universal studio date (jurina x sakura ft.akb G)


NB : contain some Harry Potter and Universal Studio References

The sun gleams super brightly , adding more heat and sparkles to AKB48 performance at universal studio that day.

 Beautiful girls, in colorful outfit, dancing energetically under the summer sun, following a happy up beat song… what a view

AKB48 bind a project with Universal Studio this summer, and so here the girls are, smiling brightly and dancing happily on the stage, in the middle of Universal Studio Japan.

The performance that day went great, audience, members, everyone are happy, especially the akb members, because apart of performing, they had a rare chance to play and enjoying the universal studio japan themselves!

AKB48 is the most famous idol group in the world, they were busy, and uberly famous.

Its impossible for the front members to even walk around without any disguise, and now, as they are given opportunity to play around in USJ, in a broad day light, without any suffocating mask… or stupid glasses.. everyone extremely happy and joyful

“Lets go!!”

“I wanna see ride the terminator!”

“lets try all the attraction!!”

Everyone are so in high tension, as so is one sweet Hakata girl, who smiling looking how the other member are so hyper.

 sakura Miyawaki, one of akb48 young senbatsu from HKT48, would lie to said she isn’t in a high spirit herself. Sakura ready to take her leave when she saw a certain NMB ace, just stood silently in her place

Sakura following sayanee eyes, find it looking at AKB queen pair, Mayu and Yukirin, that -like seriously…all the time- lost in their own world

“….I wish milky were here…”

“…sayaka… san?”

Found sakura stand beside her, sayanee jump a bit “s-sakura??!!! since when are you there???”

“Just recently”

“D-did you…did you heard what i said before?”


“No! never mind!! forget it” sayanee drive her eyes away, tsundere as she always be. sakura felt that she mustn’t eavesdrops sayanee earlier. now the air between the two kami7 are a bit awkward

“…hey sakura… wanna try some attraction?”

Sakura super glad, seems like sayanee not angry at her “sure!”

Sakura go with Sayanee, not long after, takahashi juri, AKB48 team 4 captain, also joining them both.

They having fun, taking some pictures together, while try to stray themselves from the annoyingly sweet mayuki couple that looks like on their private honeymoon, probably believe that the other people were there just to witness their undying love

“Sayanee san, please go ahead. i need to take the restroom” sakura said after a while, and excuse herself from the herd

Sakura use the restroom quickly, can’t wait to go back to the theme park. when sakura finally go out and try to find the others, she realize … she is been followed by someone

‘eh? this place suppose to just for members and staff only now’ she think to herself, the figure are wearing a black glasses and a cap that hide her face, but even so, sakura sure she did not see any staff dress like that before… the figure keep following sakura

Sakura steal one and two quick glance to the shady character, ‘a stalker?’ ‘out of control wota?’ her minds went to the recent stabbing case of former akb member by some crazy wota and sakura spines chills right away

But even so…

Even in the middle of her worries … sakura could not help but to notice that the figure behind the dark glass and caps are…gorgeous …

The body is slim but firm, the hair is shine and silky, falls perfectly every time the figure moves, her skin is pearly white, with a bit trace of healthy pinkish color

And just then, noticing sakura are stealing glances, the figure smile

oh my… even the smile is wonderful. Its kiddy and prideful at the same time, but also looks kinda like a puppy smile—wait a minute, sakura turn her head and pinch her eyes…. she think she knows that smile

The figure dashing towards sakura, breaming with even wider smile, and throw herself to sakura in a big warm hug

“You look cute with that minion t-shirth sakura!”


“Hi there” Jurina open her disguise, and slashing the air with her dazzling smile

“But–why?? how? you are not supposed to be here!”

“I am *sigh* well… not my fault that ske are currently in contract with nagashima spa land, and cannot join you guys”

“And you shouldn’t Ju! what if- what if someone find you here??”

“hahha, chill out, they won’t, and its not like I breaking a law or something, its okay! beside…”


“I think it’ll be cool to have a universal studio date with you”

*blush* “you are crazy”

“hahaha I am! now lets go!”

Jurina and sakura roaming free and happily in the universal studio, while once or twice avoiding the other akb member that also having fun.

