Maki the kissing zombie (crows blood Drabbles)

Hi, so… this is a drabbles and if you notice the format, it is inspired  by Lenosferatu  burageki no ichinichi  . really like this kind of fic and always wanna try it, so …. 



in the universe where everyone alive and well, and Maki is a happy kissing zombie who live peacefully with her harem everyone

the cast are  :

Maki Togawa : Sakura Miyawaki  = a mysterious transfer student, hobby is kissing people and smile creepily, is a zombie, somehow was an olympic running champion

Kaoru Isozaki : Mayu Watanabe = the kind  girl in the flock

Mai Utsui : Yuki Kashiwagi = the school sport star and the leader of the group

Shinobu Matsumura : Matsui Jurina = a yankee with a soft hearth

Aoi Nojiro : Anna Iriyama = that one girl  with  glasses and always reading books, Maki best servant friend

Keiko Yodogawa : Kato Rena, Chisa Furugori : Yui Yokoyama, Hikari Yanaka : Kizaki Yuria, Nami Katayama : Mion Mukaichi

Warning : full of spoilers ahead!! if you  missed the crow’s blood drama, look at the previous post for the link for video raw, streaming and subbed english



— — – —– —— — ——— —————-


Maki & Mai competing in the running track

Mai : *running fast*

Maki : *running faster*

Mai : *running very fast*

Maki : *running ultra fast*

Kaoru : *looking* … why i feel theres something very unreal with this view ?


Your perfect running form

Mai : *panting* …im lost

Maki : you have talent, if you practice, someday you would  able to run like me

Mai : i cant!! your running form is so perfect!! no matter how much i tried, i know i cant!

Kaoru : *still looking* … i ….really do feel theres  something very wrong with this scene



(during lunch break with everyone on the rooftop)

Maki : *suddenly kiss kaoru*

Mai : Maki stop kissing people during lunch! why you have to be such a kissing monster??! No one ever love a kissing monster you hear me! kissing monster is suck!!  kissing monster is Lame!!!  kissing monster is the worst thing ever exist !!!

Shinobu : … why is this bothering me


Kiss 2

Maki : *now kissing Kaoru  passionately *

Mai : uhhhh … Maki, enough! *pulling maki off*

Maki : Mai… lips *kissing Mai instead…with even more passion*

Mai : ??!!!

Kaoru : … why is this bothering me more than when she kiss me


Kiss 3

Maki : *now kissing Mai*

Aoi : *stares*

Maki : *looking at Aoi*

Aoi : (could it be??! m-my turn) *doki doki doki*

Maki : Meh…. *turn around and kiss Mai again*

Aoi : WHY!!????



its like…

Mai : hey, Aoi i don’t like you being too close with Maki, don’t you have a boy friend?

Aoi : that old pervert? you can have him  Mai, I’m stick with Maki

Mai : pfft, my standard isn’t that low, beside, maki like me more

Aoi : what did you say?? do  you want a piece of me???

Mai : bring it on!

Kaoru : guys!  calm down! whats wrong with you guys??

Mai : I really feel this girl would stick a giant needle behind me with no hesitate!!

Aoi : and I bet You would stab me with meat knife if you had a chance!!!

Kaoru : ….


Its You~ yes its You~

Mai : speaking of which, Kaoru, hows your boy friend doing?

Kaoru : what boy friend?

Mai : You know, that journalist

Kaoru : that guy? no way he is way older than me, its almost a crime

Mai : lol, really? i tough you guys are a thing

Kaoru : no we are not, beside … *looking at Mai*

Mai : beside ?

Kaoru : nope…nothing *blushed*



Kaoru : Mai, i tough… you hates Maki?

Mai :  nah, at first she is creepy. but she turn out to be pretty cool

Kaoru : so you don’t hate her?

Mai :  Nope

Kaoru : so…do you… like her? *glup*

Mai : yeah, kinda, she even give me a shoulder massage sometimes

Kaoru  : !@#$%^ *crying inside*




Maki : hey Mai, can I borrow some money?

Mai : what?? no, do you think money grows on tree??

Maki : from what are money made from?

Mai : Paper

Maki : so.. where is paper came from?

Mai : …. how much do you want…


borrowing 2

Maki : Mai, can I borrow one more thing?

Mai : sigh…What is that? *somewhat tired*

Maki : can I borrow a kiss? ill return it double

Mai : !!???

Maki : *evil grin*



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