hypno puppy (OS. wmatsui, Mayuki) ft. Ruka Kikuchi

hi, so… i am very happy to get an experience to do this collaboration work with Ruka Kikuchi san. based on promotional  video for Jurina Drama “death cash”, where the SKE ace get on her way trying to hypnotize us all (like she hasn’t done it already …with her smiles).

so here it is!


the rain dripping hard, and the thunder blazing bright, what a day to have an out door photo shoot

AKB front line girls could be sighted waiting inside the studio, its been two hours and theres is no sign the sky would stop pouring. everyone looks bored already, playing with their phones, teasing other members, fixing their already perfect make up… anything to fill the time

in one spot of the room, the young SKE ace and the new AKB group top three also could be spotted, chilling on her chair, phone on her hand.

taking pictures…. done

updating blog and twitter…..done

read and responding the fans…. done

upgrading pokemon…. done

Jurina shrink her head on the table, her phones can no longer provide any adequate amount of entertainment, ‘this is so boring… isnt there anything to do??‘ the Sakae Ace pleading. just then, a shiny object in her bag , catches her sharp eyes.

from inside her half opened bag, Jurina slowly pulled a slim golden chain with an antique  pocket watch clinging on it

“What is that?”

its Watanabe Mayu who sit not far from Jurina who asked (from the way she sluggishly sit on her chair, its no doubt that AKB queen also super bored )

” its used in my new drama ‘death cash’, i lend it to make some promotional video about hypnotic” Jurina replied

“hee…can you use it to hypnotize someone?”

“hmm…..maybe….wanna try?”

Mayu look at the puppy grin on the SKE ace face, well.. why not? is not like she had anything else to do anyway


“okay mayu chan, now look at this …keep look at this…”

Mayu eyes following the constantly swaying watch … right…left…right …left

“and slowly….slowly…you would feel your eyes became heavier…and heavier…and now…you will…Fall asleep!”

To Jurina own surprise, the AKB queen tilted her head, her eyes are closed tight … could it be??

“M-mayu chan?? you are just acting right” no respond

the sakae ace went into panic for a second there ‘what have i done !??? what have i done??!’ but slowly, her panic went to ease… and an evil grin bloom from her face ‘hey…this could be fun’

“Mayu chan…when you wake up, you would obey everything that I said. if you understand, nod your head”

Mayu slowly nodding

“okay, now…Wake UP!!”

“umm…ehhh..what was happen?”

“now Mayuchan…tell me…are you and Yuki going out?”

*with dazed eyes* “yes we are…actually we already married to each other”

“eh You are Married????! w-woah thats why you two looks so suspiciously ultra sweet around each other all the time!!? gosh, i should have know it!”

“love Yuki…love Yuki..love Yuki”

“yea yea..I hear you ..so um now…lets makes things more interesting” Jurina scanning the room, and her eyes stopped at the Hakata Princess, Sakura Miyawaki, who sit alone in the corner

*super evil grin* “now Mayu….go… and Kiss Sakuratan!”

Mayu slowly rise from her seat, and walk to the corner

“M-Mayu san??! ” Sakura could not hide her surprise when Mayu suddenly put her hands on her shoulder, locking the Hakata girl from moving away

Jurina watch enthusiastically from her seat, when Mayu lips slowly but sure getting closer, and closer to sakura succulent pink lips

the other members in the room that already looking curiously since the AKB queen grabbed Sakura, Just watch in awe as Mayu kissing the poor Hakata girl, passionately, totally not holding back.

Jurina gulped by the sight. when they first met, despite only a year younger than Jurina, sakura only half tall, such a small sweet chibi creature, Makes Jurina helplessly always wanting to act as dignified senpai around her. but now, seeing that the kiss would be hard for Mayu to reach if Sakura not sitting down, and it is so hot too… Jurina evil mode (and her tingling Kissing Monster instinct ) start questioning herself, Maybe…its okay to hypnotize Sakura next?

a harsh splashing sounds distract Jurina attention from the happening hot scenes and her upcoming evil schemes, the sounds comes from two paper glass that fell hit the ground, make all the hot chocolate inside form a brown puddle on the floor

not that the one who drop it care about it anyway, theres a a blue fire burning in her eyes, and a black dark suffocated  aura filled the room immediately. Kashiwagi Yuki just entered the room when the scenes happening, for some reason, she is wearing her four heavenly black costume for her upcoming majisuka gakuen stage play, she couldn’t look more intimidating and her aura has make the other members in the room  tremble for their life

“Mayu…what is this?” black voice is calm, but each words are slashing the air

Maybe its black Yukirin voice, maybe its Mayu natural instinct to keep alive, suddenly Mayu regain her consciousness, finding her lips plastered on confuse Sakura, and Raging Yukirin standing behind her

“ehh?? ehh?? ermmm…Y-Yuki?? this is–”

“i went the trouble to buy us some hot chocolates because you said you are cold… and now I come back.. FOR THIS??”

“No!!? Y-Yukirin i dont—”

Jurina try to step in “a-aha-haha Yukirin san…so actually–”

*super deathly glare* “What?!!”

“errrr….nope..nothing… have fun” Jurina slowly walk back ‘I’m sorry mayu chan, i still wanna live a little bit longer, ill explain it once she calm down okay…i hope…i hope you still alive until there!!’

Jurina sneaking out of the room, Yukirin rage could still be heard even after she close the door ‘I’m sorry Mayu…stay alive!’

the young ace then look at the gold watch in her hands ‘so…this thing actually work ‘, suddenly the evil grin bloom once again on Jurina face when she remember who have a job just in the studio next door

Jurina gripped onto the watch as she peeked behind the wall and saw a certain someone sitting by herself, reading a novel while enjoying her tea.

“Alright… I really hope this works…” she gave one final prayer before walking up to her and hugging her from behind. “Rena-chan~”

“Uwaa!” Rena yelped a bit as she was surprised by Jurina’s sudden hug. “Jurina! Hisashiburi!”

“Hisashiburi~ How’s the stage play been going?”

“Oh, it’s been good. Speaking of, I watched the premiere of ‘Shihei’!”

“Eh?! Really?!”

“Yup! You were amazing. I’m really proud of you,” Rena pet the puppy girl’s head, making Jurina smile wider.

“Ah! Hey, Rena-chan, I wanna show you something,” Jurina broke the hug and sat beside Rena holding the watch in front of her eyes.

“Huh? What is this?” Rena was confused as Jurina started swinging the watch.

“You are getting sleepy~ You are getting very sleepy~” Jurina spoke in her hypnotic voice, but it didn’t seem to affect Rena.


“Your eyes are getting heavy.. you are falling into a deeeeep deeeep sleeeeep~” Jurina was unknowingly fixated on the watch herself. Soon, she could feel herself losing concentration as she tried to keep her eyes open. “So… sooo… sleepy….”

In a matter of seconds, Jurina’s eyes shut and her head dropped limply as she fell asleep. Rena chuckled and took the watch from Jurina’s hand, which then dropped to her side.

“Did she really think she could hypnotize me? You’re going to have to be smarter than that,” Rena grinned playfully as Jurina just snored softly. “well well, my little puppy, its seems like you won’t woke up for a while” She then got up from the couch and laid Jurina’s head on a pillow, then put her own sweater to wrapped the younger girl’s body up warmly.

“Rena..chan…” Jurina spoke in her hypnotized slumber. “I’ll make you.. love me…”

Rena smiled again, giggling. “Silly Jurina.”

She then leaned forward and kissed Jurina’s forehead gently.

“I already love you.”

— —



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