Jurina totally refuse sakura invitation to try the rides, biting her lips and shake her head vigorously, almost crying in the spot, said she almost died when she recently rode the roller coaster as fulfillment of her last year ssk campaign.

So instead, they play around the real-size attack on titan statue, get sprayed a bit from the Jaws lake attraction, and strolling along the Jurassic park river

They also go to the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

They stop at the place that rented a wizard robes. Jurina tried the hufflepuff robes right away “because its orange!” she said cheerfully (well.. ju… its actually canary yellow.. but ..well), after spend some times choosing between gryffindor and ravenclaw, sakura end up with the ravenclaw robes, and try it on herself.

“Avada ke darva!” Ju shout to sakura, swirling the magic stick she just found around

“Oh Ju…its avada kedavra…not ke darva” sakura said, pretend angry and rolled her eyes cutely just like hermione did to ron Wesley, makes Ju wonder if its possible to fall in love even deeper with the girl than she already are

They also find some broom stick, and Jurina play around with it right away (*sigh*…kiddo)

“If I were to play quidditch, I would totally be a seeker! ” said Ju, while pretend flying with the fire bolt

“I bet you would ” sakura said, brushing her finger along the other broom stick there

“but I think I could be an amazing catcher too” jurina says

“because you are so fast?”

“no, more because you are here with me, and you were such a catch”

“hahaha, then I hope you are a good keeper too”

“don’t worry, I’ll keep you forever”

“sleazy!” sakura beat Jurina lightly with the broom stick, pretend angry, but forget to not smiling.

They then goes to Hogsmeade cafe and order some butter beer, sakura almost drop her glass when Jurina daringly kiss away the butter bear foam from her unsuspecting lips

After take a deep breath, Sakura also bravely put a pale-green bean from Bertie Botts every flavor beans into her mouth… and regret it right away

“…It…taste like kitchen garbage…”

“hahaha its Durian flavor sakura chan! you okay?” Jurina really don’t restrain herself from laughing whole heartily, she then handed the butter beer to sakura

“euh… I dont understand how they named this the king of fruits…”

“its very popular in south east asia, I guess, we just don’t get used to the taste… maybe like how it takes some time for foreigner to like sushi “

“Maybe…” said sakura while gulping the butter beer, try to ease the sharp flavor from her mouth

” I’ll still named you my queen even if you taste like durian”

“hmm…you and your smooth talk”

“No I am not” Ju said, smiling, and catch sakura’s lips… slip her tongue in… and tangled it passionately with sakura’s


Jurina pulled herself “see… I’ll still kiss you like that, even after you eat a ton of durian”

“s-stupid Ju!!” sakura rained Jurina with her fist

“hahahaha” Jurina catch sakura powerless punch, and kiss the girl once again, gently this time, calming the girl

There is just something magical with their kiss, like every nerves in their body agree to dance a little the moment their soft lips touch… so sweet…so…addicting…

Jurina chuckle a bit when they are done with each other, always find sakura after-kiss face are amusing, and sakura shift her eyes away, try to defend the last of her pride, and to cover the fact how Jurina always easily find the way to make her heart beat like crazy

Jurina warp sakura with one of her arm, seeping the rest of their butter beer leaning on each other

“So…how is your preparation for sousenkyo next week?” Sakura asked

“You want to talk about it now??” Jurina raise her eye brows to sakura

“You don’t want to?”

“well…hem… I still working hard aiming for a highest rank possible, and work harder to make sure its not even fall down from the prelim” said Jurina “…you?”

“…dont really wanna talk about it”

“You are the one who bough the subject!!”

“hehehe” sakura giggle a bit, and shift her head to sink deeper on Ju shoulder”but …well…i really glad to spend this time with you just before SSK…i need it”


“Ju…do you remember what you said to me on Takamina-san graduation concert?”

“…I do”

” You were right… one thing about having a dream is…if we are not try to chase it, it will chase us back…we may fall in the way…and scratch our knees…but i guess…stop is not an option isnt it?”

Jurina only smiles, while slowly twinge her finger with sakura’s finger “lets chase our dream”









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