Maki the kissing zombie 9/2/16 (crow’s blood drabbles )


in the universe where everyone alive and well, and Maki is a happy kissing zombie who life peacefully with her harem everyone

the cast are  :

Maki Togawa : Sakura Miyawaki  = a mysterious transfer student, hobby is kissing people and smile creepily, is a zombie, somehow was an olympic running champion

Kaoru Isozaki : Mayu Watanabe = the kind  girl in the flock

Mai Utsui : Yuki Kashiwagi = the school sport star and the leader of the group

Shinobu Matsumura : Matsui Jurina = a yankee with a soft hearth

Aoi Nojiro : Anna Iriyama = that one girl  with  glasses and always reading books, Maki best servant friend

Keiko Yodogawa : Kato Rena, Chisa Furugori : Yui Yokoyama, Hikari Yanaka : Kizaki Yuria, Nami Katayama : Mion Mukaichi

Warning : full of spoilers ahead!!

— – – – —————- —- – — – ——————————–

Maki Zombie 

Maki : good morning everyone


Maki : whats wrong ?

Mai : you are drenched in blood!!!! and I can see your bone sticking out from your elbow!!

Maki : oh…this? i got struck by truck on the way here… not a big problem, cmon Mai, stop over reacting, thats why they call you reaction queen *rolls eye*

Mai : … i really think its not the case this time



during class

Aoi : Kyaaa! ❤ *suddenly stand from her chair*

sensei : Aoi san! please calm down during class!

Kaoru : *whisper* whats wrong Aoi?

Aoi : after so long! finally Maki chan replied the text i sent her !!  we are so BFF !<3

Mai : hee…you texting her yesterday?

Aoi : no, like two months  ago <3!!

mai and Kaoru : ….


text 2

Kaoru : Maki, you should replied your text faster, you always replied mine like two days after too

Maki : i don’t like checking my phone

Mai :  thats no good Maki!  its a bad habit! you should replied text as soon as you receive them!

Kaoru : i don’t think you are the one to talk Mai


Maki Love

Aoi : Maki, um….tell me… do you… l-love me?  *blush*

Maki : look at the stars in the sky and count them all, thats how much i love you

Aoi : but ….its morning

Maki : exactly


my eyes

Aoi : why i am so  shy….thats makes me so unattractive …

Maki : thats not  true! i wish you could see your self trough my eyes

Aoi : *blush* w-why is that?

Maki : you are unattractive even if you are not shy

Aoi : (why…why do i fall in love with this zombie *cry inside*)


yes it is

Mai : Kaoru, seems like you really enjoy kissed by maki

Kaoru : w- what are you talking about ??! you are the one who enjoyed it so much!

Mai : no..its you

Kaoru : its YOU

shinobu : ehh love fight?

Mai & kaoru : NO ITS NOT!


as for Why

Mai : why do you even care if Maki kissed me anyway??

Kaoru : e-eh..thats… *looking away*

Mai : lol don’t tell me , are you actually have a feeling for me?? hahaha

Kaoru : … *blush*

Mai : ???!!! (why is she blushing!!???) *blush harder*


Burn Calories

Shinobu : ugh…i think i gained some weight

Maki : kissing burns 6.4 calories, so…. wanna work out together?

Shinobu : ??! *BLUSH*


burn calories 2

Maki : its okay shinobu…just close your eyes…and follow my lead

Shinobu : ehhh ??! eeeh????

Maki : *kiss roughly*

Shinobu : !!!!

Maki : hmm…first kiss?

Shinobu : !!!??? *turned red from head to toe*

Maki : bingo *grin*


A monster, thats what Maki is 

Maki : *licking lips* your lips unexpectedly  taste quiet good

Shinobu : s-shut up! *blush extra hard *

Maki : you know what shinobu… i happen to know one other thing that burns more calories than just a kiss

Shinobu : ???!

Maki : *evil grin*

Shinobu : HELP !!  SOMEONE!!!



——- – – – — – – – – — ———-


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