unravel (jurisaku_dark) first part

based on FMV by KwangJESS

Jurisaku fan fiction

Description :

48 G is a world scale organization, An Assasination world scale organization. Their agents are abducted from their parents since a very early age, to be train, to be evoke, to be remade, as anything but a human, a cold blooded assasin.

No name is their first rule, only rank to identify their agent. Ju (ten) is no exception, despite being the organization number one prodigy, Ju is the only thing she deserve as a name. then, one day, Yokoyama Yui, 48G general manager, assigned Ju whose one of their best agent to observe and dispose mission, to a sweet, ordinary High school student, Miyawaki sakura. a mission far too ordinary for assasin as high level as Ju…or so she tough.

Characters :

Ju / Matsui Jurina : Reach rank 10 while she was just 12 years old in the world biggest assasin organization, 48 G, she is entitled as a prodigy, while excelent at dozen of martial arts and weaponary, with her stunning look, and deangerous alluring aura, Seducing always been Ju specialization.

Miyawaki Sakura : a sweet normal high school student. quiet, polite, smart, anything a parent could ask for a high school girl…is it

Yukoyama Yui (Yuihan) : 48 G general manager. trained directly by 48G founder, Takahashi Minami,  no one ever defeat her at close range combat, and at working hard




— – —— —- —- —–


its summer, but  clouds oddly cloaking the blue sky, the dark window in that empty school corridor bends the weak morning light  to a thicker color.. … almost red…. almost makes the corridor looks like it was bathed in blood

a certain girl, wearing high school uniform, walk steadily  along the reddened corridor. the girl stop her step in front of a  class room, and as her eyes met the teacher inside, the teacher smiles brightly to her

“ah you finally here!” said the teacher “okay class, today we have a new transferred student, matsui san… please come in”

and as the one mentioned entered the class room, every single eyes are drawn to her existence immediately. her silky straight black hair that waving beautifully as she walks, her dazzling smiles, and mostly, by the sharp confident looks  in her eyes

“hi…im matsui Jurina, nice to meet you all ” she bow politely

the gracefulness in the way she moves makes the sensei minds went blank for a while, it takes a couple of seconds delay before the sensei could regain her sense back”erhm!!  uh…o-okay… Matsui -san, you can sit…hmm.. ah there.. beside Miyawaki”

Jurina then smile to her sensei that obviously blushed to her, and walk straight to her designated seat, ignores all the gaze and little squick her class mates gives for every single moves she does

as she sit down, the sweet girl beside her nod her head politely to her

“hi, i am sakura miyawaki, nice to meet you” the girl said, smiling sweetly

“im Jurina matsui, nice to meet you”

i am Jurina matsui…or so it seems this time… no name..is our first rule


they don’t usually talk, they are born as a human in flesh, with a red blood just like yours and mine, running on their cold vein, no name is their first rule, but they never need one…they never deserve one

stolen from their parents from before they could even remember, to be  rising up by teared them up, torn apart, mutilated their humanity into pieces… make them grow as  a being that everything but human

an Assassin

no name … is their first rule…

a name is useless, their existence are pure only to erase another existence as they are commanded to do. they can pretend laugh, but never understand happiness, they can cry in a blink, but never known what is sadness, they never  been thought what is anger, or madness, or… love

no name is their first rule, only a code given by their organization; the oldest and the biggest assassins organization in the world, 48G

her code is ten,  Jyuu.. ju, as ten is her rank in  48G.

48G only taken the best seed from the best genes out there

oh… but the organization never doubt they pay a right price abducting Ju  from her   five star general father, she  grown up  as one of the greatest  assassins the 48G has ever seen, she was only 12, when she succeed the number 10

—— — —


“a mission for you” said the one that sit behind the giant desk on that dark oval room, Yuihan, the general manager of 48G. Ju take a look at the documents yuihan handed, the documents for her mission detail

“undercover mission?”

“yes, infiltrate the target school, report the target activity for a month, then dispose the target ”

Ju scanning the documents in her hand, and her eyes glued to the pictures of a sweet looking girl on it

“miyawaki sakura, 18 years old, high school student” Jurina raise her eyebrow to Yuihan “she seems too sweet and young to be targeted by our organization”

“…and is it bothering you Ju?” said yuihan slowly, but her eyes feels piercing

Ju return the sharpness of Yuihan gaze back at her, and calmly answered with a sweet yet deathly smile “have i ever being bothered ?”

yuihan smiles back to Ju

“good… you would be Jurina matsui and would be transferred to her school start tomorrow , blend in….enjoy school lives that you never had before…return in a month with all the information you gathered…  clean up the target…is it clear?”

“done” said Ju while winked playfully to Yuihan, her attitudes always get into yuihan nerves, but Yuihan always restrain herself, reminding herself the girl is one of the best assassin they had

Ju walk out the room, with the documents in her hands, her eyes goes to the girl once again. why would the organization targeting such a girl?

“oh.. and Ju”  Ju stop her step and turn around to meet the general manager serious eyes

“she might not as sweet as she looks…be careful”


“J-jurina san…someone might come and see us”

“then let them be” said  Jurina, her lips once again pressed on the other girl lips, her hands  busy roaming in the girl white tights, send the poor girl a shiver with every single touch

“ahhhhhh” the girl helplessly squick when Jurina’s hand became  more daring under her skirt

“hmm…kojima sensei…so…tell me more about our class…that girl beside me …sakura…is she troubling you?” whispered Jurina from above kojiharu sensei lips, teasing it with her hot breath

“s-sakura?..no….unghhh…she is …ahh…a smart and sweet student…a bit quite…but everyone loves hERRR ahhhhh !!!” kojima sensei withered under Jurina’s hand, and fall to the floor in that empty class room

tsk … nothing again?

its been a week since her mission begun, and ever since Jurina has been collecting data from everyone around her, black mailing them, manipulating them, and mostly by using her speciality; seducing  them. but even after all of it, Jurina founds nothing, sakura is just a normal girl, a sweet diligent high school girl if anything, the one that every parents wish they daughter would be

her grades are excellent, she is kind and friendly to anyone, she is a member of melon pan alliance club (whatever is that club doing, its doesn’t seems dangerous at all) , she never date anyone, even thou she is obviously one of the most popular student in the school

Jurina face darkened, not just that she need something to be reported to 48 G, but mostly because this far, she don’t have a clue what kind of data her organization expected her to get from such sweet innocent high school girl

Jurina gritted her teeth, finally come to a conclusion,she have to close her distant with the target herself, to unravel sakura herself


unravel  second part

unravel  last part





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