dance : Love trip (Jurisaku, Request)


this one, is a request


A pink bus with enormous “Love trip” words printed on it runs unhurriedly on the road.

Despite the constant curious look people throw at the ultra eye catching bus, inside, akb48 45th senbatsu sitting comfortably.

They wearing a simple red blouse and comfortable white pants, just perfect for a trip. a love trip. AKB48 45th senbatsu are in the Middle making of the love trip Music Video.

Its a catchy song with cute MV; AKB48 helping people confess their love. everyone are excited and enjoying their ride to another location

Sakura would too, if Only a Certain Top Three Young Sakae Ace, who sit right in front of her, dont’t keep staring at her from the top of her seat

“Ju, you’ll get a car sick if you keep doing that you know” sakura poke Jurina forehead

“I don’t care!” Jurina said stubbornly, and keep staring at Sakura

“Jurina, sakura is right, sit straight ” said sayanee, the ultimate NMB ace and captain who sit beside sakura

Jurina : actually, I’m keeping eyes on You! I’m making sure you do not try make any move to my cute Sakura!

Sayanee : me???

Jurina : Yes You! I already almost lost my sanity with all Sakura kissing scenes in crow’s blood

Sakura : Jurina we’ve talk about that *blushed*

Jurina : at least our kissing scene is the hottest of them all *grin grin* said Jurina, out loud, enough for the entire bus to listen , make some members turn their head to them

Sakura : … (stupid Ju!!!) *blushed extra hard* *hide face behind own hands*

Jurina : btw, isnt this seat arrangement a bit weird? if its based on SSK rank, I would sit with sayanee or Mayu … so …could it be *looking at Sashi who sit beside her suspiciously*

Sashi : what?

Jurina : sashi, you ridged this seat so you could sit beside me arent you? sigh.. sashi… I knew you are in love with me, but please *shake head*

Sashi : *sigh* *point at the seat beside them*

Right beside, Yukirin decide to stand up from her single seat, and standing leaning to Mayu chair in front of her, so she could hug Mayu, and stay like that.

Mayu in the middle of telling yukirin (in high tension) how this single would be a theme song for best selling anime live adaptation; girl who leapt thought time, not sure if Yukirin also into anime, but the black queen keep listening, looks could not be more happy than she already are.

Sashi : we are sitting on center-right-left formation, and if even those two married couple Queen right there have to sit separately, do you think anyone ever ridged this seat?

Jurina, sayanee, and sakura looking at Mayuki giggle to each other, owning the whole world for themselves only. The three look back at sashi, slowly nodded in agreement.

—- — —- ——- —— ———- ——— —

— – ——— —–

— ——-

The recording went well, Jurina decide to spend the rest of the day in Sakura tokyo apartment rather than go back to her own.

Not in the mood spend the evening alone after such cute MV recording. Sakura and Jurina spend the evening ordering some Chinese foods, lazily cuddle at the couch, having dinner while watching some old movies

“Hey Sakura, isnt those confessions make you remember the sweet memory, of the day I confess my love to you * grin grin*” said Jurina, her arms wrapping around sakura.

“*rolls eyes* what sweet memory? all you do is pinned me to the floor and kissed me…and yeah say you love me afterwards” sakura take some of the chicken in the table with chop stick, carefully blow the heat from it, before gently put it into Jurina’s awaiting open mouth.

Jurina’s hand are too busy wrapping Sakura, and Sakura don’t feel like releasing herself from Jurina’s warmness neither.

“huh? you sure thats how it was? I’m pretty sure 1000 roses and hundreds dove involved in the process”

“uh-huh” said sakura flatly, while taking another chicken, and give it to Jurina, but this time, Jurina only look at her

Jurina : … was it…not a sweet memory to you?

Sakura looking back at Jurina, and find the sakae ace is in puppy mode, so irresistible cute

” lol..ju.. hey I’m sorry okay? ‘it is’ a sweet memory!” sakura said, smiling

Jurina : “you sure?”

Sakura : “its the dayIi discovered your love…how could its not a sweet memory”

Jurina : ehehe *happy*

Sakura : now, open your mouth will you … I would not let your mother worried about you losing some weigh when we visiting again

Jurina open her mouth, and bite the chicken Sakura offer to her. their evening end peacefully, but something keeps linger in Jurina’s head.

— —— ———– —–

Jurina end up spend the night at Sakura place

The warm morning sun shone brightly trough the window, gently teasing Sakura eyes to be open ‘…ung… another five minutes’ sakura plead to herself, her hand sweeping the other side ofher bed, find it empty. Jurina probably went home already.

Sakura used to Jurina argumentation of how much she loves Sakura sleeping face, claimed that waking up sakura -if nothing necessary- is a crime that shouldn’t be commit

Jurina held her apartment spare key also not helping. sakura now adapted to Jurina comes and go into her apartment, and into her bed

So when she fully open her eyes, sakura are totally unprepared of what she sees

Flowers, hundreds of it, arranged beautifully surrounding her bed, forming a wondrous indoor garden.

