to start preparing, and another girl with a resemblance of bird approach the young ace


“churi…we’ll be fine…i know we would” Jurina shared her smile to the other girl too…only the two of them left in AKB48 senbatsu from SKE

In addition of her smiles, she shone the older girl with a sharp gaze…put every will power she had on every single digit of the next word she said

“We’ll be fine”


“Hey Ju”

A soft tone greeting her by name . its a mentally and physically tiring day for Jurina, but still, when she turn her body around, and found a smile forming on the lips that called her name…she find it is impossible to not smile back… a bit weak…but still… the sakae ace smiles back as she greeted back

“hey sakura…hows your video shoots ?”

Jurina gently pulled that Hakata girl to plant a light kiss on her cheek, as sakura casually take a seat beside her

“it went well… i guess..i think I am able to conveyed my gratefulness towards fans that allowed me to ranked 7 last years…and my hope for more HKT members to ranked this years too…i guess.. its okay ” said sakura cheerfully “hows yours”

“still waiting for my turn ” said Jurina while smiling

An idol smile that has been forged for 8 years, oh yes its perfect…

But when you love someone …you know… what their smiles means ..

You would know…just like how sakura knows from the perfect smile on Jurina face, theres a tiredness on her eyes, a tardiness on the corners of her lips curves, and a weariness on the words she spoke

“Jurina…you okay?”

“Of course I am” Jurina Smile


Jurina stop for a while and look into sakura eyes, find nothing judgmental, or angry nor pity…a clear …demanding eyes… filled with pure worrisome

“Jurina-san, its your turn” the staff san said

Sakura help Jurina tidying her chosen uniform… her debut uniform, and while doing so, once again sakura look at the nagoya ace face

Jurina still give her a smile, and sakura still find the same angst feeling linger in there, its still there, but the sakae ace stand up still… and walk briefly to the shooting frame.

Matsui Jurina, 19 years old, SKE48 team S. Sit behind that white clothed table once again, as she always do for the past 7 years, and once again…begin her Sousenkyo appeal speech

With every words she said…her pressure as the lone SKE ace that left comes to her…the urge for her to ranked as high as she can…to pulled the group she loved so much from cruddy situation they had now…to motivate her junior…to show the world that SKE still there…

All those heaviness…rest behind every words that 19th years old girl smiling lips spoken

sakura watch in silent…as her love talk about the 8 years she spend in SKE, about SKE48 in a pinch after a lot of their main senbatsu graduate

talk about how she canceled her kennin position in AKB…about how she wanna make everyone knows more about SKE, clench her fist, gritted her teeth ..and forced her smile…but failed to fool anyone who watch…that she about to cry

and as soon the green light in the camera turn red, and the sakae ace walk out of the frame, a certain girl welcoming the sakae ace into her tiny but warm arm …

“Hey…jurina…my love …you okay?”

the girl voice gently whispered to her ear, and the warm words…as well as the warm arm that softly wrapping her body… kindly telling the tears in the corner of Jurina eyes…that it’s okay to falling down

And so tears escaping from the edge of the sakae ace eyes

But as fast as the tears escaping from her eyes, that fast too Jurina’s finger erased the tears from her face, and glued her smile back to her face

“I’m okay sakura…im okay” said Jurina, she pulled herself from the younger girl

“Jurina…you dont have to forced yourself”

“I am not”

“…you can always cry ”

“I can..but I decide that I will not”


“last year…I cried a lot on SSK….I really frustrated … I really wanna make more people know about SKE by making it on the first position ” said jurina, her eyes were red… but she smiles…

“but then…after that…my fans come to me…. and the members come to me…and they are crying…they crying more than I do…because of me” said Jurina, and she smiles

“and I decide…that I would try my best to not cry…i might slip up a bit on the way…and cry a bit…but i would try my best to smile..because with smiling..I can make other people smiling with me ” and she smiles

Sakura look at Jurina smile…a smile with a shaking fragile on every curve it bends

“…you are right…lets smile” sakura says “lets smile Ju…lets smile through out this maddening general election”

The hakata girl pulled Jurina closer…so she can warmed the uneasy smile that plastered on the sakae ace face with her lips ..cupped it gently..make it last

Jurina pulled Sakura closer, deepening their kiss . if anything she need right now, its their kiss… their young passionate kiss,  and the delicate way sakura moves her pink flesh against hers. If they could stay forever kissing…then so be it.

There is something about kissing someone you love…its burning everything inside you, and made it born a new. Revolving every feeling in your heart, to one word only ….love…and nothing sane about it

So when sakura pulled her self, and Jurina chuckled a bit when she do. A tiny insanity spark on Jurina eyes as she look at sakura deeply, a real smiles has back to her face …her snobbish proud charming smile

“yeah…lets smile thought this crazy sousenkyo”

“hmm…wanna try appearing wearing tiger mask on sousenkyo?”

“Such a nice idea sakura…and why don’t you use that sexy poodle uniform you wear on kouhaku while giving your speech ?”

Sakura could not help but to punching Jurina’s arm, instead of inflict any damage, its only make the nagoya ace laugh

“Gosh…lets just smile trough this crazy sousenkyo… Sousenkyo 2016!!! here we go!!!!!!!”





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