unravel (jurisaku_dark) second part

based on FMV by kwangJESS

— – – ———-

The  bell rang, marked the school has over for the day,  as usual, sakura smile sweetly to Jurina, before takes her bag and leave the class room

Jurina thought it was wise to keep her distant, and  it was wrong…

“Miyawaki sakura san… ” said jurina, halting the other girl from leaving ” do you mind staying for a while? i like to talk to you”

a slight confuse shown on sakura face, but still , she lightly nodded. “yes sure, what is it Matsui san?”

” do you mind to wait until the class empty?”

the previous slight confuse on sakura face drawn clearer, but she doesn’t seems to mind it neither,  she just slowly nod and sit back on her seat

only takes few minutes later. the class now only consist of sakura and Jurina

“so…what is it Matsui san?” sakura turn from her seat to face Jurina, and her heart skip a beat as she found Jurina sharp eyes all over herself, sakura almost could feel Jurina gaze piercing throughout her body like an object

a gaze so powerful, locked not only her eyes but her whole body, sakura is immobilize, she could only stare dimlisely, when Jurina and her wicked smirking lips … hovering slowly to her … closer…. and closer

Sakura aware with what would happen next, but her whole body just stunned, so when Jurina hot lips finally landed on her awaiting lips … sakura could only helplessly jolting from the strumming sensation

Jurina eyes watch in silence, when her kiss makes sakura eyes slowly closed, and drawn an expression she was intend to hunt from that young girl face

after a kiss that feels forever to sakura, Jurina finally pulled herself, still locking her eyes with sakura eyes, still same dark smirk on her face

“sakura, i like you…going out with me”

its not a question, nor a request . it is more like an order, and it just meant to be fulfilled. with a blank expression, sakura find herself slowly nodded

the smirk on Jurina face grow into a menacing grin, and once again, she goes to sakura pink lips, only this time, kissing biting it with all the passion her heartless heart could fake

Jurina don’t feel like wasting more time, she start unbuttoning their school uniform bit by bit, while keeping the other girl under her charm. to devour Sakura completely, right there, right away, on that hollow class room, make sakura completely hers

in the middle of their burning session, hovering over the gasping girl beneath her,  yuihan words hammering back to Jurina’s head

‘she might not as sweet as she looks like… be careful’

— – — ——- —- —-    ————-


days passed…only to make Jurina more puzzled

ever since that day in the class room, the two are inseparable. Sakura would make a bento for Jurina, and they would eat their lunch together on the roof top, while share a sweet kiss once or twice. moreover, their togetherness has somehow became the school hot topic, the gorgeous transferred student and the school princess,  can’t be helped if the students always tried snapping their picture whenever they together, Jurina even find some students make a SMUT fanfic of hers and sakura. (Jurina read it later, and give it to sakura for her amusement… make sakura blushed like crazy)

but still…Jurina finds nothing …

she contacted 48g, asking more detail for the data they request, and their answered only sprung more questions in Jurina’s head ‘if you don’t find anything in a month, then…it’s all the data we need’

her curiosity consuming her, she need to get closer…

“sakura…” Jurina called when they enjoy their lunch break together as usual


“can i stay over at your place tonight?”


sakura lives alone. that night, Jurina take a peek at sleeping sakura beside  her, tossed their under garment that shattered on the bed from their previous activity, and  wear only her white shirt back, before soundlessly, step out of the bed, and start roaming in the house.

she check every corner, every edge and every rim, only to find nothing. Jurina could not be more irritated

she is ready to go back to Sakura’s room, when her super sensitive ear hear a rustle in the wind, Jurina immediately turn her body around in a rapid move

there, behind her, in the middle of the dark, she find sakura looking at her. a big silver knife…flashing in her hand

“…jurina…what are you doing?”

driven by her killer instinct, Jurina hand quickly find a sharp edged trophy nearby,  but before she could throw it to sakura, her trained eyes catch something else in sakura’s other hands

a red



… apple…


sakura then gently peeled the apple in her hands with the knife

“i feel like eat some apple, a bit hungry after….what we did” sakura said while blushed a bit “are you wake up because you hungry too Jurina?  you want some apple?”

Jurina let out a sigh, cursing herself for almost make some stupid mistake

“i rather eat you” said Jurina, she then take the apple and the kitchen knife from sakura’s hand, sweep her feet, and carry her back to her room. this time, she’ll make sure the girl won’t wake up even if the house burnt with fire.