Sakura flashing her eyes, wondering if she is still half awake and probably still dreaming, but she is not, as now she could clearly smells the nice flowery scent in the air

Sakura carefully get up from her bed to walk outside, and once she open her bed room door, sakura have to flashing her eyes again, harder this time.

The rest of her apartment are filled with flowers, not as packed as in her bedroom, but somehow, its nicer and more suitable with her apartment interior. in the middle of it all, sit in the couch, looking at Sakura with her gorgeous smile, is matsui Jurina

“Jurina…what is this?”

“you like it?”

“I …do… but…did I Miss something?”

“well…are you?”

Jurina then stand up, and walk slowly to Sakura, her eyes are nowhere but to sakura eyes, and when she finally only a step away from sakura, Jurina take a bucket of roses from behind her back, and give it to sakura

“lol Ju…what is this?” Sakura take the rose bucket, find a written card on it

‘I’ll love you until the last of this roses whiter’

Sakura smile, one sweet valentine night flashing in her memory, and just right, Sakura find one of the roses made of plastic.

Sakura look more closely, find each of the roses have a tiny note on it, each with personal message. Sakura fast reading some of it, and pretty sure its precisely the same notes on roses she got from Ju on her 18th birthday

Sakura don’t have to check twice, she secretly keep all the notes and still love to read them sometimes, but for Jurina to remember all of it, it just …

“Ju?” sakura look at Jurina, barely able to not smiling

Jurina looking back at her, smiling brightly “Sakura…I love you…please be my girlfriend”

“what are you talking about stupid…arent we…already do” said sakura, shifting her eyes away

“ehehe…well… I wonder…maybe you would like to renew the day I confess to you…since you seems didn’t really like the first time ”

“is this because what i said last night? Jurina…i told you i didn’t mean it and– ” but Jurina take Sakura hand that free from flowers, and hold it with her own

The warm in Jurina hands fuzed Sakura head, makes sakura wonder what she was about to say

“and I like it too really” said Jurina “I am honest with my feeling to you at that time… and I am honest with my feeling to you this time too”


“sakura I love you”

“I love you more than every fight we had and we will ever have”

“I love you more than the busy days we both had”

“I love you more than the distance between us…which is btw …I really hope you move anytime soon to nagoya…SKE would really love to have– ouch ouch!”

Sakura hardening her grip on Jurina hands “ouch ouch! I’m kidding! I’m kidding!! I love you miyawaki sakura! even more than the distance between us!!”

Sakura glared at Jurina, but as she always do, Jurina only replied it with her kiddy smile “I mean it Sakura … I love you against the distant between us”

“I love you against hope…I love you against promise…against peace, against reason.. ”

“I love you against every discouragement that could ever be…loving you is a trip that I would always take…regardless of anything ahead… miyawaki sakura I love you”

and it is just impossible, it is too impossible, its physically impossible for sakura to not kiss Jurina

And so she did

Jurina hands find it ways to Sakura waist, and gently pull sakura closer to her, deepen their kiss every passing seconds.

It feels like eternity has passed, when finally they pulled from each other lips

sakura blush shyly, looking at a bunch of beautiful magnolia in the corner, Jurina don’t even tried to hide her wide grin, she rolled Sakura body, hug her from behind and push her back to bed room


“I spend entire night ordering and arranging all of this…let me sleep okay *yawn*”

“O-okay…but why dragging me ??”

They are back at Sakura’s bed room, and Jurina gently pushed Sakura back into her bed “stay with me until I fall asleep will you? my beloved girlfriend” said Jurina, laying beside Sakura, holding her hands.

Not even a second passed, and the sakae ace already closed her eyes.

Sakura release a weak smile, looking at sleeping Jurina “…you didn’t even give me a time to answer, whether I want to stay with sleeping you or not”

Sakura scanning at her now half garden bed room, then look at Jurina face, The sakae ace already fall asleep, she must be really tired arranging all of this in one single night

“And you didn’t even give me time to answer back there too… stupid ju” Sakura slithering forward a bit, reducing the already small gap between her and Jurina, to the point now she could hear Jurina’s calm breathing

“…I haven’t said …that I love you too…” and Sakura gently kiss Jurina fore head. with their hands entangled to each others, Jurina and sakura fall asleep, sharing each other warmness



2 thoughts on “dance : Love trip (Jurisaku, Request)

  1. I’m really like this fanfic, from here i love all about jurisaku.. it.s make me got feels, but i like jurimayu too :v
    thanks to author, whos written this fanfic :3
    btw now sakura have on twitter account n she follow jurina hehe i really happy about that..


    1. you welcome it was fun 😀 wait…s-sakura following Jurina ?? its almost a crime as akb fans that i don’t have a twitter .. I’m totally gonna stalking it from tumbler… like…possibilities of Jurisaku …tweeting each other *gasp* *the possibilities!!* Thanks!!


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