Shyness (JuriSakurAnna)-one sided _ fanfic by Modeofvulgar


this is a bitter sweet fanfic  by modeofvulgar  . pairing jurina x sakura x Murashige Anna

the author has kindly allow it to be posted here, but please directly visit the author account  for more fiction and work :

fiction taken from :




Miyawaki Sakura was never known for being someone who made friends easily, being more like the type who stood on the side when people chatted with each other, and only opening herself to those who actually approached first. ‘She’s completely full of herself’, she could hear some of the members mumbling at times. Did that bothered her? Not as much as it should. It wasn’t part of her job assure that everybody liked her, anyway.

She turned her sight away from the mirror for a moment: her makeup wasn’t completed yet, and her hair was tied in a plain ponytail. The upcoming 48G Summer Concerts was about to start in less than two hours, and some of the girls kept arriving from her different locations. HKT was the first one to arrive, given Sashihara’s status as top member. Soon after NMB and SKE joined, with NGT being on their way, as she listened to their manager share with other staff members.

As usual when they were due to share the stage with sister groups, her eyes scanned the whole room with well concealed desperation in order to catch sight of a certain someone. One of the few people who actually knew the loneliness of being a lone member in the middle of a shark tank, and the rest of implications it included.

Matsui Jurina.

Even thinking about her name made her nervous and her thin hands shake with some anticipation. But the more she tried to approach, the more she was rebuffed. Or was she? Did Jurina actually think about her beyond work? They were paired in most campaigns recently as New Generation aces, but once the filming wrapped, they parted their ways, leaving her with nothing but a lingering desire to talk more. (Even if Sakura’s words were better conveyed as letters or blog entries than directly saying them to others).

Her laugh was as loud as ever, especially while hanging out with her juniors. The mere sound of it made Sakura’s heart skip a bit and she finally decided to stand up from her chair, but not before turn back to her unfinished work and blend the rest of her makeup, apply a bit of color on her cheeks and lips. She looked acceptable, and awake with the big dark circles under her eyes almost completely concealed and for once, felt confident to go by and greet her senior.

“Oi! We need to try on the new costumes!” The cheerful voice of Murashige Anna, her best friend, resonated in her head, while her eyes kept looking few meters away. Perhaps was nothing but a coincidence, but the taller one turned on her direction, with their eyes meeting for about three seconds. But that short instant was enough to make her long face fluster and smile awkwardly, a gesture that was unnoticed, due of her ‘target’ being surrounded again by research students struggling with dancing movements. And her last attempt to delay her encounter with her was sabotaged when a strong pale arm pulled her away.

Annya, as everyone called the energetic girl, dragged her and broke the spell on her. She said nothing and simply smiled, as she knew that the taller one wasn’t exactly a talked, especially with so many people around: Sakura was always like that and she accepted it, just like she was accepted for being loud and outspoken all the time. Late at night, she would receive another mail from Sakura explaining what happened, and she would be there cheering her up, like always, grateful that mails did not have image nor voice to show that stingy, unfamiliar feeling of threat. Jealousy







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