Dance : I think I need more CD_SSK preliminary result (jurisaku_erm…yes this is a fic)

“Sakura…you there? sakura chan?”

Jurina knocking the door, gently, but hard enough to be heard. still… no one answered

“sakura…im coming in okay” Jurina use her spare key, and walk inside.

Its Miyawaki Sakura apartment

“Sakura chan?” Jurina walk slowly… looking around… she then reach Sakura’s room, and slowly… Jurina open the door, find sakura molding on her blanket

“sakura….” Jurina slowly throw herself to the mold sakura’s in, wrapping it with her body, and kissing the place that seems like where sakura’s head is

The sakae ace then gently pull the blanket down, to find sakura, holding on her knees…crying…

“baby girl” Jurina reach her hands to sakura face, and gently showering it with little kisses “baby…baby…sakura…its okay…its just a preliminary result okay…its okay…” Jurina said from between her kisses

AKB48 SSK 2016 Preliminary result

Mayu 1#, Jurina 3#….okada nana break into kami #7…. Sakura Miyawaki … #12

“baby…” Jurina look at her love



“conrats on your third rank” sakura says, try to smiling… but her tears streaming again… and she back to her crying face

…erm…this might not be a right time .. but… sakura is extremely cute when she is crying

and thats what exactly on Jurina’s mind right now, and its ignites a complicated feeling inside the young SKE ace

As now, Jurina tried hard not to laugh foolishly to the cute crying girl in front of her

“thank you …its still preliminary” Jurina said, while gently brushing sakura’s hair back “now cmon, have u eat yet? you haven’t aren’t you? wait here” Jurina tried to stand, but Sakura hands stoping her

“…dont go”

“lol, sakura, honey…im just going to your kitchen”

“don’t go!”

Jurina scratching her head, and back sitting on Sakura’s bed again

“okay …sure…whatever you wanted”

Jurina then put her phone out, and dialing some numbers “let just have a take out okay…im hungry” said Jurina, despite that she just having a meal and still very much full

Jurina ordered food that would enough to feed the entire AKB48 kenkyusei

She ordered chinese foods, pizza, shushi, and a bunch of desserts, cupcakes, ice creams, chocolate mousse, strawberry cakes, and many others.

After kissing, swaying, and hugging sakura, tried to convince the hakata girl to let her go to the front door for a minute, and take their order, Jurina bought all the foods and cakes in one big tray to Sakura’s room

“You want some sushi?” asked Jurina, sakura shakes her head

“How about this delicious double cheese pizza?” Jurina said, while biting pizza and stretch the cheese like she do in the Pizza commercial she starring , try to tempting sakura, but sakura just shakes her head

“wow! sakura look! this strawberry cakes! so many strawberries on it!” Jurina tried her best, but still sakura shakes her head.. and back sulking

“sakura…you need to eatsomething at least..” Jurina let out a sigh, almost running out of ideas… well… almost


“sakura…” Jurina called, and when sakura lift her head from her knees, Jurina pick one of the strawberry in the cake with her mouth and gently stuffed it inside sakura’s mouth

sakura, in her surprise, try to make the strawberry out, but Jurina pushed it slowly further into sakura’s mouth with her tongue, and clean bite the strawberry carefully with her teeth into two , take one piece with her, and push the other half to sakura.

A sweet tangy liquid flooding in sakura’s mouth right away… Jurina pulled her self to let sakura eat the strawberry

Sakura stare at Jurina like a lost little kitten, before slowly munched the half bitten strawberry in her mouth

“Eat something …itll make you better…trust me” said Jurina while eating her part of the strawberry

“….I drop my rank too once… to #14 .. hahaha.. and I was the so called ace of SKE48”

sakura lift her head to look at Jurina, calming eyes awaits sakura gaze when she met Jurina eyes

“and its motivate me ever since, to always tried my best. To never..ever let my ranks drop again. It help me grow, and sakura, this is still preliminary okay…dont need to stressed up this much”

Jurina landed one kiss on sakura’s fore head before added ” at least yet…well if your rank drop in the real SSK you can go ahead and have a real frustration there”

sakura bend her face again, and tears start flowing on her face again

“whoa babe!!!! I’m sorry !! I’m sorry!!! haha I’m sorry!!” Jurina take the younger girl into her arm and swaying her to calm, but still can’t resist to laugh a bit… sakura crying face.. just too uberly cute

“hey…Im sorry okay…I would be happy if you could rank higher…but even if you don’t… ill still love you babe…nothing would change my feeling to you…I love you”

“no matter what happen… I love you sakura”




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