Jurisaku ship (you ship jurisaku?? what?)


yeah what???

What is Jurisaku ship after all?

Jurina x sakura you said??


… dude wash your face… you are drunk


thats how the reaction i- a newbie fan fiction writers- got when i first  write a fan fiction pairing Jurisaku in 2016,

LOL i really didn’t think much, i like sakura, and i like Jurina, so i write a half-assed fic about them

yes, Jurisaku ship is not a main ship, this is a ship or pairing that people called crack ship, a non canonical ship- or a pair where in real life, not a real lover, or not really close

but since i start looking, I’ve found things i don’t see before

to my own surprise, actually, this pair is …quite legit, and actually has existed in AKB group shippers ocean long before

its kinda amazing the number of people out there who actually  ship Jurisaku, considering this is just a crack ship, and they ship them good

well… after a while this ship consumes me too! and i could see why

first of all, all the major ship of akb group; wmatsui, atsumina, kojiyuu, saeyuki  and even now sayamilky, despite people still really ship these pairs, and the best fics out there are written under these ships flag….

they are…. not there any more

in the stage … in the concert ..in the PV

as for my self, it used to be so fun, when watch a concert video and stop breathing when takamina look at achaan, or yuko casually flirt with kojiharu, then stop the video, just to rewind it for like 1000x, trying to define the meaning of every glance and smile (even thou it might not mean anything lol…or are they ? *derp*) after they all graduate… find it a bit lonely on the recent concert or video footage

all its left out there from the major pairing is mayuki (all hail gigantic mothership Mayuki)

but the other new pairing… naamegu… yuriannin…. mionobu… are still hard to find on these video because they are not yet (hopefully soon) mainly in senbatsu, and have limited appearances compared to senbatsu members . atsumina and wmatsui? these ship are in front lines of every single concert and PV, shoved right into our faces, how can people not ship them?? we are thirsty for more shipping moment happening in the front line, in the front seat, in the main stage

so lets back to Jurisaku

the two youngest member in senbatsu (2015-2016), and part of kami7, their height, their age, their  AKB senbatsu position are almost similar, and this make their dance position almost always mirroring each other, thus they are almost always side by side

but even so…why?… for shipping sake ..why?? why is the infamous kissing monster of AKB GROUP, matsui Jurina sama… never even once tried to kiss the hakata princess miyawaki sakura-chan on stage???

this is Jurina we talking about… she kiss ..like seriously…everyone. she boldly tried to kiss mayu in front of yukirin… stealing kojima right under the watch of AKB ace yuko oshima… get her hands on takamina when acchan around.. she even goes to milky (i could imagine the burning sayanee in the back ground)

she simply like kissing other member, she proud of it, claim it makes her fans happy (and yes..i do! i do!! ) and she doesnt care if its threatening a major ship like mayuki or atsumina or kojiyuu or even her own super ship wmatsui

so why?? why never goes to sakura???

lets review Jurina history with the old kami 7 members : Accahn (have a matching phone strap), yuko (kissed), takamina (targeted), mariko (kissed, legit ship), tomochin (kissed), Mayu (kissed, I’m totally shipping this), Kojiharu (kissed so much, yuko have to fight her back from Jurina in akb to xx, in front of camera and everyone includes Jurina there, said why she let other -Ju- kiss her so much and not let her kiss her anymore)… so again ..why??

when i start ship this pair, i really think it just a matter of time that Ju will kiss sakura… i mean… they always together near each other

i found a bunch of their two shoot for magazine or from event .. means they had a job together pretty often… and lately (jan 2017)? its like Jurisaku is a shadow wcenter of akb group these days, they are together every where!

plus, who do not know  how much Jurina loves HKT kids

oh she loves HKT kids, if you are Jurina oshi you should already know how much she loves hakata girls

she said she watch their variety show every week (like she is not super busy and have sleep deprivation already), and each concert or event when HKT kids around Jurina would make her way to them (remember those footage in akb request hour 2014, when in the middle of her performance, the camera catch Jurina spread her charm on those poor HKT kids)

look at the third pictures in the right, when Ju deliberately went to those poor kids and throw them her heart-throbbing smile

so whyyyyyyyy

why Jurina let sakura roaming freely every day in her orbit without tried to kiss her even once???? (minus those kiss scenes from crows blood okay, even thou I’m dying on that one too)

is she simply don’t like sakura?

well it could be …but lets watch this one video

those eyes!! that low voice!!! and don’t even start make me talk about Jurina asking Sakura for a kiss Live in showroom

Jurina really do tried goes to sakura (as expected, Jurina sama!!)

and how about sakura?

and even



and recently (2017) after tofu pro wrestling aired, all you can watch in Sakura SR… is SAKURAAA FAN GIRLING OVER JURINA.. like the heck? i even start subbing some of sakura Showroom coz if i not ill be crazy all by myself

so…i wonder

Sakura kissed members on stage already, that taboo no iro PV and her hot kissing scene with kodama, her thousand kissing scene in Crows blood…

and they both really know how to pleased and tease their fans with fan service… so really… like seriously

WHY NO JURISAKU KISSING SCENES ANYWHERE????  forget a kiss J not even ever tried to Hug or cling on Sakura whenever she is around just like she always do to any living thing she seen, its Like Jurina changing personality every time sakura is around !!????

are these two…

really that self conscious around each other?

are you two secretly in love?



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