— – – — —

weeks has passed…

jurina came back and spend more nights at sakura house, so often, that she had her own toothbrush in the bathroom … still…wherever she looks…it just… a normal house

keeping her eyes close to sakura, demand to find any open crack , Jurina don’t know since when, her brains start accumulating data that don’t have anything to do with her mission

that sakura touches are warm and kind, that her hands are small and soft, and she like to tangled it with Jurina firm hands, that she always slightly shivering every time they kiss, that she would sometimes muttered in her sleep, that she’ll pouting like a puffer fish if she angry

and that whenever she found sakura eyes looking at her when they together, Jurina could find nothing else, than a genuine …happiness… the kind of happiness, a dark being like her, never experienced before…

Jurina still don’t know it, but something has growing slowly  inside of her, something that Jurina never know she could ever have


“ehm..ah..yes?” Jurina snaped back from her tough and find sakura looking at her with concern

“you okay? you look kinda lost”

“sure, hem..what did you said again ?”

“….tomorrow is a weekend … so…if you are not busy…can we…have a date?” said sakura while shifting her eyes away, slightly fidgeting. Jurina walk her home that day, as she always do, and they had arrive in front of sakura house

“sure, whatever you want princess”

“really?! thanks Jurina!!” a really bright smile bloom on sakura face, and she jumped a bit

Jurina looking at the girl beside her, looks really happy by a simple thing like that, and something lighten up inside of the darkness deep inside Jurina soul. she doesn’t realize it…but her own lips has formed an unfamiliar curve

not  wicked..not dark..nor fabricated

a fair smile

Sakura has make Jurina smile, for the very first time in her life

but as fast as that smiles comes, that fast too its faded,  Jurina realize something wrong with sakura, sakura -who notice Jurina gaze- slowly  wiped her nose, she then looking at her hands… smeared with blood

“sakura!!!!??” Jurina put her handkerchief right away to stop sakura nose bleeding

“i am okay…i..i always had nose bleed when i got too excited ”

“lets get in! ” Jurina takes sakura into her house, sit her in the couch and apply an ice pack to her bleeding nose

“I’m okay really… ”

“ill buy you some medicine okay, ill be back in a while” and Jurina dashed outside, she remember theres a pharmacy nearby.  while being confuse with her own action; why she felt so rushed, so disturbed, and so uncomfortable looking at sakura not being well, Jurina take out her wallet from her bag to pay the medicine, and her handkerchief fall from there

Jurina slowly pick her handkerchief from the floor, sakura’s blood is there

Jurina bathed on  blood many times before, she could  taste it inside of her mouth every time she close her eyes, smell it every time the wind blows

yet, Jurina never see a blood as black as that ever before

— —- – —– —

“Jurina…this crapes taste really good!”

“really?” Jurina leaning towards sakura, and take a bite of her crapes “hmm..it is good!”

“geez, jurina..the cream is all over your mouth ” sakura reach out  her bag to take a handkerchief, but Jurina stopping her hands, and trail butterfly kisses trough out sakura face with her creamy lips


“hahahha..sorry sorry” Jurina then clean the mess she make, lightly licking and sucking the cream from sakura face with little kisses . on her cheek…on her chin, and when she finally reach sakura lips … their kiss just inevitable … a long wet sloppy kiss

a cherry on top of their date that day…. their first…and last date


after make sure sakura nose has stop bleeding, jurina spent the night on sakura house, convince herself she just want to cover more data, blinded her mind from the fact that she is over reacting.  find herself restless, and sleepless. jurina sit beside sakura all night long, watching over her.

just before the morning sun rise, Jurina phones release a weak buzz

Jurina gritted her teeth, knowing from who it is.  she look at sakura sleeping face, before taking her phone and read the text from unidentified number there

“end mission today. dispose target”

Jurina would not realize that she is biting her own lips so hard, if her own blood do not dripping from her chin and spattered on her phone screen

…its time…

sakura wake up that morning find Jurina sitting next to her,  greet her  with a dazzling smile

“hmm…jurina? are you awake all night?” said sakura, looks still sleepy…yet clearly concerned

but Jurina only smiles to her “so…where do you wanna go for our date?”



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