Maki the kissing Zombie updates 9/8/16 (crow’s blood drabbles)




in the universe where everyone alive and well, and Maki is a happy kissing zombie who life peacefully with her harem everyone

the cast are  :

Maki Togawa : Sakura Miyawaki  = a mysterious transfer student, hobby is kissing people and smile creepily, is a zombie, somehow was an olympic running champion

Kaoru Isozaki : Mayu Watanabe = the kind  girl in the flock

Mai Utsui : Yuki Kashiwagi = the school sport star and the leader of the group

Shinobu Matsumura : Matsui Jurina = a yankee with a soft hearth

Aoi Nojiro : Anna Iriyama = that one girl  with  glasses and always reading books, Maki best servant friend

Keiko Yodogawa : Kato Rena, Chisa Furugori : Yui Yokoyama, Hikari Yanaka : Kizaki Yuria, Nami Katayama : Mion Mukaichi

Warning : full of spoilers ahead!! 


last kiss

Maki : *kissing Aoi*

Aoi : *dazed* i want to be the last person you ever kiss Maki…

Maki : … is that a death threat?



Mai : wow Maki your bento looks really good! can i have some?

Maki : sure, help your self

Mai: *nom nom nom* um..its taste great, but i wonder why is it so cold?

Maki : maybe because i pour all my heart and soul when i made it



Aoi : Maki…if the school were on fire, and you could only save one, who will that be?

Maki : hmmmm *thingking hard*

Shinobu, Aoi, Kaoru, Mai : *looking at Maki* *doki doki doki*

Maki : urgh… i cant decide!!

Aoi : awww maki, i know we all so precious to you but–

Maki : i cant decide between my phone or my psp!!

Shinobu, Aoi, Kaoru, Mai : … (what do we even expected)



Her reason

Kaoru : shinobu, aren’t you always with Chisa? why  you’ve been around us so much these days?

Shinobu : e-eh??? *looking at maki*

Maki : *creepy smile*

Shinobu : n-nothing in particular *blushed*

Kaoru : … you are such a bad liars…with a really weird taste


Shinobu problem

Shinobu : its all start when Maki beat Chisa and I in the restroom

Kaoru : hmm

Shinobu : and when I beaten by Maki …her wild expression, i just.. i just *blushed*

Kaoru : (so… Shinobu is a Big M)



Shinobu : *looks around carefully* *pull out white pills from pocket*

Maki : *suddenly appear* what is that?

Shinobu : N-Nothing !! *hide hands*

Maki : *take pills from Shinobu forcefully * Shinobu..this is??! *gasp*

Shinobu : give em back!! i cant live without it!!! argghh im having withdrawal!!!

Maki : … Mint candy ?


Addiction 2

Shinobu : give em back!! give em back!!!

Maki : *evil grin* *eat all the mint candy with no mercy*

Shinobu : No!!!!!!! my candies!!!!!

Maki : *suddenly kiss rebelling shinobu*

Shinobu : ??!

Maki : don’t worry, im gonna make you addicted to my kiss instead


rainy day

its raining after school, Mai back to class after club activity, find Kaoru alone

Kaoru : Mai? what happen you are drenched

Mai : its suddenly raining when i practicing running *sigh*

Kaoru : let me help you  *wipe Mai face with handkerchief *

Mai : Thanks

Kaoru : ah…your uniform also drenched *wiping Mai body gently*

Mai : erm..u-un *doki doki doki*


Rainy day 2

Shinobu, Aoi,  and Maki : *suddenly bursting in* lets take our bags and go home

Kaoru and Mai : !!

Shinobu, Aoi Maki : !!!

Aoi  : sorry  *turn around and left*

Shinobu :  take your time *close the door*

Kaoru and Mai : WAIT GUYS!!!!


rainy day 3

Maki : *staring Kaoru and Mai*

Mai : M-maki, this is not what its looks like okay!

Kaoru : yes! please don’t take it wrong!

Maki : you guys….

Mai & Kaoru : y-yes?

Maki : how about  a threexxxx ?

Mai and Kaoru : GET OUT !!!





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