Shyness (JuriSakurAnna)-one sided _ fanfic by Modeofvulgar

Hi! this is a bitter sweet fanfic  by modeofvulgar  . pairing jurina x sakura x Murashige Anna the author has kindly allow it to be posted here, but please directly visit the author account  for more fiction and work : fiction taken from :     Miyawaki Sakura was never known for being someone … More Shyness (JuriSakurAnna)-one sided _ fanfic by Modeofvulgar

hypno puppy (OS. wmatsui, Mayuki) ft. Ruka Kikuchi

hi, so… i am very happy to get an experience to do this collaboration work with Ruka Kikuchi san. based on promotional  video for Jurina Drama “death cash”, where the SKE ace get on her way trying to hypnotize us all (like she hasn’t done it already …with her smiles). so here it is! hypno puppy (OS. wmatsui, Mayuki) ft. Ruka Kikuchi

Dance chapter zero : her (Jurina,rena,sakura)

other link to video (   ——- The rain drops tapping a steady rhythm on the window, slowly waken the solemn Ace of SKE48 from her slumber. AKB48 special Van running smoothly under the pouring rain, Matsui Jurina are inside, even after decide to be a full time SKE, the young ace still have loads … More Dance chapter zero : her (Jurina,rena,sakura)